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Judge Orders Boss Who Coughed at Employee During Pandemic to Pay Damages
  • Attempted crimes require intent, so there is no attempt for unintentional crimes like manslaughter.

    Most US states have a crime for any sort of nonconsensual physical contact, usually including intentionally expelling any bodily fluid onto another person, which deliberately coughing at someone could do. It may be called assault, battery, or harassment. Exposing someone to undue risk of harm is also often a crime with a name like "reckless endangerment".

  • Is having a president a nessisary aspect of forming a goverment?
  • Certainly not. The duties of the president of the USA are:

    • Execute/enforce the laws made by congress
    • Command the military
    • Grant pardons
    • Make treaties
    • Appoint ambassadors, judges, and officers
    • Report to congress about the state of the country

    It's not necessary that any one of those functions be the responsibility of a single person, nor is it necessary that any one of them be performed by the same person or group as any of the others. Some of these functions may not even need to exist as such; I don't think pardons are a feature of all systems of justice, and a legislative branch has other ways to learn about the state of the country.

  • Judge Orders Boss Who Coughed at Employee During Pandemic to Pay Damages
  • Each US state has a separate definition of murder, but in most, intent to kill is sufficient. Motive is not an element of the crime.

    Unintentional, but reckless killing is manslaughter. Many states have an intermediate crime of second degree murder in which there is no intent to kill, but the killer's behavior shows an extreme indifference to the value of human life, which could apply in a case like this if the victim died.

    This case took place in the UK.

  • Why do car repair shops always assume you can leave while they work on your car?
  • What would you like them to do instead? How much extra are you able and willing to pay them so that they can do that and stay in business?

  • Ex Redditors of Lemmy what made you come on over? What happened at Reddit that you made the switch?
  • I still use Reddit, but less after the API changes. I was already using Mastodon and aware of Lemmy when that happened, but the biggest server previously was, and even that wasn't very active. I put it in the back of my mind to check on again in hopes it would gain relevance. Reddit pissed off a bunch of its users, so it did. launched around then, and I'd heard of its admins by way of their well-known Mastodon server so I signed up.

  • Gov. Tony Evers seeks to bar firearms near RNC but the move is unlikely to succeed
  • I don't like that they can create a perimeter and inspect peoples' possessions outside the event area at all. People shouldn't have to give up their right to be free from unreasonable searches in public places.

    It is, of course hilarious that Republicans created an exception for guns and suddenly don't like it.

  • Biden's performance has been exceptional where it matters: It's the economy
  • Politicians claim all sorts of things that have, at best tenuous connections to reality.

    We shouldn't accept the claim that Biden fixed the economy, nor Trump's claim that Biden broke the economy, nor either of their claims that they're going to fix it next term.

  • Biden's performance has been exceptional where it matters: It's the economy
  • A president could, in theory make a campaign promise about what kind of people they would nominate to the Fed board. A friendly enough senate might even confirm those nominees.

    Other than the chair and vice-chair, board members serve 14 year terms, which are intended to help insulate them from politics. A president with very specific ideas about monetary policy could put their thumb on the scale a bit, but the system is designed to resist that.

  • Biden's performance has been exceptional where it matters: It's the economy
  • I do. I also know that Trump nominated Chairman Powell to his first term, and Biden nominated him to his second. Seems they agree on something.

    That's not even unusual; four out of the past five Fed chairs were nominated by at least two presidents from different parties.

  • Biden's performance has been exceptional where it matters: It's the economy
  • Presidential candidates certainly say things about the economic policies they'd like to see enacted, but most of the actual policy making is up to congress, and monetary policy is the domain of the Federal Reserve.

    Factors which no part of the US government has direct control over often have a bigger impact than those that it does, from plagues to wars on other continents to business conditions.

  • Biden's performance has been exceptional where it matters: It's the economy
  • He is a politician running for reelection in a tight race. He's going to claim credit for anything good that happened during his term that voters might possibly believe.

    That's not even meant as a criticism; it's just how the game is played.

  • Gunshots reportedly fired at Donald Trump rally - as former president rushed off stage
  • assuming that the photographer knew what setting their camera was on

    The photographer would definitely know even if the camera was in a mode that selects the shutter speed automatically because it's embedded in the image file's metadata, which is shown in software used for image processing.

    Note publishing and social media platforms usually strip metadata from images.

  • Biden's performance has been exceptional where it matters: It's the economy
  • The weird part is people think the president caused any of that or has the ability to fix it.

  • X (former Twitter) lost court-cases about shadowbanning after critical post about EU and CSAM
  • I'm a little surprised by Twitter restricting an account for that. Of course I never believed Musk's free speech rhetoric, but this isn't a specific issue where I'd expect them to put their thumb on the scale so blatantly.

