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  • LFG Guidelines

  • Opening my April-fools-themed Mage: the Ascension oneshot to the public

    Game: Mage: the Ascension, 20th Anniversary Edition

    Time: Oneshot, Thursday, 4 April 2024, 19:00 (with option to join a regular group playing other games)

    Type: Voice

    Game Tech: Discord for voice, Roll20 for everything else

    Capacity: 3/5

    Join us for our very non-serious, April fools-themed oneshot, where a rouge chantry-turned-criminal gang attempts to steal a strain of Marijuana from a Technocracy base. The game takes place in 2008, in Cincinnati, starting out in a shared apartment above a Papa John's.

    I have never ran mage before (I'm pranking myself, see?), nor have any of the existing players, we have no idea what we're doing, and I think most of us like it that way. You're free to join if you're a new player, most of us are.

  • Seeking Successor ST for Changeling: the Dreaming Game.

    ST Seeks Successor for Changeling: the Dreaming Game

    • System: Changeling the Dreaming, 20th Anneversary Edition
    • Time: 2PM EST
    • Weekday: Friday
    • Current Tech: Discord (Roll Bot) + Mr Gone's sheets.

    Hi! I'm looking for a successor ST for my "Doofy Kids' Movie"-themed C20 game. The whole thing was meant as a oneshot, but I realised there could be potential in this sort of game, and decided to make it a reacurring game instead. Eventually, due to a tangled web of various descisions, I accidentally wound up making a player character. After about 5ish games, I realised I was simultaneously playing the role of both player, and Storyteller, and I've decided to try to focus on being the former, as I'd prefer to keep my priorities clean with running my other game well, rather than having two games and three roles to juggle plates with.

    The game is notable for starting with a restriction for character creation in that only the Childling seeming is allowed. I wanted a game focussing on the sort of wacky hijinks one would see in media like The Goonies, or Spy Kids (my PC even started out as a stereotypical bully character, but everyone liked him too much).

    I'll try my hardest to answer any questions you'll have about running this game, but rest assured, I've already got a foundation of characters and ideas you can draw from.

  • LFP - Looking for Audience Players for a Twitch WoD Game (Time Updated)

    Hello! I am running a Twitch streamed Classic/Legacy World of Darkness tabletop game called The Darkness Collective, where members of chat control a character together! I am continuing to try to gather more audience members to aid in playing chat’s character, Ken the Irish Corax (Wereraven). Ken is on a mission to unite the werewolves and other shifters of the Amazon to save the rainforest from the evil corporation known as Pentex!

    Time slot is Tuesdays at 7PM CST / GMT-5. To join, simply tune in at!

    More information can also be found here:

  • Looking for a Thursday Evening Game

    I'm looking for players for a weekly game of Fate. I'm thinking something like a mix of Shadowrun and World of Darkness, where the players are vigilantes looking to make the world better. It would start (and maybe stay) at the street level, rather than global or cosmic.

    I've been playing and running games for 20+ years.

    LGBT friendly. New players okay. Unreliable players less so.

    Message me if you're interested. Include a blurb about yourself, your experience with games, with fate specifically, and a joke of your choosing.

  • Looking for players wanting to tell a story for a chill theatre-of-the-mind game in a custom magitek setting.

    Looking for 4-6 players for an online game taking place in a dedicated Discord server where voice chat is not required but is definitely recommended as the music bot will be an important storytelling tool.

    The game does not use any particular system as the story I want to tell as well as the setting it takes place in would fit best in a theatre-of-the-mind environment with occasional contested dice rolls and a simple turn-based combat format with initiative similar to D&D 5e.

    This game will be mostly roleplay-oriented to begin with but combat will have great importance later on in the game. It should be noted that I am a relatively new DM, though I have been complimented by my players each time we ran a game like this. Those games only ended due to external circumstances and not due to internal conflict. I like to tell stories, especially with tight-knit groups of friends who want to explore a setting of magic and adventure.

    The setting is a near-future alternate timeline of Earth where magic suddenly reveals itself to the world, uniting all of North America to combat what they see as a threat to national security. You will be playing as a group of magic users in a resistance effort to settle the conflict. More details are available if you DM me for them if you like, so feel free to hit me up for more details about the setting. There will be a blend of a variety of fantasy elements ranging from Lovecraft to folklore to fables to Tolkien mixed with a Fallout-esque attitude towards technology and the real world. I prefer to leave real-world politics out of my games.

