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Looks like SEO chuds are now adding 'Reddit' to the titles. Best SEO spam 2024 reddit

One of the great joys of working on a search engine is that you get to reverse engineer SEO spam, and overall study how it evolves over time. I’ve been noticing the search engine spam strategy of adding ‘reddit’ to page titles for a few years now, but it feels like it’s been growing a lot recently. ...

Rifles of Simo Häyhä: The World’s Greatest Sniper
  • The Soviets thought they could take all of Finland in less than a week. It took 95 days for them to save face. Finnish army, Hayha included, humiliated the Red Army in front of every one. Not for naught.

  • Anyone here using JWM (Joe's Window Manager) with Arch in 2024?

    So, pretty much the title. Anyone here using JWM Window Manager with Arch (or any other Rolling Release Distro) now? What was the experience like?

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