  • Spain sentences 15 schoolchildren over AI-generated naked images
  • Having been a teenage boy myself, I wouldn't dream of trying.

    But I knew it wasn't OK to climb a tree with binoculars to try to catch a glimpse of the girl next door changing clothes, and I knew it wasn't OK to touch people without their consent. I knew people who did things like that were peeping toms and rapists. I believed peeping toms and rapists would be socially ostracized and legally punished more harshly than they often are in reality.

    Making and sharing deepfakes of real people without their consent belongs on the same spectrum.

  • Spain sentences 15 schoolchildren over AI-generated naked images
  • Are you surprised by teenage boys making fake nudes of girls in their school? I'm surprised by how few of these cases have made the news.

    I don't think there's any way to put this cat back in the bag. We should probably work on teaching boys not to be horrible.

  • Child predators are exploiting kids on OnlyFans despite vows of safety
  • I guess I'm thinking about this from a solutions-oriented mindset: what concrete, achievable steps can various entities take to reduce child abuse? For an adult content platform, the identity verification steps OnlyFans uses seem reasonable; even when an offender uses an account owned by someone else, that often provides enough of a lead for investigators.

  • Android users, what's stopping you from switching to an iPhone?
  • Much like many of the iPhone users when you asked the converse question, it's not so much that something is stopping me, but that I have no interest in it. I don't see any benefits that I care about, and it would cost time and money to switch.

    Let's pretend for a moment that I did have some desire to switch, perhaps due to some new hardware from Apple or changes to Android I found unpalatable. Here are some things I'd consider major barriers:

    • Sideloading - I want to install stuff without permission from the hardware or OS vendor. Maybe I'll even write a niche app without asking permission.
    • Administrative access - I have root on my Android phone, and I didn't have to fight it to gain root (I know that's not true of every device). If I don't have root or can't get it easily, it's not really mine.

    That's... basically it, but those are big things and Apple's position on them is so opposite mine that they're risking severe sanctions from the EU to comply with the EU's sideloading regulations in the most useless way they can.

  • EDC just came up in another community, so it's time for a pocket dump

    • Old leather wallet
    • Flashlight (Skilhunt H150)
    • Knife (Spyderco UKPK)
    • Pepper spray (Sabre Red, with a pocket clip from a random flashlight)
    • Phone (Pixel 4A)
    • Keys, and another flashlight (Skilhunt EK1)
    • Flash drive (Sandisk 128gb)
    • 1.38€

    The HP35R, a new heavy-duty headlamp from Fenix uses 2x21700 batteries and runs at 1200 lumens all night


    Recommend a server-side email classifier

    I've been self-hosting email with Maddy for a bit, but haven't shared any of the addresses widely yet in part because I haven't set up a spam filter. I'm pleased with Maddy; there's much less to learn to get a server up and running with sane default behavior than with the email software of old.

    Ideally, I'd like to go beyond just spam filtering and have something with arbitrary categories like newsletters and password resets. I would prefer that it learn categories when I move messages to IMAP folders from a mail client. Maddy can feed messages into arbitrary programs and pick a destination folder based on their output.

    Web searches turn up a ton of classification programs, most of which seem to be more interested in playing accuracy golf with well-known corpora than expanding functionality beyond simple spam filtering.


    Please stop blocking VPNs for established accounts

    I often use a commercial VPN service, which I suspect is not rare among Lemmy users. Most of the time, I'm able to post to, but on occasion I am not. The default web UI provides zero feedback, just a spinning submit button forever, but if I look in the browser dev tools, I can see it's being blocked.

    I understand that some limitations are necessary to prevent spam and other abuse, however this is a very blunt instrument. The fact that I have a 10 month old account with consistent activity should outweigh any IP address reputation issues.

    Perhaps the VPN limitations could be narrowed in scope to cover only account creation and posts from young accounts.


    Anduril firmware adds dark mode Release 2024-04-01 · ToyKeeper/anduril

    It has been a long time coming, but today marks a monumental leap forward in the world of illumination, and I'm proud to announce an upgrade which will usher in a new era of lighting technology. Yo...

    Release 2024-04-01 · ToyKeeper/anduril

    What RSS readers should I recommend to others?

    If I want to quickly pitch "you should follow X, Y, and Z using RSS because [problems with social media]" to people who have never heard of RSS, what readers should I recommend?

    I want at least web (not self-hosted), Android, and iOS options. Native apps for Mac and Windows would be nice as well. Linux users probably already know what RSS is.

    There absolutely must be a free option good for at least 25 feeds because unfamiliar tech is a hard enough sell without having to pay. I'll grudgingly accept ads if that's the tradeoff for something beginner-friendly.


    Image uploads blocked by Cloudflare

    When I attempt to upload images to via the desktop web UI, I get the following error message:

    > SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data

    Looking at network traffic in dev tools, I see that I'm getting a 403 page from Cloudflare saying:

    > Sorry, you have been blocked > You are unable to access > Why have I been blocked? > This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks....

