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Start ups when that VC funding kicks in
  • I mean I would fucking love somme puppies at work. but also pizza. pizza is good.

    my old workplace used to have free breakfast which was the shit. freshly baked bread from local bakery and all sorts of toppings too, it was so nice to go to work, do stuff maybe 30minutes and just go to coffee break and eat some super good bread. and that was every day

  • It’s quicker
  • also some of them have temperature control. it's awesome. I can set it from 40 to 100 degree with 5 degree intervals. also it has option to keep the water warm up to an hour

  • Windows updating just before thesis defense
  • linux can have some pretty weird quirks though. (don't get me wrong I've been dailydriving linux for several years and I'm not going to use windows unless I'm forced)

    one time I was about to do presentation, I has multiple files and windows in order to present the whole program we had developed, some powerpoint, demo, and the source code.

    then came my time to do the presentation and I plugged in the hdmi cable and my fucking account just logged out. dunno if the session crashed or something, but I had to quickly scramble everything back since all my apps were closed lol.

    I do have older quadro nvidia though

  • Ultrakill dev says it's fine to pirate his game if you don't have money to spare: 'Culture shouldn't exist only for those who can afford it'
  • and anything right don't like is woke or communism. BOOM! what an amazing comeback. so twisting terms to anything "bad" ain't propaganda? sure buddy. keep telling yourself that.

    but since your response didn't address any of my point and you didn't elaborate how racial equality etc. means woke people support piracy I know this conversation is pointless.

    have a good day

  • Ultrakill dev says it's fine to pirate his game if you don't have money to spare: 'Culture shouldn't exist only for those who can afford it'
  • it's about racial equality and lbtq rights, and alertness to discrimantion.

    but some people don't like that so they made it a hate word against everything leftist.

    what the fuck are you smoking if that term somehow translates to "piracy is cool"? it sure ain't weed. I guess you're just smoking a big ass blunt of right wing propaganda.

  • which launcher would you suggest and why?

    so I finally got the motivation to install lineage os to my phone after thinking about it like year. and now that I finally modified this phone I started thinking about ricing this phone a bit. I'm looking for a launcher that isn't too minimalistic and with a decent amount of customization. kinda like kde bit you know... stable. any suggestions?