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How Russian propagandists spun the Trump assassination attempt
  • I’m not a Trump supported or anything but that picture of him pumping the air with blood on his face is pretty badass. It can’t be hard to spin that one, especially compared to Biden who runs out of breath finishing a sentence.

  • 7700 XT a good choice?

    I'm thinking about buying a new GPU. I'm looking at the 7700 xt as it's about £355 and I want Linux support and I like newer features. Before I pull the trigger can anyone tell me why I'm making a huge mistake?

    Anti-monarchy Labour MP has to retake oath after omitting part of it as protest
  • I don't get what's firing up these anti-monarchy people. I don't give a shit about the King or the royal family or anything but they wield absolutely no power, it's a huge part of our culture and history, they bring money into the country, and many people love it. All they do is turn up at events and try to stop people enjoying themselves. There's far more important things to be complaining about.

    That being said, I think he should have been allowed not to say that part, simply because it doesn't matter.

  • Winning stuff from bottle caps.
  • That’s 100% a GameBoy, and it’s even got Tetris on the screen.

    The ME next to it makes me think that maybe you had to get all the bottle-caps to spell the whole name, like GA, ME, and BOY. That’s just a thought though.

  • Netherlands - England 21:00 (Dortmund)
  • They don’t join the game until they’re a goal down. Once they’re in though, they play well and show good resilience until the game’s over. If Portugal had that resilience then the Slovenia game wouldn’t have gone to penalties.

  • What email client are you guys using?

    I just can’t find a decent email client that looks like it’s from the last 20 years. Geary and Evolution both appear to be pretty modern but something about using Gmail with a Yubikey just doesn’t work and neither of them will connect to my account. Both on Fedora and OpenSUSE. Thunderbird works but it’s so old fashioned and Betterbird doesn’t look much better. What’s everyone else using?


    Upgrade extruder on old Prusa clone

    Tldr; does anyone know of an upgraded extruder that will fit a Geeetech i3 Pro B?

    Long version: I have a Geeetech i3 Pro B that I’ve had for years now. I don’t exactly use it loads but I do like having it to print random tools and bits for my other hobbies (mostly car bits). The problem is this useless thing just jams up all the time with no explanation. I was using it fine about a month ago and then just came back to it yesterday (actually excited that it wasn’t broken for once and I could just use it), then when I went to change the filament I realised the stupid shit had jammed again. I seem to have a constant rotation of heatbreaks on this thing. Even when I got it out I couldn’t see any reason why it had jammed at all. It wouldn’t be so bad but it’s a total pain to replace since it’s not compatible with the compressions clips. I can’t even see how it could be changed to use one since the hotend is supported by the heatbreak. I looked at somehow modifying an Ultimaker one for it but it looks like it would be tricky to mod.

    I would just buy a new one but if I was to do that I’d want something like a Bambu thing that would make printing much easier, but I can’t really justify spending that much. I definitely don’t want to spend a bunch of money just to end up with something that’s basically the same and will require all the tubing again.

    I better stop writing now as it’s turned into a big rant.


    Guides for working settings for each game

    I’ve dabbled with Linux and I’ve finally decided to try and switch to it for real, mostly because I’m starting a new job soonish that will require more Linux knowledge, but also because I’m getting sick of all the Windows privacy issues.

    I’m actually liking it better than I thought. Taking an attitude that I’m sticking with it is giving me more of a drive to actually fix the issues I’m having rather than moaning about them, and it’s a good opportunity to learn.

    The one thing I’m struggling with though is gaming. I’ve got a 2060S which I need for CUDA, but I’ve got the drivers working. I’ve not exactly been through my whole Steam library but I’ve not had anything running acceptably yet. DEATHLOOP, for example, on Windows runs at smooth at near 4k. On Wayland the input latency is unplayable and it crashes out every few minutes anyway. I improved it by switching to X11 but I’m still only getting 10-15 FPS when it was smooth in Windows. Even Skyrim has input latency and it’s clearly not running as fast as it should be.

    When I check on ProtonDB for help I see no consistency in the settings people are using. Most of the time they just say Experimental, and I figure that changes over time anyway so it’s no help to me anyway.

    Is there any helpful advice online as most of the time I just get told to try every proton version and fork until I find something that works? I’ve not even gotten into figuring out what stuff like Lutris is.

    I’m on Fedora in case that’s important.