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Anon misses some signals
  • You're right on the mark there: I missed the point, a good number of times, which sent me into a downward spiral.

    It took a good amount of time and help to aknowledge I was responsible for 90% of my suffering.

  • Anon misses some signals
  • And I was countering your reply.

    So you try, you get turned down. Does it hurt? Yes. Is it the end of the world? If anyone replies with "yes" that is a serious issue because it is not.

    Getting a "no" for an answer is almost guaranteed. What is there to lose? Perhaps the lost "yes" for not trying.

  • Anon misses some signals
  • Bullshit.

    It's a social - stupid - standing that states romantic/social/sexual advances must be started by the male part, which automatically relegates the female part to a passive/subdued part.

    If you want someone, be bold. Doesn't matter how you define yourself either.

    I don't really care if you are shy and can't speak or any coping mechanism you may have built to justify your awkwardess. Just try.

    Write a note. Have a mutual friend act as a liaison to help the first step. Write a letter. Blurt out the most incoherent speech you can muster. Then say it all again, only ten times slower. Send smoke signals. Use a parrot or a crow. But try.

    It hurts a lot more to punish yourself for not trying, later in your life. Failure and rejection are part of it. Get used to it. Learn from it.

  • Jeep is launching a $25,000 EV in the US ‘very soon’ to revamp the rugged SUV brand
  • I tried to discover what was the line-up you have over there and it seems we get more from over there (essentially through the SUV line, from JEEP) than you receive from here.

    What vehicles do you get under that badge?

  • Cupra born electric hatch, 5 star crash rating. You don't need a suv to be safe anymore.
  • this little car came out of the assembly line with 120hp.

    For a car under 900kg of total weight, it is a lot of power. It would fishtail like an angry beast, burn rubber at a slip of the foot and make you crap yourself if you felt like pushing it a bit over the safety zone.

    It was a defining car: you could buy it but it wasn't guaranteed you'd own it.

  • Jeep is launching a $25,000 EV in the US ‘very soon’ to revamp the rugged SUV brand
  • Really? That bad?

    FIAT in the 90's and early 00's went through a really bad phase, due to Ferrari sinking millions into F1, to the point FIAT Brazil was more active than FIAT Europe developing new models.

    FIAT are reliable. A few engines were less than good but FIAT has always been on the forefront of developing new technology into engines and cars. My first car, a cheap model, had direct fuel injection when most other manufacturers were still using carburettors (at best, eletrically controlled).

    It's even a joke between owners that FIAT cars don't like mechanics but when they start doing, you're better off changing cars.

  • Hoo hoo.
  • I respect that.

    I'm in no fashion whatsoever a prude or a moralist - hey, I admit the concept is actually interesting! - but I'm too stern to allow myself to go to a boobies bar and enjoy it with no concern on my mind. Let's call it a personal mental barrier.

  • Hoo hoo.
  • No amount of consent in the world would aid in making me feel as not taking part of an exploitative arrangement. That would be my problem.

    Regarding bad food... I've worked in hospitality. It can always be worst.

  • TIL Making a living writing books is more or less as rare as becoming a billionaire
  • So, what we should take from this is that any foray into any art is useless, therefore we should surrender any and all creative impulse to faceless companies.

    Fuck no.

    I'd rather distribute my work for free and have it read and enjoyed nonetheless than not write at all.

  • Hoo hoo.
  • I think I know the concept behind Hooters and other generic boobie bars (not an american) but I honestly don't think I could go to one of those venues and, if I went, I have serious doubts I'd be able to enjoy myself or the meal.

  • Home Improvement qyron

    Adding insulation to an old house.

    Here is my problem: I have an old house - nearly 100 years old - that I need to insulate but I have a few problems and concerns I need to deal with. The walls are essentially stone and an old kind on solid cement block.

    I've been looking into the insulation solutions available in my market and it is basically a matter of gluing thick boards of styrofoam-like material to the walls.

    On the outwalls this is not feaseable as the house faces a road with no sidewalk, so I'd be encroaching onto the road. Inside, adding 5cm of insulation would make small rooms smaller to the point some would be, for all practical purposes, rendered into generous pantries.

    Because I live in a somewhat rural area, mice and rodents are a concern, so adding materials they can chew through makes no sense. It would be like supplying an easy to move through medium to run the entire house. I have seen houses and buildings with this kind of insulation chewed into, the moment the smallest of pieces of the hard plaster gets cracked, which is very easy. The added fire hazard is a concern as well, I'll admit.

    I've already seen cork insulation but the base color is always brown and does not deal well with being painted on.

    What other options may I look into? I'm in southern Europe but in an area with harsh winters.


    Reproducing old tree varieties

    I have a small plot of land where a few old trees exist.

