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What American Fascism Would Look Like
  • What are you doing each day when you're not on your keyboard? The party represents the constituents. People are naive to the zero sum game stakes at hand. So they vote themselves into DNC positions. They're just people. Like you and me.

  • What American Fascism Would Look Like
  • The marginalized groups were always marginalized. By definition they can only become not marginalized (e.g. women voting, repealing Jim Crowe, marriage equality).

    It's just an illogical thing to say.

  • Those poor jeans had it rough
  • Same age. In NYC it was skaters and ravers. I'd imagine any major metro is going to have more counter culture people. Especially back then vs now, when culture didn't have the same Internet pathways to diffuse so quickly geographically.

  • Maine Cybertruck Owner Sad Everyone Hates His Truck
  • No. I live near a lot of them. I hate you offline too. So do my friends and colleagues. Believe me.

    There are more Musk fan douchebags IRL than Lemmy, yes. That doesn't mean you're not a fucking loser supporting a neo Nazi who scams the government for my tax payer dollars. You knowingly bought a truck designed to kill humans instead of crumpling. You're trash big dog.

    Have you considered people like me aren't flipping you off as overtly as the loser fanboys approach you?

    If I see you on the road, I 100% will cut you off, not let you in, skip ahead at stop signs, slow down so you get red light tickets.

    Next time that happens, consider whether it's bc what you're driving, not the other person's habits.

    Never thought I'd root for big auto to take point on electric vehicles, but anything is better than supporting that dick bag.

    Fuck you. Fuck Tesla.

  • Android notification manager?

    I've used notification cleaner for years but it's dead. Anyone recommend alternatives? This has been difficult to find online

    Leading the world in technology and ecological transit.. on 3.5" SFMTA's train system running on floppy disks; city fears 'catastrophic failure' before upgrade

    SFMTA's train system in San Francisco is not only relying on humans to run it, but turns out that a floppy disk has been playing a key role for decades.

    SFMTA's train system running on floppy disks; city fears 'catastrophic failure' before upgrade
    When did the current consumer technology epoch begin?

    Found myself in this thread and I started thinking about the nuance.

    YT, Wiki, FB etc all existed before 2010, many of our staples even before 2005.

    High speed home internet; 3G and 4G have been around fair amounts of time now.

    You could play Kyocera Snake on the shitter or text on a Nokia brick when pay phones were still around.

    Box, iCloud, and other SaaS and/or freemium storage solutions have been around a long time. Bluehost has been an option forever.

    E-commerce has been killing big box stores since before the demise of the JCPenney catalog. Amazon shut down bookstores decades ago.

    Zoom, FaceTime, etc, way before the pandemic.

    I grew up in the analog world. I remember needing to make plans, print things, watch shows at certain times, yada yada... But the ability to reach in my pocket and pull out an untethered supercomputer most places I'll ever be (including the fucking sky or under the earth) and to access the entire world's library of historical knowledge, arts and culture in whichever ontology I prefer accurate in real time; have food, prescriptions, etc delivered same day; most consumer goods in 24 hrs; all my shit of all types synced all the time on all devices all the time; tell my house or phone or car what to do and a robot cleans my floor or whatever other crazy shit is happening with Home Assistant; you get the point...

    Unfortunately, living in the US, I find myself defining temporal chapters by presidential terms these days. I know 2016 was when social media jumped the shark and broke the social contract IRL.. 2008 was web 2.0 and we created the content, our digital lifestream, 2020 anyone with a MacBook could create chillhop for SoundCloud...

    When did the web start looking like times square without ad blockers? When did our access and ability become so pervasive and encompassing? When did the dark web become more destructive than stranger danger?

    When did we get here?

    Is Sync for Android worth the cost?

    R5: just started checking it out. It's cool and has some advantages of others. It's hella expensive. Thoughts?

    Duplicate icons in tray (Nova)

    Using an alternate icon (yellow).the original icon/app persists. It appears as if there are 2 copies installed.

    Known issue?

    Finally watched through the end (spoiler-ish?)

    3rd (4th?) time is a charm - after hitting the wall ⅓ into Season 2 every time, I finally watched the entire series through over the last week or so.

    I was so sad to say goodbye to each character and watch things end. But in a world of Netflix cancelations and whatnot, it really felt like the show did what it needed to do. In four brief seasons. I've stuck through Supernatural, Lucifer, Riverdale- lots of shows that survived ebs and flows but prob should have peaced out after the first divet. The Good Place truly wrapped up nicely - I don't know what more I could have asked other than to drag it out because it's hard to say goodbye.

    FOSS School Book Readathon Platform? (alt to Read-a-Thon)

    Hey community - our PTA is bringing back a school readathon after a few years, and we no longer have budget for a platform to manage. They all seem to take a pretty hardcore fee.

    Is there an open-source alternative to something like this? Thanks!

    Making the iPad part of my interOS lifestyle

    Hi all - the last Apple product I purchased was the gen2 iPod. I have a decade old iPad that I inherited from work and never really used - right now it's an always-on authenticator app screen at my desk. I have used MacBooks of all flavors for work for the last 12 yrs and have inherited both Air and Pro for personal use. My primary PC is Windows. My servers and NAS are Proxmox and Linux. Android phone user since switching from Blackberry, and have a matching tablet that isn't super new and is mostly controlling yt music streaming to the office tv roku, and/or keeping up a calendar app. Personal and work on Google apps and storage. Lots of nerdy stuff going on here - house runs on Google Nest Hubs, rPI Home Assistant, SmartThings, Hue, and others; Stream Deck and the usual wfh streamer tech at the desk.. I'm pretty much using everything except iOS (except for my "authenticator touchscreen").

    My child has been on a 9th gen iPad for the last yr. I grabbed one for myself a cpl wks ago when the price bottomed out. I've setup the airdisplay with my work laptop during the day but it doesn't stay open persistently and I have a ton of monitor workspace anyway so that hasn't really worked for me. I'm used to grabbing my phone when I'm bored, hit the restroom, need a break from work. I used to open Reddit - now I open Lemmy occasionally but not as much.

    What do I do with this thing? People using other platforms primarily, what is special about the iPad to you? When do you grab it instead of another device?

    I've tried to find articles, videos, tips, etc. - but everything is either migration, comparison, or beginner tips for iOS. I'd love to understand what others are doing in my scenario.

    homelab blazeknave
    What do you have cookin?

    Surprised to see less activity here. Having assumed everyone using FOSS, was hosting FOSS, I just peeked in here and only saw two posts lifetime. (Maybe that's a visibility issue for me?) Anyhoo:

    What are you all working on?

    I'll go: I'm a noob trying to figure out why my mf Minecraft vm's network permissions want to destroy me!

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