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1969, Mad Magazine. Still has much relevance today.
  • privacy-wise, I started to feel really unsafe on reddit

    Definitely. Reddit is trending toward a much more privacy-invasive posture as they lean into advertising and prepare for their IPO. I was a regular Lemmy user by the time they started blocking users behind VPNs, but that particular move was shockingly anti-consumer IMO.

    I’m obsessed with things being open source and free and so lemmy just tickles me in the right way in that regard :).

    Same :) I'd add "distributed" to that list, too-- It's comforting to know that the Lemmy ecosystem isn't one private entity that can make arbitrary decisions, or be bought out by any eccentric billionaires. Reddit has this army of mods and contributors that make it work, but as we saw in the API fiasco last year, the power dynamics there are really lopsided... Lemmy is much more empowering to the people who use it.

    For specialised communities, some aren’t really active here. Ie. the community about the illness I suffer from has about 100 members here and is dead, while on reddit it has 50k members

    Definitely a disadvantage, yeah. Reddit still has that scaled network effect that is hard to replicate. Lemmy is less lurker-friendly, but if you're willing to participate, I find that people actually show up. You can often post in those "dead" communities and find that there are lots of folks to talk to, they just haven't been posting there. It's much more like "if you want a warm fire, you gotta chop wood," here than on Reddit. Less convenient, but more satisfying IMO.

    It was a little complicated choosing a node and signing up.

    Yeah, that's a big barrier for people :\ Tech companies spend TONS on minimizing sign-up friction, but that "What is an instance? How do I pick one?" thing is a) frictionful, and b) intrinsic to any Fediverse system. I always tell people "don't overthink it, just pick one," but it's still a barrier.

  • Who would you recommend opening a bank account with in 2024?

    I'm planning to open a new chequing account in the near future, and I'm contemplating bailing on RBC. I've been with them for a very long time, and one possible outcome is that I'll just open a new RBC account and be done with it. That'd be... fine.

    But for a variety of reasons (including my satisfaction with RBC trending steadily downward), I'm thinking about opening this new account elsewhere. I don't have a ton of hard requirements, and I'm not really sure what to look for in a bank, but the following would be nice:

    • Good online banking experience, particularly desktop (RBC is shockingly bad at this)
    • Good credit card; easy to make payments from the new account
    • Minimal fees
    • Easy e-transfers
    • Real security (another thing RBC is terrible at)
    • Neat rewards would be cool
    • Low-fee, low-friction investing would also be cool-- I don't really do much investing, but I'd like to be able to

    Any suggestions would be great, including anti-suggestions if you happen to know of a bank that I should avoid.

    "Managers are the real architects," concludes manager

    For reference (as per Wikipedia):

    > Any organization that designs a system (defined broadly) will produce a design whose structure is a copy of the organization's communication structure. > > — Melvin E. Conway

    Imagine interpreting that as advice on how you should try to design things, lol.

    Tbf, I think most of the post is just typical LinkedIn fluff, but I didn't want to take the poor fellow out of context.

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