    For what I could gather, these are heirloom trees no longer commercially available, probably even local varieties: one pear (possibly two), one apricot, one peach and one cherry tree.

    I would like to reproduce these trees without the need to use root stock.

    Talking with arborists always returned the same kind of answer: not commercially viable, too long to obtain fruiting trees and even an argument that the new trees would become "wild" and never bear fruit or only bear unedible fruit. This one I find particularly wild...

    Does anyone have any sort of experience trying this? Can anyone recommend a technique?

    I've read about a technique that recommends wrapping branches in cloth, with a lump of soil in contact with the wood to promote rooting but the trees I want to prioritize are not eligible for it as they are extremely old, with very thin and frail branches.

    Are there any others you would recommend or suggest?


    Writing program

    Besides Libre Office, what other programs/solutions exist in the Linux world for writers?

    (Please, don't suggest VIM. After all the memes and comments I've read, I've come to dread it).

    I like writing but the standard Writer tends to send me in a constant formatting spree.

    I want to get back to writing regularly and something that could help me stay focused and somewhat organized would be nice.


    What was the embarassing moment of your life that turned out positive?

    It's friday, so lets try to end the week in a positive note with a laugh.

    My own: got the first compliment of my life after a locker room raid.

    I was told I was pretty easy on the eye with no top on, with a smile and a wink to boot, after a few minutes of playing the toss the bundle around game.


    E será que nos deixam? Sistema que transforma carro a gasolina num elétrico em 8 horas

    Uma start-up alemã desenvolveu um sistema que transforma o seu carro a gasolina num carro elétrico em 8 horas. O preço pode ser interessante!

    Sistema que transforma carro a gasolina num elétrico em 8 horas

    12 a 15 mil para fazer a conversão é uma bela maquia mas poder converter um carro que já é nosso e que provavelmente até gostamos parece muito bom.

    Quando a conversão a GPL começou a ser uma coisa, era horrivelmente dispendiosa mas quem a fez dizia que compensava o custo rapidamente.

    Porque não isto?


    Curiosidades sobre coisas de outros tempos.

    Alguém se lembra do leite escolar, em pacote com essa específica designação, em vez de marca comercial?

    Porque terá acabado essa designação?

    Partilhem as vossas curiosidades e as vossas respostas para solucionar alguma se a tiverem.

    E antes que alguém pergunte: ninguém sabe onde se encontra o vídeo de batatada no Batatoon.


    What is the profession you wouldn't work, even for a day and even if paid your weight in gold?


    What is the skill/talent you have that you get praised for but you fiercely keep as an hobby/interest with no plans to expand on it?


    What decorations are on your walls?

    And what do you recommend to hang on walls, for decorative purposes, besides family photos?

    Mine are blank and barren, an empty canvas for the maniacal decorator in me, after carefully negotiated with the family.


    What was the worst case of dejá vu you have ever experienced?


    What makes Debian so different from its derivatives that gaming on it is almost an heroic task to achieve?

    A few years ago, almost out of despair, I moved away from Debian in order to be able to play a few games natively.

    On those days, the main concern with running games on Debian came mostly from unavailable dependencies or older, incompatible versions.

    Fast forward today, returning to Debian, all installers from GOG run smoothly, with no error, but many games report errors on launching.

    So, as per the title, what crazy voodoo magic is cast upon Debian to create Ubuntu, Mint and others, making those derivatives gaming-capable but their base distro not?

    Can someone enlighten me on this, please?

    Out of many games I tried, I managed to run three: Kingdom Rush and the Frontiers sequel and Martial Law.

    Other titles failed miserably, including Desperados, Eschalon and even Stardew Valley.

    Because it's useful/required info:


    • AMD Athlon II x2 250
    • 8GB RAM
    • GeForce G210

    It's a very reliable work horse, with maxed out memory. The GPU proprietary drivers are no longer available; running nouveau.

    When launching from the console, I get this report (example from Stardew Valley): 7: Bad substitution 9: source: not found 12: get_gameinfo: not found 13: get_gameinfo: not found 14: get_gameinfo: not found 29: define_option: not found 32: standard_options: not found


    How do you address an elephant armed with a shotgun?

    At the bare minimum, as "Sir".


    Encontro de Escritores Indie

    Pessoal, conforme o título, estou a formar a ideia de organizar um encontro de escritores indie para o ano de 2024.

    Tudo está ainda em cima da mesa, só mesmo a localização é que já está decidida: Gouveia, na Guarda.

    Não imagino se este será o melhor lugar para começar a divulgar ou mesmo se será um tema de interesse aqui mas em algum lado tinha de começar.

    Se quiserem participar ou mesmo só divulgar, haverá brevemente uma morada de email que irei deixar aqui.

    Obrigado pela atenção!