    The games I run are LGBTQ+ friendly and medium to light in tone with twinges of some darker themes that will be discussed with the players before encountered before they are of consequence to maximize player enjoyment.

    If you would like to sign up or have any questions, hit me up through Reddit DMs or dragon_OS on Discord.


    In late 2021, the world was forever changed when supernatural forces from cultures around the globe revealed themselves to humanity. While it initially caused great deals of conflict, the world settled into an uneasy coexistence with these magical beings. Magical creatures were seen as subhuman, or often as outright animals. The entirety of North America united in an attempt to drive out magic from within. But in the year 2025, what was known as The Seal was broken, revealing an entire new continent full of magical creatures that had been hidden from humanity's view for centuries. As the world was halted by this revelation, tensions began to rise. Many feared the unknown, while others saw the opportunity for great discovery and exploration. Borders were redrawn, alliances were made, and the stage was set for a massive conflict between those who sought to control the magic of this new continent and those who sought to explore and learn from it. It is now the year 2027. The fate of this new world and its magic rests in the hands of those brave enough to take up arms and fight for what they believe in.

  • Drakar, demoner, orker och odöda

    SPELREGLER: Drakar och Demoner (Fria Ligan 2023) TEKNIK: Discord för samtal och FoundryVTT som spelbord TID: Fredagar kl 19.00 START: Fredagen den 26e Januari, möjlighet att dra igång en vecka tidigare om gruppen är samlad LÄNGD: Ca 15-20 speltillfällen ANMÄLAN: Skicka mig ett meddelande så tar vi det därifrån SÄKERHETSVERKTYG: Lines and Veils, X-card FRÅGOR: Har du dem ställ dem. OM SPELET: Sparkstartade Drakar och Demoner för att det hade varit skoj att ha något på svenska i bokhyllan. Och att det hade varit trevligt att spela något på svenska med svenskt material. Att inte behöva översätta allt. Så här är vi nu, julen är ute och det är dags att dra igång.

    Spelet kommer att utgå från grundlådan och äventyren kring samhället Utkante. Iallafall ibörjan till dess att jag lärt mig hur DåD vill spelas. Därefter ser vi vart det tar oss. Utkante ligger i Dimmornas Dal, en region en gång i tiden centrum för ett symboliskt rike mellan människor och drakar. Ett rike känt som Drakriket och berättelser om det är kända vitt och brett. Riket föll och orker tog över dalen. Iallafall fram till ca tio år sedan då de mystiskt drog sig tillbaka. Detta öppnade dörren för en återbefolkning av dalen och ambitösa personer hade snart grundat Utkante.

  • Looking for players for a Solarpunk tabletop RPG

    cross-posted from:

    > I'm a developer for an open-world tabletop RPG called Fully Automated! The goal is to create a free, open-source game that can be to solarpunk what D&D is to fantasy and Shadowrun to Cyberpunk. And the first version is mostly done. It's got: > > - A flexible, easy-to-play system similar to a d20 game! > - A massive open world! > - An easy character creator along with a dozen pre-made example characters! > - A high-stakes three-story campaign with over 14 hours of content! > ...And a lot more! > > I'm looking for more play testers, both as players and (if you're game) GMs! We've got a Discord server where we're running games on a rolling basis. The goal is to release it for free by the end of the year. I'd like to get as much feedback as possible before then, and if possible build a community around this totally free, open-source tool for making and sharing diverse solarpunk adventures! > > Fully Automated! RPG Manual > > Fully Automated! Campaign 1: Regulation > ** > Share these freely! ** > > Image credit: "Exploring Los Angeles", a concept image by Sean Bodley

  • PNW Tabletop is looking for players

    Hey y'all,

    My friends and I run a discord community of TTRPG players that are constantly starting new campaigns and one shots. Most games are free and welcome for new players. Systems include Traveller [SciFi & Space Priacy], Dungeons and Dragons 5e [Homebrew, Grim Dark, High Fantasty, Tales Of the Valiant rule system], and Call of Cthulhu [1920s, Pulp heros, horror, mystery]. 4 active weekly games at the moment, multiple GMs and welcoming new players and GMs all the time. Games are played online at the moment over FoundryVTT and Discord, though occasionally in-person games form in the Greater Seattle area.

