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Today, it has been 6 years since The Elder Scrolls 6 teaser
  • The nostalgia boner is that it was a very unique game, and nothing has come out quite like it since. It’s not even like Daggerfall or Arena. For someone looking for that experience, Oblivion and Skyrim were massive disappointments.

    Going from a volcano that is spewing flesh mutating disease while riding giant bugs around to Tolkienesque Medieval Fantasy Landscape #3045 gave me whiplash. (The Shivering Isles and Knights of the Nine save the package though.) And losing the ability to kill whoever I want? Spears???

    Skyrim is better. It mangles what could have been a good story by retconning lore and making Alduin into big evil bad, just as Oblivion was about basically Satan invading the world. Morrowind’s villain may not be right, but his motives are 100% understandable and he has a good point. (In Oblivion: why would you join a cult dedicated to killing everyone for no reason?)

    As a Morrowboomer, I’m willing to accept the series changed, but there just hasn’t been something to replace what I hoped for ES4. They don’t make games with that vibe anymore. The closest thing I’ve had to scratching that itch would be Planescape Torment, Pathologic, or Zeno Clash.

  • HP bricks ProBook laptops with bad BIOS delivered via automatic updates — many users face black screen after Windows pushes new firmware
  • They don’t play well with Linux. Occasionally my HP laptop will turn back on SecureBoot with no warning. There’s also like a full minute of delay between opening the thing and keyboard strokes registering. (Iirc, HP is so Linux hostile it’s not really supported by Arch)

  • The police need this for...?
  • I suggest anyone interested in the history of police militarization pick up Radley Balko’s Rise of the Warrior Cop. There are so many tiny little towns with fully kitted out SWAT teams. Cops are taught to view themselves as soldiers in hostile territory. They go to trainings where they’re taught bullshit science to encourage them to kill.

  • Toxic linux communities moment:
  • This kind of behavior mystifies me. I get that it can be frustrating to deal with lazy folks, but especially with how shit google/ddg are nowadays, when people are looking for help and are met with this kind of treatment it’s pretty discouraging! I’ve been an Arch user for about a decade, and sometimes I run into problems that should be googleable but aren’t.

    It’s especially concerning, considering how tech illiterate the next generation is. They’re very used to walled gardens, and if they can barely manage a MacBook, they’re going to really struggle starting with things like the command line.

    Lighting a candle leaves you with two lit candles. There’s no reason to gatekeep knowledge.

  • X considers "cisgender" a slur, and moderates it over actual slurs
  • In context, no one is harassed/discriminated against/barred from housing/barred from employment/barred from accessing medical care because they are cis. There is no world in which a cis person is walking down the street, hears “hey cisgender!” and gets the shit beaten out of them.

  • X considers "cisgender" a slur, and moderates it over actual slurs
  • I really wish there was an alternative for complaining/publicizing stupid shit that businesses do. Last year I had friends working at a Target when that bomb threat bullshit over Pride merch happened - their store refused to let the employees EVACUATE after a threat was called in. Twitter would have been the place to shame that.

  • Parents called for mental health help. Police arrived and fatally shot their son.
  • A boarding school roommate had a mental health breakdown so severe an ambulance was called, with actual trauma-trained doctors who provided basic psychiatric treatment (sedation pills and further care advice to dormkeepers).

    Holy shit. PTSD from suicide attempts is common, at least in the US they send in the fucking cops! You’re having the worst experience in your life, and the first thing you see is a condescending prick putting you in handcuffs. I’ve had teens I care deeply about subject themselves to this experience, and it makes things significantly worse. I feel like my life would have been improved by having that experience.

  • Parents called for mental health help. Police arrived and fatally shot their son.
  • 988 - the mental health hotline that is supposed to be the alternative to 911 - will call the cops too. There’s no winning.

    Edit: I can suggest the Trans Lifeline, and suggest other people look to warm lines, to be a little less nihilistic. They will not involve emergency services without your consent. Unfortunately, hours/availability are limited for most.

  • Trump says he is open to restrictions on contraception. His campaign says he misspoke
  • Well yes. His position is confusing, because these folks want to fuck their mistresses/side-pieces/prostitutes consequence free, but also want to keep their wives trapped at home and to punish “sluts.”

    Similarly, folks like Lindsey Graham and Ryan Walters want to fuck dudes on the side, but want to still consider themselves superior to the “removeds.”

    These men have a sexuality based solely on real control and power, nothing resembling normal human sexual desires.

  • Conservatives are freaking out because they learned that some animals are gay
  • Literally every gay man I know is concerned about HIV. Lots of people go on prep. There is not a subculture of people spreading HIV consensually or forcefully. I have never met a single person in either online communities or real life who would advocate for that practice.

    I have quite literally been to sex dungeons. I have seen people set fire to genitals (in a safe and controlled way). I have seen people participate in far more extreme practices. I have never seen anyone advocate, fantasize, or talk about any of the things you have mentioned.

  • Conservatives are freaking out because they learned that some animals are gay
  • Why would you deliberately seek out the worst in people/groups and then use that to condemn the entire group? Should I argue that the majority of straight men are pedophiles based on the popularity of child sexual abuse material?

  • Conservatives are freaking out because they learned that some animals are gay
  • Bro, I’m in multiple “homosexual communities you can found online.” I’ve never seen anything like what you are describing.

    I can find all kinds of crazy and gross heterosexual pornography. I would not generalize the behaviors I see in heterosexual pornography to all heterosexuals. I would not generalize the wild and raunchy behavior of heterosexual men and women at Mardi Gras to all heterosexual men and women.

    Go touch grass - there’s a good chance that you’ll actually interact with a real gay person, instead of the imaginary demons you created in your head.

  • Conservatives are freaking out because they learned that some animals are gay
  • I am gay. I have had lots of gay sex. I have had lots of kinky over the top gay sex. I have talked about absolutely wild and over the top kinks with all kinds of people. I’m not trying to be gross, but to communicate that I have a statistically significant sample size.

    I have never met a person who was a bug chaser. I’ve never spoken to one on Grindr, or seen one with that listed in their profile. They exist, and I’ve seen interviews with them online, but I’ve never met anyone like that in real life.

    Some heterosexual women have sex with dogs - I’m not sure that it would be fair to extrapolate that to all heterosexual women.

    I’ve never been to the Folsom Street fair, so I’m not sure why I am responsible or related to the behavior that happens there.

  • Introducing the series?

    My boyfriend knows absolutely nothing about the series other than that Natalie Portman is in the prequels. He wants to watch the prequels first - he likes her and is convinced you’re supposed to watch them in order.

    I’m advocating Machete order (with pre-Special Edition VHS rips), but he really wants to watch Phantom Menace and I’m not sure where to put Rogue One/what other non-mainline material to include.

    Do normies tend to like the sequels? I’ve told him upfront that I dislike them immensely, but I’ll tolerate them for him.

    This may come across as ridiculous but please understand - I’m just trying to maximize my chance of a couples Han/Chewie Halloween costume this year.