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X Confirms Plan to Make 'Likes' Private, Remove Likes Tab From Profiles
  • My guess is that its to cover up patterns of this to protect specific rich guys from lawsuits. As a bonus it means its easier to add and subtract likes from posts without leaving clear evidence.

    So Elon himself can add 10,000 likes to an antisemitic post or subtract the likes from say somebody making fun of a cybertruck.

  • New Feature Request

    I'd like to see what drugs the original poster is on when making a post.

    What was the historical science debate that seems silliest in hind sight?

    I'm thinking of things like heliocentrism where there was some modern discovery or revelation by science that invalidated a common assumption prior.

    My understanding is that flat earth is more a recent phenomena but I'd love to hear some ancient ideas people now miss. Did people think trees weren't alive? Did people think evaporation was where things simply disappeared?

    I'd would love to hear these ideas.

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