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Just a humble squid that over produces slime. Buy my slime, its a medical wonder, cures halitosis, weird eye syndrome, bolding.

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Biden says it’s ‘time to outlaw’ AR-15 after Trump assassination attempt
  • you think that once the AR-15 is made illegal that'll be the end of this battle? think-tanks have spent millions to find an entry point to take arms out of the hands of workers the AR-15 is just the meanest sounding and looking one that can capture the medias attention and thus turn the minds of civilians. its all a manipulation.

  • Biden says it’s ‘time to outlaw’ AR-15 after Trump assassination attempt
  • Marx warned against this. without armed workers the dismantling of the state machine will be much harder.

  • Achieve a Clean Desktop with windowed-Fullscreen Firefox and Auto-Hiding Elements Using Cage

    I wanted to share a setup I’ve been using to maintain a clean desktop while using Firefox in fake fullscreen mode. This setup allows Firefox to run fullscreen with auto-hiding tabs and search elements that only show when hovered over, without pushing the webpage content down.

    • Install cage, can be found for most distros
    • Run and test application -d removes desktop decorations, firefox command 'firefox -somecommand' cage 'firefox' -d
    • If running correctly edit launch options in de or .desktop file Exec=cage 'firefox' -d then install auto-fullscreen extension

    its a long work around especially when its possible to get a similar result from editing about:config but this way the tab and searchbar act as a seperate element meaning no misclicking. if anyone has cleaner solution chime in please.

    GERMANY: Woman Convicted Of “Offending” Migrant Gang Rapists Receives Longer Prison Sentence Than The Rapists - The Publica
  • yes but also how reactionary people are with reading only the title, completely ignoring the correspondence corrections although credit where credits due

  • John Deere Sells Out America, Nukes Jobs After Making $10 Billion Profit
  • I must say, my fellow Tories, John Deere is doing an excellent job. As a board member, I've watched my profits skyrocket with absolute haste. It gave me the same exhilaration as the intimate acts we used to perform with deceased pigs. Truly, capitalism at its finest!

  • BUG: deactivated alias unable to activate

    so this is a technical issue that i have already reached out over but to no response or fix. i have used my alias's and have deactivated one of those alias's a year ago, i now and haven't been able to reactivate the alias.

    i would like to see this issue remedied but the lack of response is disheartening especially after reaching out to technical support months ago and hearing nothing back.

    This is just adorable
  • Bill Gates

  • Every day.
  • well i say if we can go from feudalism to mercantilism to capitalism then why not capitalism to socialism to communism? its again distributing power from the top to the lower status classes, we saw similar in feudalism to mercantilism.

    Wealth distribution is not equal under communism. Most is owned by the state, the privileged class still exists. The underprivileged class also exists.

    • wealth distribution should be equal under communism, wealth not being equal means we must do better. we don't look at corrupt corporations and think "to bad its fucked best not make any more"
    • under socialism most would be owned and redistributed by the state. communism is worker lead and not state lead at least in my school of socialism.
    • under socialism the unprivileged class gets lifted through the transitional period. class distinctions are to be removed through the transitional period leading to a classless communist society.

    Communism tends to be inefficient and less productive than capitalism, so a lot less is produced. This is demonstrated time and again. People just don’t have a personal motivation to increases production for the state. Distribution is also inefficient. Historically it leads to hunger because central planning is less effective than a decentralized system where individuals are able to make decisions.

    • i cant argue communism and its efficiency as i have yet to see it but i am sure socialism can be made to be more efficient. being from the UK and having the carcass of what was once our publicly owned NHS i know that after WW2 under a Labour government we saw the NHS rise from nothing within 3 years, Labour at the time were socialist. the NHS was revolutionary at the time. we also mass built affordable housing. these are all things we struggle to achieve now.

    So while I agree that the current level of wealth inequality is not good, communism is certainly not the solution. All it does is change where the lines of inequality are drawn. It usually kills a few million people for no good reason, too.

    so your a reformist?

  • Every day.
  • Depending entirely on the form of communism. Right now the worlds richest 400 have a combined wealth amounting near 7 trillion. In a communist society world wide we could distribute that wealth globally to install water infrastructure, food infrastructure, vaccinate everyone and still have change in the bank to support other large projects.