    I also get error messages when trying to upload images using Connect and Sync on an Android device. I successfully uploaded images in the past.


    2000 subscriber giveaway

    We just hit 2000 subscribers! I’d like to thank everyone for showing up here to create a new community, and what better way than giving stuff away?

    I’m giving away the Nitecore MH10 v2 I reviewed. I can ship it anywhere in the USA or EU, but EU winners will have to wait until mid September. This is a basic, beginner-friendly flashlight that can accept almost all 18650 and 21700 batteries.

    To enter, leave a top-level comment on this post before midnight UTC on Sunday, August 27, 2023. Only accounts that have posted or commented on /c/flashlight prior to this being posted are eligible to win.


    Kaidomain has 3000K high-CRI SFT40s Luminus SFT-40 Warm White 3000K CRI95 LED

    Luminus SFT-40 L5 HB4 Warm White 3000K CRI95 Long Throw SMD 5050 LED


    Canada Geese, Lexington KY

    cross-posted from:

    > Caught a cute moment on film. Look at that balance!


    Juice Force (and mountains)


    Today's knife and light

    • Skilhunt M150 v2 (519A swap)
    • Kershaw Launch 5

    Webpack hashing problems after Mastodon server update

    I just updated my Mastodon server to the latest version due to a security vulnerability. I got a 500 page and error:0308010C:digital envelope routines::unsupported in the logs from mastodon-web.

    I could reproduce by running bin/webpack from the command line. Some searching led me to try Node 16 LTS, but then I get an apparently blank page when I load the site and call to eval() blocked by CSP in the browser console.

    The API works normally; this only affects the website.


    Does the hard-use folder I want exist?

    I want a folding knife that can get away with most most of the things I know better than to do with a folding knife. That leads to specific criteria:

    • Price: under $100, lower is better. I might break it.
    • Lock: crossbar, backlock, compression, or something similarly strong. Not liner/frame/button. I might want to trust the lock more than is prudent.
    • Steel: tough stainless like AEB-L, 14C28N, or Nitro-V. I might baton through salt-driftwood with it and put it away wet. See toughness chart.
    • Blade: Ideally 3.25-2.5" (85-90mm) and a tip that isn't dainty. I might pry with it.
    • Pivot: washers, not bearings. I might get mud in it.
    • I dislike thumbstuds, but will accept them if they're not in the cutting path.

    Update: Olight paid me

    Less than 24 hours after yesterday's post, an Olight rep got in touch by email. A few hours after that, they sent the full payment.


    1000 subscriber giveaway

    We just hit 1000 subscribers! I'd like to thank everyone for showing up here to create a new community, and what better way than giving stuff away?

    I'm giving away the Acebeam Pokelit 2AA I recently reviewed. I can ship it anywhere in the USA or EU, but EU winners will have to wait until late July.

    To enter, leave a top-level comment on this post before midnight UTC on Monday, July 3 2023. Only accounts that have posted or commented on /c/flashlight prior to this being posted are eligible to win.

    Winner selection

    I extracted the usernames of commenters, manually removed those who said they weren't in and got these:

    1. "@[email protected]"
    2. "@containerfan"
    3. "@DuckDuckGoneForGood"
    4. "@UndulyUnruly"
    5. "zzap"
    6. "@ScratchDiggity"
    7. "@[email protected]"
    8. "@Minsk_trust"
    9. "@lemmy_party"
    10. "pickle"
    11. "@[email protected]"
    12. "@[email protected]"
    13. "@jewinthebag"
    14. "@Hilgerone"
    15. "@MashedPotatoJeff"
    16. "@poudi8"
    17. "@zumlin"
    18. "@AmbitiousView"
    19. "@rule1n2"
    20. "@escew"
    21. "@PsychedSy"
    22. "@masterironchef"

    I then requested a random integer from 0 to 21 (inclusive) from The winning number was 2 and the winner is @[email protected]


    Can I eat lens hoods?


    Can I eat lens hoods?


    Convoy has released a 17mm, 3V, 8A buck driver with 5A and 3A coming soon

    I'm assuming this will fit the C8 and many S-series lights. 8A is suitable for the SST-40 and SFT40, but will likely be limited by forward voltage with most emitters.

    5A is running a 519A, SST-20, etc... fairly hard, while 3A is a pretty average single-emitter light.


    YSK: Your phone camera's aspect ratio is 4:3; setting it to anything else crops your photos

    Why YSK: I've been seeing an increasing number of phone photos shared online in 9:16, 9:21 or similarly tall aspect ratios, often with parts of the subject cut off. I've asked a few people why they cropped their images that way, and none of them knew they were cropped.