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Help me understand my bottleneck

I'm running a raspberry pi 8GB version, as my plex entertainment center. I also ruin a pihole. The pie has an Ethernet connection.

I have two TV'S, a 2017 Samsung and a 2021 Hisense. Both with Ethernet connections.

My Samsung tv can't stream certain shows at all, they stutter like crazy I'm guessing it has something to do with the encoders? Yesterday I got a message color range not supported whatever the hell that is.

The Hisense TV does better on some shows, but still 4k content is unwatchable, it's constantly buffering.

So, is the problem with the pi? Is it not powerful enough for 4k shows, or some encoding problem or something?

Or is it the TVS, should I buy a Roku box instead, would that solve the streaming problems?