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Lemons(?) of Lemmy, what is something that feels so obvious to you that you just get lowkey pissed at the world for not knowing?
  • Language is what is spoken/written.

    I don't think any serious linguists are prescriptivists.

    There are agreed upon standards for some contexts (eg: academic papers, newspaper articles, legal texts) but for casual conversation that doesn't really apply.

  • The Christian right is coming for divorce next
  • I don't think this is a safe assumption. The victim may not have free access to hardware. The police/etc may not believe them. They may be afraid of being murdered if they try to record something. Just off the top of my head.

    You can read "why does he do that?" by Lundy Bancroft for fascinating and depressing information about abuse.

  • I miss text-based tutorials
  • This has come up a few times and I agree: I vastly prefer text in most cases.

    However! I learned that something like half of US adults cannot read at a 6th grade level.

    Everyone here, on a heavy text based forum, is probably able to read English. But for a lot of people who probably aren't going to post here, reading can be stressful, frustrating, and embarrassing.

    So that sucks. We should probably be investing in education instead of whatever idiocy venture capital is setting on fire this week.

  • The US needs to build 2 million houses to revive the American dream of homeownership
  • Suburbs are expensive, inefficient, and bad for the environment

    This is what I'm always saying! Car-centric spaces are also bad socially. They're dehumanizing. You want people walking around if you want a community, and having a strong community is good in many ways.

  • American Christianity
  • Per my metaphor, it's a polygon. That is, Christianity. But the "don't feed the poor" subset are like a triangle versus the "we should feed the poor" are an octogon. Both polygons. Very different.

    I don't know what "triangle" maps back to in the context of Christianity. "Heterodox" or "heretical" aren't precise enough.

  • American Christianity
  • I see the point you are trying to make and it has some merit. However, I think there is also merit in distinguishing between like people who say they are Christian but don't follow anything from the Bible and people who say they are Christian and do.

    Like, you can point to most shapes and say "that's a polygon" but sometimes it's more helpful to say "that's a triangle", "that's a square", and "that's juat a line, not a polygon actually "

  • Dragon Age: The Veilguard leads say it will be 'mission-based' rather than open world, with no fetch quests or busywork: 'You're not going to be gathering shards in the Hinterlands'
  • At least you can go back to previous areas

    I kind of hate the thing in games where it's like "you didn't look in the second bathroom so you didn't get the staff of mega fireballs. No, you can't go back to the house. It's still there but you can't go in.".

    That and the common "no matter what the game says, do the quest objective last because that might move you past something important" thing.

    Playing Mass Effect 2 and there's a lot of "go fight them and save the day!" And I'm like hold on I need to check every corner for upgrades real quick.

  • What is your BG3 unpopular opinion?
  • The game is good despite DND 5e's rules, not because of them.

    Unfortunately, DND is mega popular. Many people have never played anything else. Many people have never even played it. So any discussion about it has a "of course 15 strength is +2, isn't that just how RPGs work?" segment where you have to establish that DND is in fact weird.

  • LFG jjjalljs

    [Online][Fate][UTC-5] Looking for a Thursday Evening Game

    I'm looking for players for a weekly game of Fate. I'm thinking something like a mix of Shadowrun and World of Darkness, where the players are vigilantes looking to make the world better. It would start (and maybe stay) at the street level, rather than global or cosmic.

    I've been playing and running games for 20+ years.

    LGBT friendly. New players okay. Unreliable players less so.

    Message me if you're interested. Include a blurb about yourself, your experience with games, with fate specifically, and a joke of your choosing.


    What's up with memes suffixed with "rule"?

    Like I saw one that was titled "I wonder why rule" and had a picture about overpaid CEOs or something.

    Why "rule"? What's the origin of this format?