    And this is speaking purely finance. Here in the UK we have more than enough empty home to house all of our homeless.

    The amount we work to the resources produced are wildly high, we could work a lot less if not for the bosses ever demanding more.

  • hi comrades, i have made a uk leftist community for anyone who care to join.
  • are you talking about climate change? or a jab at my enthusiastic post, or is this just a genuine message of sincerity? either way i spend most days out either campaigning or hiking, working.

  • Corruption in Capitalism Isn't a Flaw, It's a Feature: Tory Network of Climate Denial
  • I am speaking about corruption from a socialist point where what is deemed corrupt is not corrupt to the capitalist.

    So your asking for a source is not so easy to offer, I'm sure you follow the news, and understand that money is influence, we constantly hear about back room deals. Just recently Labour retracted they're promise of a cap on bankers bonuses after a conference with bankers.

  • Key takeaways from Labour’s manifesto launch
  • They get a hefty bonus when retiring, I wonder if there's a better way 🤔🤔

  • hi comrades, i have made a uk leftist community for anyone who care to join. UK leftists - Feddit UK

    Description: UK Leftist’s is a community to give leftist thinker a voice to discuss UK socialism, communism, and other relevant political ideas. please feel free to post political party media. Rules: * follow [] instance rules. * no harassment. * no name calling. * no sexis...

    UK leftists - Feddit UK

    I made this community as a reaction to the July 4th general election taking place in the United Kingdoms, to mobilize my fellow comrades in the lead-up to the general elections, the group is party agnostic though there is an obvious bias due in part to my political affiliation but all leftest parties that fight for dignity and the working class are very much welcome.

    By all means feel free to join where ever you may come from whether for information or solidarity.

    In solidarity.


    I go out of my way to not crap at work.
  • it is the common workers way to say "NO!" followed by other groans and noises

  • Have you got any weird questions for the opposite gender?
  • They look like this ( . )( . )

  • Have you got any weird questions for the opposite gender?
  • Yes and it sounds pretty good to me, although I'd draw the line at pegging 🫠

  • Have you got any weird questions for the opposite gender?
  • Good question, and highly dependent. I think for the most part I'd move to being friends.

  • Have you got any weird questions for the opposite gender?
  • I'm a guy.

    Question: on several intimate occasions with more than a few partners I have notice partners will cup my pecks..

    It makes me feel self-conscious and would like to know why some of you cup pecks? 🫠

  • Have you got any weird questions for the opposite gender?
  • I'm a fan of tight boxers, a cross between pants and boxers. (Pants) in uk are underwear.

  • Have you got any weird questions for the opposite gender?
  • Trumps wearing nappies though.

  • Wealth shown to scale. Wealth, shown to scale

    Wealth inequality in the United States is out of control. Here we visualize the issue in a unique way.

    Wealth, shown to scale

    Credit to @[email protected] for posting in a comment section of another community.

    A visual scrolling graph demonstrating wealth in america.

    This graph can acts as a great example, easily deployable and any sensible person will see the absolute ludicrously that is often misunderstood. I hope anyone out in the field can find utility in this.



    Shadow banned on tinder

    I made an account and was met with continuous swiping with what felt like no limit, when closing and opening tinder I am met with accounts that have already been swiped.

    Reading online says ive been shadow banned, maybe due to VPN.

    When I go to settings and down to account deletion the app returns an error disallowing me to delete.

    Anyone else dealt with this?


    Off to the DSP conference in bristol

    Will I see any Lemmy comrades at the event?


    I seem to be unable to set a profile picture.

    Account is two months old, picture downscaled to 499kb.


    Favourite word and why?

    Mine is insidious as it sounds cool and is apt in our modern world of fast news


    4 months g9

    10 years ago i had a 2k LG ultrawide monitor, no need for software, account, internet it was an excellent monitor able to display two video inputs side by side.