    DM me for an invite to the Discord. I'll post here in the future with One shot & Campaign adverts, let me know if you're interested.

  • CLOSED The Grade Escape: a oneshot in the style of a doofy kids movie

    > "Something's not right with her, I can feel it, there's no way Ms. McDonald is putting all of the weird kids together... You-you think she's planning something?"

    It's 2006. You're in elementary school, Detention, specifically, for whatever reason. The rest of the "weird kids" are in here with you. They all seem to have some kind of magic powers, too, and look like something out of a comic book, but only you and them can see them like that. You feel uncomfortable in this room for some reason, it's stifling, you feel like you should try to leave. The rest agree, but Ms McDonald is patrolling the halls, and she doesn't seem to like you very much.


    So, yeah, this is a Changeling: the Dreaming oneshot, roughly in the style of something like the Goosebumps TV series without the horror, or a Robert Rodriguez kids' movie (Spy Kids, Shark Boy & Lava Girl), mixed in with a little bit of the gloomyness of the rest of the World of Darkness setting.

    If you have never played Changeling: the Dreaming before, you play as different faerie "Kiths", like the shapeshifting Pooka, or industrious Boggan. The game itself, in comparison to other World of Darkness games (Vampire: the Masquerade, Werewolf: the Apocalypse) is a lot less focussed themewise, and has a general fantasy bent, which I feel makes it a perfect introduction to the WoD for those familiar with D&D.


    For this game, I am running 2 different games at 2 different times, you can sign up for both, or for either.

    • Wednesday, September 20^th , 2pm EDT, 7pm BST FULL UP, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR JOINING!
    • Saturday, September 23^rd , 7pm EDT, 11pm, BST OH MY GOD SO MANY PEOPLE


    This will take place over Discord, with potentially owlbear rodeo for maps, and we will me using Mr Gone's form fillable PDFs for character sheets.


    We are now ENTIRELY full, I never thought we'd get to this many people!

  • Inquisitorial Scum | Warhammer 40k: Wrath & Glory

    It is the 42nd Millennium.

    The galaxy has been split in twain by the machinations of Abbadon the Despoiler, worlds across the galaxy that were once considered free from the taint of Chaos manifest cults dedicated to the ruinous powers in ever-growing numbers. The forces of the Inquisition hunt heretics through the streets of worlds ever-closer to the throneworld, but even in these times they are not free from the schemes of their peers, clashing with one another as the citizens of the Imperium are left to fend for themselves against the debauched madmen of thirsting gods.

    And so it is on the world of Perttronia XIII that the people are protected not by an Inquisitor, or by the hand of the Adeptus Arbites, but by a former Astra Militarum soldier. Banding together the people of Heladon Hive for over a generation under the Heladon Hellfighters, they function as both gang and military force, fending off the Obsidian Blade cult and standing to defend the innocent people of Perttronia, all while knowing little of the true nature of these malevolent forces, only that they need be slain in the name of His Holy Throne.

    They fight alone; the plutocracy of autocrats that rule the planet have turned a blind eye to the cult out of self-interest, or mere apathy, offering no attempt to crush them with their Enforcers. The Planetary Defense Force remains incompetent, either infiltrated or bled of its power by the autocrats who command them. Any who wish to fight have since fled to the ranks of the Hellfighters. The Arbites, who may have been their only ally, see them only as another gang to be crushed beneath the boot of the Lex without the legitimacy of the PDF to support them.

    And thus it is left to the people to fend for themselves, yet they can only see these cults in the light they present themselves; the ever-present gangs that stretch the whole of the planet, fighting for control outside the Hive Towers of the Plutocracy. Still, they fight. Citizens arrive every day at the training camp of General Voss to defend their homes, their neighbors, and themselves from the corrupting forces of the planetary Scum.

    It is on this night however that the Hellfighters shall uncover a potential game-changer in the conflict. A man in a black coat, surrounded by the scum of the Obsidian Blade and the corpses of his former comrades who claims to be able to bring the Emperor's Light to this devious organization.


