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Mother Gaia and Humans
  • Yeah, no. When you go to the grocery store to pick out the lettuce for dinner, did you specifically ask for the single use plastic it’s wrapped in, or was that the only option presented to you?

    I chose to go to the grocery store rather than a farmers market.

  • Mother Gaia and Humans
  • you are not as free to think as much as you think you are

    All of those things are things that are very easy to say no to? I swapped the battery on my phone, I don't have a car but "my" car at my parents house is from '99. I eat food that I like. I'm not saying I'm impervious to bad decisions, or even that these are always bad decisions, but the people who buy a new phone or car every few years its because they like to.

  • Possible snipers seen at OSU. Administration says they're not snipers but should be treated like they are.
  • You saved the day right? Oh no that is just the start, since the round fired was a 7.62x51mm NATO (there is no “rubber” round for this firearm) it went straight through the torso of that protester with a box knife and into and then back out of at least a few other people

    High angle means it would likely go into the ground. Also could use hollow point though, I don't know if police use hollow point on rifles.

  • 93 Year Old Woman Arrested for Resisting Eviction
  • Education went up in cost because nothing was stopping it from going up and everything else is so broken it took the place for it.

    Well yeah, that's my point? Why do you think their customers are able to pay any amount? Because they're taking government loans.

    Healthcare went up because insurance companies. They are a useless middlemen.

    How did insurance companies increase the cost of healthcare when their goal is to decrease it so they can profit more?

    Cars really haven't gone up that much.

    New and used cars definitely haven't gone down in price despite increased mechanization, improved shipping, etc. But yeah out of these things they have the lowest infinite free money behind them.

  • 93 Year Old Woman Arrested for Resisting Eviction
  • The AMA doesn't directly control it, what it does do is lobby congress to limit it. The AMA actually is the reason the cap was put in place in 1997. Doctor administrators are also often AMA members/supporters/in some capacity bound to the AMA, so they often don't explore other sources of funding than government for expanding residency capacity.

  • The clockspeed of observation is 18.5 tredecillion Hz

    The real shower thought was about movement across the highest speed we know of at the minimum distance we know of, so I divided Planck length by the speed of light.

    Biohacking/Open-Source Biology aidan

    SkewDB, a comprehensive database of GC and 10 other skews for over 30,000 chromosomes and plasmids

    Biohacking/Open-Source Biology aidan

    MIT CompBio Lecture 01 - Introduction

    Biohacking/Open-Source Biology aidan DNA seen through the eyes of a coder (or, If you are a hammer, everything looks like a nail) - Bert Hubert's writings

    Updates: 12th of September 2021: I’m writing a book on DNA! If you want to become a beta reader, or have suggestions, I’d love to hear from you! 8th of January 2021: This article has been revised and updated, scientifically and in terms of dead links. Revision made by Tomás Simões (@putadagravidade ...

    Biohacking/Open-Source Biology aidan

    Thought Emporium: I Grew Real Spider Silk Using Yeast

    Biohacking/Open-Source Biology aidan

    Libretexts: Cell and Molecular Biology Cell and Molecular Biology

    Cell and Molecular Biology studies the structure and function of the cell, which is the basic unit of life. Cell biology is concerned with the physiological properties, metabolic processes, signaling …

    Cell and Molecular Biology
    Biohacking/Open-Source Biology aidan

    Dr. Jo Zayner's intro episode to bioengineering


    It is very good UX how escalators slow down when nobodies on them but keep moving.

    It makes it clear the direction of movement and how the user has to position themselves so they can ride it without thinking about it- but it saves power from slowing down