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TIL: Why News Was So Neutral in the '50s & '60s

Long but good.


TIL: Amazing Process of Cutting Gigantic Volcanic Glass to Make Crystal Balls

Video of people making crazy crystal balls

SAVE Act passes House with backing of Alabama GOP delegation: ‘It’s…
  • Illegals can vote just like I can pay a debt I owed you using pieces of shit covered toilet paper that I stuff in your mailbox.

    The votes are discarded.

    Have you never tried to understand the process enough to understand what voter roles are used for?

  • Political Memes gibmiser



    38 and once again looking for a new career.

    I am feeling pretty detached at the moment. Figure I would use this space to think aloud.

    I have been fighting with admin at my school for proper support for me as a teacher and for help fixing a broken program for my students. I got laid off effective the end of the school year. Think it might be because I was a pain in the ass, but I don't know for sure. I wasn't doing a great job because they overloaded me. More different classes than most teachers. Shit support.

    Covid money ran out, they had to lay off some of the conditionally certified teachers and I was one of them. The timing was just... all my complaints, I they were making me cover a position that was vacant while doing my regular teaching, and the students were missing out. I don't think I could prove it but it feels like they got rid of me because I was not satisfied with their answers.

    I can't bring myself to finish getting my teacher certification. I'd have to go out of county to teach.

    I worked 10 years with the homeless, burnt out and fucked it up. Then 2 years working for a law firm supposedly helping people and figure out its just bullshit, helping people was incidental and barely helped. Worked for the cops supposedly helping addicts in person, they just wanted me to do data entry. No idea what I should do.

    It took a lot of courage to get myself to try being a teacher. 3 years at the schools and now I fucking again have to figure out what to do all over again.

    And I have to go into the school for over a month and pretend everything is okay. Fuck I hate this.


    Best deal you ever got?

    What's the best game deal you ever got?

    For me it was the original Subnautica. Was a free give away before it got popular and I had no expectations when I played it. Really enjoyed the exploration and the pacing.

    Second was Axiom Verge - I got it for free before it became popular but I don't remember how. I bought it when it went to Steam because I wanted to support the creator.

    Both are fun exploration sorts of games if you haven't played them. Axiom Verge is a metroidvania. Kinda a weird game, but in a good way.


    Table Saw recommendation?

    What's a good basic table saw? I look at them online and can't really tell much a difference. I'm tempted to just get a harbor freight one but know the fence will probably be loose and other annoyances...

    Anyone have a specific recommendation for someone who is only occasionally playing around with simple carpentry?


    Best all purpose, unrestricted AI?

    I play with Bard, Bing, OpenAI, and I get annoyed when it tells me it can't do something.

    Believe it or not I don't care about porn or lewd stuff, I just want to be absurd and sometimes that goes weird places and gets filtered.

    So what should I try? I want ease of use and am willing to pay for it. Ideally it has an offline mode and does not store user data.


    How does Paw Patrol get the money for their technology? Ryder is an Arms Dealer

    Sitting here watching paw patrol with my kids for the 10th time, got bored. Used AI.


    RYDER, a 10-year-old boy and the leader of the PAW PATROL, a team of talking dogs who perform rescue missions, is in his office, talking on the phone.

    RYDER: Yes, Mr. President, the shipment is on its way. Don't worry, no one will suspect a thing. The Paw Patrol is the perfect cover for our operation. (laughs) Who would ever think that a bunch of cute puppies are actually smuggling weapons to your country?

    He hangs up the phone and turns to his computer screen, where he sees a live feed of a cargo plane flying over the ocean.

    RYDER: Excellent. Everything is going according to plan. Soon, I will have enough money to fund my ultimate project: the Paw-nator. A giant robot dog that will destroy anyone who stands in my way.

    He laughs maniacally.

    Suddenly, he hears a knock on the door.

    RYDER: Come in.

    The door opens and CHASE, a German shepherd and the police dog of the Paw Patrol, enters.

    CHASE: Ryder, sir, I need to talk to you.

    RYDER: What is it, Chase?

    CHASE: Well, sir, I've been doing some digging, and I found something very disturbing.

    RYDER: What do you mean?

    CHASE: I found out that you've been selling weapons to developing nations, using the Paw Patrol as a front.

    RYDER: What? That's ridiculous. Where did you get that idea?

    CHASE: I hacked into your computer, sir. I saw the records, the transactions, the video feeds. It's all there, sir. You can't deny it.

    RYDER: Chase, I'm sorry, but you've made a terrible mistake. You've stumbled upon something you shouldn't have. Something that's bigger than you, bigger than me, bigger than the Paw Patrol.

    CHASE: What are you talking about, sir?

    RYDER: I'm talking about the new world order, Chase. The world is changing, and I'm changing with it. I'm not just a kid anymore, Chase. I'm a visionary, a leader, a mastermind. I'm the one who's going to shape the future of this planet, and you're either with me or against me.

    CHASE: Sir, you've gone mad. You've betrayed everything the Paw Patrol stands for. You've betrayed your friends, your team, your country.

    RYDER: No, Chase, you're the one who's betrayed me. You're the one who's betrayed the Paw Patrol. You're the one who's betrayed your duty.

    CHASE: My duty is to protect the innocent, sir. To uphold the law, sir. To stop the bad guys, sir. And right now, you're the bad guy, sir.

    RYDER: Is that so? Well, then, I guess we have a problem, don't we?

    He presses a button on his desk, and a trap door opens under Chase, sending him falling into a dark pit.

    RYDER: Goodbye, Chase. You were a good dog, but a bad cop.

    He closes the trap door and resumes his evil laughter.



    The Baconverse (2025)

    Anyone feel like pitching my movie idea to Mr Bacon? Sci-fi stupid comedy with celebrity cameos.

    Kevin Bacon is not just a famous actor, he is also a secret agent of the Multiverse Agency, a covert organization that monitors and protects the stability of the infinite realities.

    Using a device called the Baconator, he can travel to any universe where he has starred in a movie, and assume the role of his character. However, when a rogue agent named Kevin Beacon starts to wreak havoc across the multiverse, Kevin Bacon must team up with his alternate selves to stop him before he destroys the balance of existence.

    Hydro homies gibmiser

    mr. skeltal disapproves of your low calcium water