    It is the beginning of the 3rd Millenium, and I, Caesar_Wolfman, am taking on the role of storyteller and game master of the Wrath & Glory system in the Warhammer 40k setting.

    This shall be a game taking place in the 42nd Millennium, after the events of the Cicatrix Maledictum and in-line with "current lore" as far as anything is considered. You will all be playing members of the Heladon Hellfighters with backgrounds as varied as you desire. Ex-Guardsmen, Scum, disgraced Arbites or anything in between.

    --Character Creation Rules--

    Tier 1, Rank 1

    100 XP

    Core Rulebook, Forsaken System Player's Guide, Pax Imperialis, Abundance of Apocrypha, and the Astra Militarum Homebrew are all allowed.

    Optional Rules in Effect

    • Extra Wargear
    • Keyword Contact
    • Innate vs Learned
    • Milestones
    • NPC Attitudes
    • Glorious Greed
    • Imagine the Consequences
    • Beyond Range
    • Redirected Fire
    • Combined Attack
    • Shockingly Powerful
    • Inglorious Retreat
    • Last Stand
    • Advanced Armour
    • Built-in Tech
    • Exchanging Powers
    • Horrific Results
    • Epiphany
    • Practical Knowledge
    • Explosives (Intellect)
    • Gunnery (Agility)
    • Operate (Intellect)

    This game is at least some ways off, chances are it may not begin for at least a few months, I am recruiting early in order to parse out good players that will fit well with the game I have in mind.

    Time: Saturdays, 10am, CST Voice Only-Use of Discord Roll20 Medium

    Please post or DM with a character in mind, a description of them and their history, and the archetype which you desire to play.

  • Serpentine swords are curved


    Serpentine swords are curved. Curved!

    SYSTEM: Swords of the Serpentine PLATFORM: Foundry VTT (if I manage to hack it, if not some other solution) and Discord for voice TIME: Fridays at 19:00 CET (1PM EST, 10AM PST), and for about 3½-4 hours CAMPAIGN START: September 1st APPLICATIONS: Let me know if you are interested and we'll take it from there SAFETY TOOLS: Lines and Veils, X-card and others if desired DESCRIPTION: Swords of the Serpentine is a Gumshoe Sword and Sorcery system set in and around the city of Eversink. It is "a game of investigation, heroism, sly politics, and bloody savagery, set in a fantasy city rife with skulduggery and death".

    This will be a somewhat short campaign, around 10 or so sessions. I have pretty much no experience with Gumshoe so this can go horribly wrong. Or horriblyfun. We'll begin with the "official" cases and wrap it up with something I manage to conjure. Of course we will begin with a session of character creation and setting talk.

  • Welcome to the Axe and Sickle, a DnD 3.5e West Marches server! Join the The Axe and Sickle Discord Server!

    Check out the The Axe and Sickle community on Discord - hang out with 173 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.

    cross-posted from:

    > Howdy! I’m Drew, and I’m the administrator of a Socialist West-Marches DnD 3.5e Discord Server, the Axe and Sickle! The server is over a year old, has a dozen DMs, over 30 active members (and over a hundred lurkers), and hosts an average of 2 or 3 games a week. The game has an old-school, traditional fantasy feel. > > Devastated by an unknown catastrophe centuries ago, the Ohm Basin is home to naught but monsters and outlaws. A retired adventurer from a foreign land has founded a town in the middle of it, and adventurers - such as yourselves - file into its tavern, the Axe and Sickle, to secure their own fortune! Plunge ancient depths to uncover lost secrets, thwart necromancers who build their strength away from civilization, and compete with fellow grave-robbers to loot forgotten tombs! > > If you don’t know what a West Marches Game is, it is a style of DnD game where, rather than a static party that meets regularly and follows the DM’s campaign, the players themselves choose who to adventure with (and when to meet) for a single expedition before returning to town and disbanding. This is good for players with inconsistent schedules and interest, as it is an extremely low-commitment game. You don’t need to set aside any time in your schedule for this game on a permanent basis; just pick a time and day that works for you, one session at a time. And if you have the energy for anywhere between two games a week to one game a month or even one game ever, you can be accommodated. > > The only things required are a Discord account and a mic. Prior DnD experience is not; everyone is welcome. For now, all games are run in English. The game is a safe space for Socialists but anyone is welcome as long as they aren't disruptive. > > If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. We’ve recently expanded our DM team and are looking to run even more games than we do now, but to do that we need more players. We’d love to have you! > >