    Window Managers for the un-initiated

    As I'm about to start renewing and expanding the computer fleet in my house I decided I want to have a machine solely for my personal use, where I can use some solutions no one else will feel comfortable with in the house.

    I've been wanting to try window managers for a while but after researching on it for a bit I'm none the wiser on which to choose.

    There are a few distros out there that already deliver this kind of experience but I want to use the opportunity to learn and start from a stock Debian and build from there to where I want to get to.

    I'm fully capable of setting up my computers as is but I'm aware WMs require a bit more involvement, so having at least good documentation is a must.

    I'm also not averse to learn some coding, even more when considering I want to have a fully costumized conky, but I've never coded before.

    The machine will be used essentially for writing, web surfing and email and, if possible, running Stardew Valley.

    Any advice will be welcome.

    Thanks in advance.


    Tell us your definitive "I really should not do this" moment.

    Ever had one those moments in life when you know, beyond any shadow of a doubt, you are making a very, very bad decision, with a great chance for instant regret and a miserable, probably long lasting, outcome and notheless followed that path?

    Yeah, that one. Care to share with us?

    I'll start. I dated a person, after we had already dated for a very short time, during which I was cheated on and eventually was left for a fourth person.

    Yeah, not my brightest moment. And yes, I was cheated on again and again was left for another person.


    Friendly games to play in cooperation with kids

    As per the title, I'm looking to find some titles to play with my kids, especially RPGs, as Baldur's Gate 3 as struck the eye here but I'm not willing to fork the money for the graphics card required to run it.

    I've been considering going back in time and go into Neverwinter Nights but I don't know if it has a cooperative mode.

    Can someone give a few suggestions?

    The machines available are not that powerful (one AM3 based system and one soon to be assembled AM4 with a budget G series Ryzen). The rest are laptops reserved solely for work.

    Any help is appreciated.


    What determines a computer as obsolete?

    While moving from one nest to another (we're lemmings here; RP it a bit) I realized I still have all computers I ever bought or assembled, except for those that literally broke beyond any hope of repair.

    Some are no longer used daily but all work and being on a point in life where everything and anything in the nest needs to have a purpose or a function, led me think what actually renders a computer useless or truly obsolete.

    I was made even more aware of this, as I'm in the market to assemble a new machine and I'm seeing used ones - 3 or 4 years old - being sold at what can be considered store price, with specs capable of running newly released games.

    Meanwhile, I'm looking at two LGA 775 motherboards I have and considering how hard can I push it before it spontaneously combusts to make any use of it, even if only a type writer.

    So, per the title, what makes a computer obsolete or simply unusable to you?


    So I felt necessary to update the post and list the main reasons surfacing for rendering a machine obsolete/unusable

    • energy consumption

    overall and consumption vs computational power

    • no practical use

    Linux rule!

    • space take up

    Is ZeroNet still a thing?

    If this is the wrong place to pose this question, point me in the right direction

    I discovered ZeroNet well before the pandemic and the concept was attracting, although, I admit, it was hard to adapt and everything felt... unfinished.

    Because life happens, I eventually forgot about it and moved on to other waters, Reddit included.

    With the current debacle of Reddit and other social sites/networks, I started wondering if ZeroNet or a fork of it could propose an alternative/add on to the growing Fediverse?

    Running and maintainning an instance of any network is easy to realize that is highly time and resource consuming. I myself was forced to sign up to another instance because the one running in my country is constantly having issues.

    By contrast, I never faced this sort of constraints when I was a user of ZeroNet. There wasn't anything even remotly resembling the reddit format or facebook but you could find a good deal of diversity there.

    There was also the possibility of publishing/hosting your own webpage with no need to resort to hosting services, subscribe to mailling lists, cross link to external sources, etc.

    It's not that I dislike the current fediverse: I have a Mastodon account and I'm here as well. But are we doing it all wrong?

    From the perspective of someone with addmitidly very low technical knowledge, the current state of distributed social networks feels fragile, comparing with the alternative of having a truly distributed network where every user acts as a server themselves.

    Please share your thoughts.


    What would your contribution be for a book put together to restart a a civilization?

    The title is a bit over dramatic but, per the title, if you could contribute with one piece of knowledge to a book that every single individual should learn from in order to kickstart a civilization, what would be yours?

    My personal choice would be the process of soap making, from scratch.


    Where can I get some good courses/resources to improve my tech skills?

    I've been toying with the idea of having a little hobby computer store for years and I've reached the point where I feel I have nothing to lose in trying it.

    I don't intend to make it my main source of income but I'd like to have some sort of formal knowledge base to resort to, regardless I've been acting as the tech guy for several years for a lot of people.

    Where can I find some good courses/resources, preferably online, to improve my knowledge base?

    I'm a long time Linux user so I intend to use my hobby to make some noise about it.