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the debt
  • I'd definitely recommend getting a credit report (not from the websites that advertise with an insane jingle, but from the actual credit bureaus --- you're entitled to a free report). Mine had debt from a relative with a similar name; I was able to get that removed. They will also tell you in more detail what goes in to calculating it.

    I agree that it's not perfect, and often very opaque, but you should be able to get some understanding of why she doesn't have good credit.

  • the debt
  • ...except that it used to be that your ability to secure a loan was based on where you went to school, how firm your handshake was, and if you happened to have the right skin color and sex organs.

    The current system certainly isn't perfect; and if you're denied a loan you have a legal right (in the US) to know the reason.

    There are systemic issues, to be sure. But the nominal goal is absolutely better than what we used to have.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • I think there's a bit of a difference paying cash vs. card --- with cash, rounding errors basically mean, "this money will go to a cause rather than get lost in my couch cushions." With a card, the rounding errors add up --- for the charity, yes, but also for the customer.

    I think another point is, why isn't the large corporation using their rounding errors instead of mine?

    But to each their own of course.

  • the fear of missing out a better compression
  • When I'm feeling cool and downloading a *.tar* file, I'll wget to stdout, and tar from stdin. Archive gets extracted on the fly.

    I have (successfully!) written an .iso to CD this way, too (pipe wget to cdrecord). Fun stuff.

  • Internet Service Providers Try to Stop Net Neutrality in Court | Cord Cutters News
  • Right --- not immune to congestion at all. Unlike ATT fiber, where we had 300Mbps (symmetric I think)...but if you log in to the modem it reported a gigabit link. Starting a download, you could often get more than 300Mbps, but it would slowly fall in line with bandwidth policies.

    With Sonic, my gigabit connection would get north of 900Mbps (iperf3), both ways, to a nearby university computer. I miss it.

  • Internet Service Providers Try to Stop Net Neutrality in Court | Cord Cutters News
  • Not every ISP! Where I live there's an awesome ISP, Sonic, which is pro-NN, and last I heard only offers "best effort" service --- which means there's no throttling your link, no paid tiers; if the fiber and hardware can support 10Gbps symmetric, then that's what you get.

    Sadly, they're not the norm. And sadly, not offered at my address.

  • Car
  • Probably because we don't dead reckon off the position of the gas pedal, but rather, our mental shortcut is, "clutch is furthest left pedal."

    As others have said, brake on automatic tends to be a wide pedal. Pedals on a smaller car or sports car tend to be small and very close together for heel and toe and whatnot.

  • Schrödinger's delivery
  • Only real USPS drama I've had was when package shipped to me was seized for counterfeit postage.

    Seller claimed they were talking with USPS and would work it out. USPS disagreed. Got my refund in the end.

  • Was it worth it?
  • It's not the paying taxes that's annoying, it's what we get in return that hurts.

    Why should I have to pay bus or subway fare? Why is the only reason I have fantastic healthcare because I am gainfully employed?

  • San Francisco qjkxbmwvz

    Sutro Tower lights changed color?

    Noticed a few days ago that Sutro Tower's red blinking lights are now white. Just asked them on their website form, but wondered if anyone else knows the story with this.

    Personally, I miss the red ones!


    Recommendations for first HF rig?


    I got my Technician in early 2000s, and last year finally upgraded to Extra. Looking to set up a very basic shack.

    I'm looking for an HF setup, with most of my use probably using digital modes, but would like the ability to use voice.

    Current transceiver is on loan from girlfriend's dad, a Ten-Tec Scout 555 --- 50W HF unit with separate modules for each band. One limitation of this is that the modules set the mode, so it's LSB on 40m, making e.g. FT8 not possible (without some hacking of code or perhaps hacking the module).

    Antenna is end-fed with an off-the-shelf 49:1. Currently only have 20m half-wave, but have just enough room for a 40m half-wave in the attic, which is the ultimate goal.

    For digital modes, it looks like there are sort of 3 classes of radio:

    • "full digital" where the radio has e.g. a USB port and handles audio, transmit, and frequency set.
    • Some computer-control with RS232, but uses computer audio+adapter to transmit.
    • No digital, use adapter to transmit. This is what the current setup uses (and it works great!)

    I'm leaning towards a conventional transceiver, e.g., something from ICOM, Kenwood, Yaesu, (or others) rather than an SDR unit. I'd like the ability to go up to 50-100W if possible.

    I don't have a hard-and-fast budget; would like to keep it <$1000 if possible; mostly just looking at used transceivers. Something like a Kenwood TS-590 looks pretty amazing and very "plug-and-play" (but pushing up against price). Something like a Yaesu FT-920 looks pretty feature-rich too; and even something more affordable like an ICOM 706 or even a 725 is probably more radio than I need. Or just grab a new 7300 and call it a day!

    Anyway...clearly, I don't know exactly what I want, but figured I'd ask folks with more experience if they have any wisdom. Thanks!