  • Novice Player looking for group


    I'm a novice player looking for a group. I can build a character and play the game just fine, but I'm still learning and will have questions. I'm open to DND 5E or your homebrew game (I'll need time to learn it, and I will probably have lots of questions).

    I'm currently free every night except Tuesday. I'm open to 1-shots, short campaign, or long campaign (fresh start or mid-join up to level 5). I'm in PST, so I can join anything from PST to EST.

    I enjoy campaigns with some sandbox, but with a defined goal or mission. I enjoy DMs that can paint a picture in my mind. (These are not deal-breakers.)

    I don't like DMs who charge through areas, or give us too much information: "If you were to look in that well, you'd see..." or "Are you going to check out this (unassuming) wall over here?" (Also not deal-breakers, but I will probably not start another campaign).

    Bonus points:

    • Zombies / Zombie homebrew
    • PVP stat checks, but not PVP combat (when it's tasteful and not abused)
    • Good improv and fun people


    • Unfair screen time or players controlling the campaign
    • Extreme themes (Rape, slavery, child murder/abuse)
    • Sex RP (I'm ok with PDA, romance, touching, etc. I'm not here for horny)
    • Inconsistent playtimes and/or Frequent missed sessions (I'm totally fine with adjusting by 1 hour before or after, I'd rather do that than cancel or shorten a session. I also understand that life happens, and each person has their reasons for missing a session. I don't like when we miss 4-6 weeks in a row because 1 or 2 people have stuff going on every session. I have a hard time catching up and getting back in character when that much time passes.)

    I'm also open to niche themes:

    • Anthro / furry (or anything in-between)
    • Anime
    • Cyberpunk
    • etc.
  • One Shot, possibly into long campaign (long post because I'm an ambitious idiot)

    First a note on inclusivity. I don’t care about your race, ethnicity, national origin, religion or lack thereof, gender, sexual orientation, or political beliefs. I game to get away from the real world. My games have no place for hate or any discussion of politics. If you feel the need to bring either of these things into fantasy escapism you are not welcome in my game. Otherwise anyone is welcome as long as you act like a decent human being.

    Also a brief note: this post is not brief. Note the warning about my being an ambitious idiot in the title. If you're interested in joining my possibly idiotic ambition to form a hopefully really fun game, read on. You've been warned.

    I'm looking to run one or possibly more one shot adventures set in my homebrew skypunk setting as test runs and, for lack of a better term, auditions for a long term campaign set in the same world. I tried putting together a group last year but folks just didn't really mesh well and it didn't work out. Since I've learned the most important key to a successful long running campaign (aside from everybody actually showing up) is a comfortable group that actually gets along and enjoys playing together. There are a lot of styles of D&D games and not everybody likes the same things, so this time around I'm going for a test run or two so everyone can get a feel for the game and decide if they want to commit to something more long term. The 7-11pm Friday (US Eastern) time is when I intend to run any eventual full campaign so any one shots leading up to that will be at the same time.

    An important note: My ultimate goal for a full campaign is to record sessions to edit and publish as a podcast. Fame and fortune are statistically very unlikely, but I have two reasons for this (aside from maybe just being an ambitious idiot). First, I am a fan of actual plays as an entertainment genre and want to try contributing to it. Second, I'm hoping that the possibility of an audience will motivate everyone including myself to bring our A games, pay attention, get into character, and generally take the game at least somewhat seriously. On the off chance that, by some miracle, this endeavor actually produces a profit I will share proceeds with anyone else involved but that's not going to happen any time in the foreseeable future (if ever) so don't plan on quitting your day jobs. That being said you should have a decent quality microphone and be able to play without any distracting background noise.

    Okay, what kind of game will it be?

