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Why do we say, "when I look in the mirror" instead of "when I look in a mirror?"
  • In languages that distinguish definiteness (e.g. English) usually if you're talking about a "kind of thing", you can use either the definite or indefinite form and make sense. Only if you're talking about a specific thing does the distinction matter: "a mirror" = a mirror I'm now introducing and you don't know about yet, "the mirror" = the mirror we talked about before and you already know about; but either form can mean "mirrors in general". There are slight stylistic differences what's preferred in what contexts depending on the language, but in German too you can say "in den Spiegel schauen".

  • What a time to be alive
  • LLMs aren't virtual dumbasses who are constantly wrong, they are bullshit generators. They are sometimes right, sometimes wrong, but don't really care either way and will say wrong things just as confidently as right things.

  • Punch cards ftw
  • Future archeologists be like we keep finding microSD cards from the early 21st century and have to wade through all that data to figure out anything about that period, from earlier periods we only have paper records.

  • How are Book Bans Constitutional?
  • There's a limited amount of space for books in schools and public libraries, so they have to make some decisions what to have in them and what not.

    Also I think this is mostly being done by state governments, not the US (federal) government.

  • How are Book Bans Constitutional?
  • Most of these bans are not about banning those books in general, they are about not making them available in schools or public libraries. The government can decide what to promote in its own institutions. People can still get those books from elsewhere: they can buy them online or in physical bookstores.

  • how come there is no "appearance" button on the English wikipedia?
  • Technically these kinds of things are decided by the Wikimedia Foundation but they'll usually not do things that the editing community of the local wiki doesn't want.

    In 2014 the WMF forced a new software feature (Media Viewer) on all wikis and enforced this by "superprotecting" the JavaScript on the German-language Wikipedia so local admins (who at one point even blocked the Deputy Director of the WMF from editing) couldn't disable the new media viewer. The WMF doesn't really want these kinds of constitutional crises to happen again.

  • Switched to linux before it became mainstream
  • ahhh i remember being a bored teenager spending his life customizing his desktop too...

    Nowadays I just want a working system where I can get things done, haven't touched my desktop environment settings in a while and certainly don't use things like cubes or wobbly windows anymore.

  • New York governor to launch bill banning smartphones in schools
  • I am so impossibly glad I'm no longer a minor and have no plans to ever have any children. Incredible how adults wanting to control young people's lives is a phenomenon that is just not dying out.

    As for bills to limit "addictive algorithms" blah blah blah: kthxbai

  • New York governor to launch bill banning smartphones in schools
  • as someone whose only escape from real-life horribleness when he was a preteen and early teen was the Internet: how about you stop wanting to control other people's lives and mind your own business and trust others (yes, even young people) to know what's good for them and what's not

  • There is a new map style available on Tracestrack Topo OpenStreetMap (@[email protected])

    Attached: 1 image There's a new map style on! The Tracestrack Topo map from @tracestrack. It's a mix of osm-carto and OpenTopoMap. It has many improvements: more tag support (busway, embankment, cuisine, solar plants, aquaculture, pitch, sea, tree etc.), CJK fonts, etc. There is ...

    OpenStreetMap (