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Google is losing it
  • But not from a knowledge engine. It makes sense if some rando just spouted off a date from the top of their head but this is the former world leader in knowledge capture and search.

  • Germany: We will execute ICC warrant against Netanyahu
  • United States be like: 👨‍🦯

  • T-Mobile imposes $5 monthly price hike on customers using older plans
  • Fair enough! I definitely read this around the time 5g was coming around but apparently I was misinformed.

  • Greek letters too!
  • This is true but it's much easier to understand in retrospect unless you have a very very gifted math teacher (or series of teachers really) when you start learning it. For most people learning algebra it's just another checkbox to tick for some reason. Plus pesky word problems that make you figure out the equations on top of that.

    Now that I'm an adult I recognize what all of this was trying to teach me. But back in my school days it was just another thing I had to do between hanging out with friends.

  • T-Mobile imposes $5 monthly price hike on customers using older plans
  • IIRC, 5g is a much nicer generation for the carriers than for consumers. It can be more easily deployed with microcells on light poles vs requiring the tall cell towers. There's ultra-wideband, which is definitely faster, but plain 5g is roughly the same, just easier to roll out.

  • Google Is Paying Reddit $60 Million for Fucksmith to Tell Its Users to Eat Glue
  • I microwaved my phone and the battery level hasn't gone down at all since.

  • They never let me
  • LMAO we really have Lemmy cliques?

  • The starting salary for a new American Airlines flight attendant is low enough to qualify for food stamps in some states
  • Well obviously the flight attendant job is entry level and meant for teens living at home with their parents! It's not supposed to provide a living wage until you're more senior.


  • A demonstration of the USA's latching mechanism
  • Just the places where large groups of people want to be.

  • "Just before I put my camera away, I saw this orangutan take a taro leaf and put it on top on his head to protect himself from the rain," by photographer Andrew Suryono.
  • It'll probably be stored in something like a TPM, whose primary purpose is to make intact extraction of the keys difficult or impossible. A few keys might become compromised but in this scenario (unlike DRM decryption) it's easy to ignore those keys. There's always the chance an exploit becomes available and is more widely used, though, in which case it would definitely be less valuable.

  • Medicaid “Unwinding” Disproportionately Affects Disabled People, Advocates Say
  • If it disproportionately affected non-white or poor people.

  • Big Game Hunter [Marko]
  • If it's the Monopoly Man then it works on two levels. As one of the most popular games of all time, it's safe to say it's a big game. So the hunter would be a big game. And also hunting a big game.

  • Aarrr
  • BRB stealing your elementary school identity

  • 19 May 2024
  • This has some serious meme potential.

  • Ford asks suppliers for ideas to cut EV costs in an all-win-or-lose push for profitability
  • It's not quite a beetle but they're definitely electrifying the bus. I imagine a beetle is on the way too, honestly.

  • “Unprecedented” Google Cloud event wipes out customer account and its backups
  • These situations are almost always self-inflicted. If someone else hacked Google Cloud this badly then you'd likely have heard it from them first. And they probably would have done something significantly more destructive if their goal was harming Google reputation.

  • “Unprecedented” Google Cloud event wipes out customer account and its backups
  • Unprecedented only means there's no precedent. This just hasn't happened before at this scale.

  • My kind of advice
  • Of course I avoid him. He's me!

  • Rant: vanilla local app search is ridiculously bad

    For a search company I can't believe how terrible the Android app search is. I can't even search "bank" for my banking apps, and there doesn't really seem to be any metadata except for the title that goes into the search. Which is absolutely ridiculous given how many companies name their apps something cReAtIvE like "home" or "Resideo" or "Smart Hq." I just want to search GE for the damn GE app. Or "thermostat" for Resideo. Surely there's something beyond surface level here because obviously this is an extensively solved problem. How is there not metadata or description searching at minimum? My only guess is fear of abuse but Google has definitely dealt with that for their entire existence and up until recently, managed to handle it fine.

    The Sign

    For context, in case you don't have kids (therefor you probably don't watch Bluey), the family in the car (the Heelers) was selling their house to move for a job but ultimately, the dad (Bandit) decided staying at their house with family was more important. As a final act of demonstration, he lifts the for-sale sign out of the ground and throws it onto the street, with emotional montage music playing in the background.

    Basically the meme being, I reject this and I'll figure out another way.

    Thankfully historical Hashicorp code has been permissively licensed and we have awesome forks like opentofu and openbao.

    Really enjoying my first playthrough of Dwarf Fortress

    Until now I've avoided almost everything to do with combat so I guess this is my introduction.

    Poor lower decks crew

    My wife made this template and meme and it's too good not to share on the better social media platform.

    White House weighing in on the big issues

    Sources say the decision was made by how long interns spent in each editor. In fact, it appears the vim users simply never exited once they opened the program, presumably because they found it so productive.

    Is SMS 2FA broken/degraded for anyone else?

    I had an issue logging into Twitch last night for the first time in a while. I just didn't get any 2FA messages delivered to me, until about 12 hours later when I was asleep and they were probably long invalidated. and now suddenly I can't log in to my MVD either. Apparently there's some sort of SMS short+long code outage (according to the twilio status page in North America, which is mildly infuriating when this is already shown to be a pretty sketchy 2FA mechanism, at least theoretically.

    Just curious if anybody else has noticed issues or if that's just me. And also, I really hate SMS 2FA.

    Once a week every week
    Love hurts

    She legitimately said "he seemed well adjusted." After telling me he looked a lot like me 15 years ago.

    Am I so old that sugar gives me hangovers?

    I just wanted to binge on some Skittles like it's 1995.

    Am I lifting more or less effectively 🤔

    Bonus meme that didn't fit my vision as well:


    [OC] Pretty impressed with macro mode on the Pixel 8 Pro

    Bonus jalapeño flowers feat. jalapeñito in the bokeh.


    To shreds, you say?

    I just want to open a box without tearing it to pieces.

    Arnold give me strength

    I just want some abs at least once in my life.