    I'm looking to do a story driven game with a roughly even mix of game time spent between roleplaying/social situations and crunchy bits (meaning exploration, combat, or anything requiring a battle map). The goal is about 50/50 overall but some sessions may swing more toward one or the other. Discord will be used for voice, Roll20 VTT for anything requiring a battle map and theater of the mind descriptions for socially focused roleplaying.

    The style of play I prefer is linear storytelling, which does not mean railroading. It means I will be preparing material ahead of time and expect players to engage with that material, but I'm designing it to be flexible and allow for creative solutions. Additionally at numerous points I'll have multiple forking courses of action the party can choose. If there's a particular aspect of the world or style of adventure players want to explore they are encouraged to let me know and I'll see about working it into future preparations. That being said I have no desire or intention to run a sandbox game where players just run around doing whatever random thing they just thought of and expect me to pull a session's worth of game content out of my butt on demand. I acknowledge that improv sandbox is a valid way to enjoy D&D but that's not going to be happening in this game. If engaging with something that the DM (me) has prepared ahead of time is too much to ask from you, this is not the game for you.

    Mechanically I run my game almost entirely RAW (Rules As Written). There are a few bits of homebrew and houserules I use that will be made available up front (mostly just a few things related to the skypunk elements of the setting and as simple as I can make them). I'm open to creative uses of abilities but if I can't apply existing rules to something with reasonable accomodation you probably won't be allowed to do it. This is 5e RAW without any of the One D&D playtest changes to core mechanics though a few things might be included. For example I do like the idea of guidance as a reaction and no crits for monsters/NPCs (in general I try to avoid instakill mechanics because that just isn't fun).

    You may notice I used the word "skypunk" to describe my world. If you think that means airships, floating islands, stratospheric swashbuckling action, and people flying around on giant birds shooting bows and slinging spells like fantastical living fighter planes then you are right on. Not all of the story will explicitly revolve around being airborne in one way or another and there will be a fair bit of traditional feet on the ground adventuring, but getting from point A to point B will generally involve flying and there are air pirates, territorial militaries, flying monsters, and weird weather phenomena all over this world so it will be fair to expect such things to come up with some regularity. I'm basically going for a sort of Treasure Island/Pirates of the Caribbean in the clouds vibe, meeting all sorts of NPCs in different environments between and along the course of adventures. Bustling port cities, shady smuggler refuges, remote ruins, and everything in and beneath the sky in between. I have some general plans for an overarching story and hope to work in elements tailored to involve PCs backstories and goals into that as it develops. But that's for the full campaign and not the immediate one shot I'm advertising here.

    For the one shot I have immediately planned, it's a pretty much an extremely brief introduction to the world and a simple mini-dungeon crawl as the party are freelance mercenaries hired to look for a relic in some mysterious ruins on a remote sky island. The main purpose is to serve as an icebreaker and introduction between players and myself and see if we vibe well. A bit of in character roleplaying and banter is encouraged but it will mostly be a crunchier session. Anybody who joins in the hopefully eventual full campaign will have the option of tweaking or even completely changing their characters so nothing is set in stone.

    Player Expectations

    No evil characters, murderhobos, or chaos goblins. You don't have to play a shining paragon of virtue but we are going for heroic adventurers with at least some basic "good guys" vibes. Furthermore along the lines of the above mentions of sticking to content I've prepared, activities such as bullying shopkeepers and barmaids, picking fights with town guards, habitual kleptomania, etc will not be tolerated. If you think that being proficient in Sleight of Hand equates to a moral mandate to pick the pockets of random people on the street and steal every shiny object you see, this is not the game for you, do not apply. Same goes for being a violent idiot as does for being a larcenous idiot. Such actions might very well be valid at certain points but if you're just doing them all the time (aside from being the kind of things heroic characters shouldn't be doing in the first place) you will roll low and get caught soon enough, very bad things will happen to your character, and you will be told you're no longer welcome in the game for being a "LoL sO rAnDoM" jackass. Seriously, just use some common sense.

    I see D&D as a team activity and so should you. Your character can be a bit edgy and/or have a bit of a shady past and they don't have to be bubbly people pleasers but they should have some kind of motivation of their own for joining in the party and the adventure. It is not the job of other players or the DM to convince your brooding loner to join in the game you as a player said you want to be a part of. So don't play a character who's primary defining trait is being an antisocial brooding loner.