    Now i own a Samsung Odyssey G9, it was the best value i could find with the panel type (4k+240hz Oled) cheep as i bought returned stock from Ebay, monitor is practically new with film over the screen and not even a finger print, all accessories were included.

    turn the monitor on once all is connected find half the settings are greyed out, clicking on them brings up a connection screen, i have no intention to connect this device to the internet, i was wanting to use the monitor as a dumb monitor. anyway i looked for the dual input setting but could not find it, checked manual and i must use multi-view, multi-view demands networking :/ being too stubborn i will forgo the feature.

    this is a kind of PSA and general bitching but if your looking for a full featured ultrawide dumb monitor then its not the g9 as for whatever reason key features are locked behind networking, others are inbedded in a mobile companion app which needs an account maybe even a mobile number IIRC- as having this app on a SMART MONITOR would make little sense.. one feature that is in the companion app is a statistical screen displaying screen calibration information, something that is necessary for Oled screen and is included and easily accessible in most other brands monitors as it allows the user to have a rough idea of the monitors life span.

    another nagging issue with the G9 is the screen off and on, it takes awhile about 5 seconds from powering on pc from sleep, secondary monitor is almost instant so its a G9 issue and once the monitor is on a big bar takes up a large portion of the screen for a further 5 seconds displaying useless information, FPS, FreeSynce, picture mode, hdr, virtual aim point and game settings. it just awkwardly sits there defiantly in its vulgarity, ugly "gamer" design cooked up by some boomer.

    i will begrudgingly use the g9 whilst keeping an eye out for an off brand dumb monitor like AlienWear's offering with the same panel tech.


    Reading books can be world changing

    Reading is a recent development for me in the grand scheme of things, dyslexia meant I was hindered till I was about 18, picking up my first actual book 1984 at the age of 24.

    10 years later I read roughly 3 books a year.

    Currently reading Manufacturing Consent and whilst I knew news media is often misleading, to what extent was not clear sadly I now know the extent.

    I'd like to have a conversation about Manufacturing Consent and what people have come away with. Other books too like Bullshit Jobs and Ordinary Men were big shift for my world view, so talking about and recommendations of similar books as well please.

    Socialism squid_slime

    My local DSP branch uses WhatsApp :/

    As a privacy advocate and a socialist it saddens me a tremendous deal that most branches of the dsp use closed source software apposed to Foss like signal even if it were optional.

    Anyway I'd like to be more involved in a community so does anyone have any signal or matrix groups I could join?

    socialism squid_slime

    who belongs to a socialist party?

    socialism where i am based is a small movement, we assist with union action and campaigning but lack the numbers to run in election other than local election so i just want to put out a friendly reminder that if your a socialist join a party, sell news papers or hand out flyers.

    we must mobilize.

    i say this because people are begging for an alternative to capitalism, the amount of engagement i receive from the public whilst assisting the party is outstanding.

    please find your local parties and help show others an alternative.


    What is tea if not a fin broth


    Web browser have extended way passed what was necessary

    Web browsers were very limited compared to today's offerings but still very extensive when compared to other applications. Now, browsers on desktop are at a point where they're equivalent to an OS in scope.

    This frustrates me as it's led to stagnation, where very few companies can hold their position. Firefox can only keep up due to preexisting groundwork and the large amount of funding from Google. Chrome had billions thrown at it to quickly enter the market.

    The thing that kills it the most for me is there is no way to fix the massive amount of effort needed for a web browser. It's extensive because it has to deal with thousands of situations: image rendering, video rendering, markup language support (HTML), CSS support, JavaScript support, HTML5 support, security features, tabbed browsing, bookmarking and history, search engine integration, cross-platform compatibility, performance optimisation, developer tools, accessibility features, privacy controls, codec support, to name a few.

    Now, for my unpopular opinion: stripping back a general-purpose browser to its core, forcing web redesign, and modularising the browser. Rather than watching videos in the browser, an instance of VLC would be started where the video will be streamed. Instead of an integrated password manager and bookmarks, we have something akin to KeepassXC with better integration. Markup documents and articles automatically open in word processing applications. I know this idea seems wholly impossible now, but it often crosses my mind.


    Need help campaigning

    I am going to request arch and the greater linux community replace xz with winrar.exe

    This is a community effort.