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United Airlines passengers to see targeted ads on seat-back screens
  • Never. The whole ad craze is there to milk profits on top of the things you already paid for.

    What you are suggesting would actually be a more fair system.

    Free with ads or paid with no ads.

    Asshole corporations want paid and ads.

  • This meme was inspired by the response to a meme I posted on r/worldjerking
  • Because no viable alternatives have been shown to work.

    Unregulated capitalism is untenable, but regulated capitalism is and remains the best system we've been able to come up with.

    I'm all for new ideas, but you've got to show some kind of precedence of it working in order to change the largest system in the world.

  • Conservatism is Brain Damage
  • It's hard because, yes you are right, but when can you start calling somone a fascist? Do you have have to wait for them to actually start rounding you up and putting you in prison, or can you point it out early in order to avoid the complete fascist takeover?

    I guess my point is that, once a group is actually fully fascist, you will no longer be allowed to call them that.

  • Climate crisis with Poison Ivy
  • My man, if every billionaire had the ethics and morals of batman we'd be a much better place.

    Not everything in life is a conspiracy theory. Him being a billionaire is a cool concept precisely because most billionaires are assholes. Not to mention it's the only way he could afford all his gadgets.

  • Help me understand my bottleneck

    I'm running a raspberry pi 8GB version, as my plex entertainment center. I also ruin a pihole. The pie has an Ethernet connection.

    I have two TV'S, a 2017 Samsung and a 2021 Hisense. Both with Ethernet connections.

    My Samsung tv can't stream certain shows at all, they stutter like crazy I'm guessing it has something to do with the encoders? Yesterday I got a message color range not supported whatever the hell that is.

    The Hisense TV does better on some shows, but still 4k content is unwatchable, it's constantly buffering.

    So, is the problem with the pi? Is it not powerful enough for 4k shows, or some encoding problem or something?

    Or is it the TVS, should I buy a Roku box instead, would that solve the streaming problems?

    Reactiongifs madcaesar

    MRW I get 5 upvotes in a community of 3 people

    Reactiongifs madcaesar

    MRW I love the heat and it's 45c today


    Does lemmy have a way to show the number of downvotes / up votes?

    I'm using wefwef and I only see the total number for a post. So +15 or - 12 or whatever.

    That's how it is on reddit and I believe it's one of the main reason discussion turned so toxic. Everyone is just looking at the number and deciding if a point is valid.

    Seeing a comment with -1000/+900 is a lot different than just seeing - 100.

    I believe it fosters toxicity and stifles discussion.

    Reactiongifs madcaesar

    MRW I find my lemmy community