    No PvP of any kind. This includes but is not limited to attacking other PCs, stealing from PCs, or otherwise acting against other PCs. The other PCs are your allies, act like it. You don't have to get along perfectly and a little bit of friction can make for interesting roleplay, but everyone is expected to not get into fights.

    Any attempts to justify any of this behavior with "it's what my character would do" will result in immediate dismissal from the game because you chose to make the character that would do those things. Seriously, just don't be a jerk and use some common sense.

    PG-13. Assuming we get to the point of a full campaign there will be a proper Session Zero to cover (among other things) boundaries, taboos, etc but for the one shot for simplicity's sake just assume that if you can't see it in a PG-13 movie it isn't allowed.

    Character Creation

    Characters will be third level, races, classes, etc from official sources only. UA (including One D&D playtest material) content may be considered on a case by case basis but are not guaranteed. Nothing from third party publishers, no self published online homebrew, and nothing you came up with yourself. Just no.

    All characters get one free bonus feat. I have a slightly buffed version of Mounted Combat that makes you and your mount a bit more survivable and if you want to play a skyrider in the big campaign you should probably take that, but doing so is by no means required. You don't have to do that to be effective and the first one shot doesn't even have any aerial adventure in it so for this don't even bother.

    No guns. There are no firearms in this setting. There will be no firearms in this setting. This is not negotiable. Any attempts to manipulate something like an airship's compressed lift gas tank or anything else into anything resembling a gun will immediately blow up in your character's face, they will die, and you will be permanently ejected from the game for not paying attention when I said no fucking guns. I hope this wouldn't be an issue but I have strong opinions and some people disagree with those opinions. If you're one of those people you should not apply to this game.

    As mentioned in the title (yeah, I know, way up there), the intended play time is Friday 7-11pm US Eastern Time. If you've actually read all of my possibly pretentious sounding ranting an rambling, are still interested, and can play at that time, drop me a message here (click my name/link in the post header and there's an button at the top, I just had to check how that works here) and I can send you a link to the Discord I have for the game which includes some general setting information and the house rules I plan to use. For the one shot character creation will be handled one on one via DM in place of a full Session Zero.

  • LFP - EDT - 5E - Online - Assault on gumdrop mountain - 5th level

    Hey everyone, didn't see any posts here so I've decided to make my own. Haven't DM'd in a while but if I can get 3-5 people together I'd love to do a one shot.

    We'll be playing:

    Assault On Gumdrop Mountain: A Drug-Fueled Adventure for 5th Edition


    A group of adventurers have been hired to climb a mountain of filth which has recently came into being, find out why, and hopefully put an end to this occurrence. In order to withstand the horror an alchemist has created a potent hallucinogen which turns the abhorrent into adorable, and sweet. Vast quantities of blood turn into orange soda lakes, flocks of maggots turn into red licorice bits, fecal fungus into cotton candy tufts, the ever present aroma of decaying corpses turns into a delicate sweet scent of pastries and jam, and black licorice turns red. The disgusting turned delicious. This makes the climb tolerable as the sights and scents are masked by this delicious delusion.


    This will be a fifth level adventure ran for adults using discord and owl bear rodeo. It'll likely take two sessions, and will likely be starting in two to three weeks. Once we get the players we will discuss date and time, likely a weekend after 6 EDT however. No racism, homophobia, etc. will be tolerated

    This will not be a sexual game and I as the DM will not flirt with you as an NPC. All attempts will be shot down quickly, and harshly.

    Homebrew must be vetted first but any official book is ok with me.Tashas, Unearthed arcana, etc. are all allowed


    I'd like you to comment or message me your age, a little about you, experience (none required), character concept, what you like in a game, and favourite DND moment (if any)

    Example: Hi, I'm sorrybookbroke a 23 year old Canadian guy. I've played DND for about 7 years, dming for quite a bit of that. I'm thinking of playing an artificer goblin named Ted. Ted does not know he is a goblin, and ignores all who try to explain this to him. In a game I like a fair amount of role play between characters with a healthy dose of combat.

    (To clarify, I will only be dming, there will be no dmpc)

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