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Transgender activists flood Utah tip line with hoax reports to block bathroom law enforcement
  • This asshole thinks trans women aren’t women. He can suck a fuck.

    well trans men are gonna have a hard time using the stand-up-pisser. I guess trans women won't have that issue since women's restrooms offer no convenience-pissing solution for women but still.

    I think you're getting a little too pumped up over this

  • [NSFW link of LIVE Updates] Seven-month-old Palestinian baby Hani Mahmoud, who became an orphan, was killed in Israel's recent attacks on Rafah, along with eight members of the Qishta family.
  • I don't know the general trend of opinions around the gaza conflict, but in my humble opinion israel has the damn right to defend itself. If all the Palestinian fighters hide in hospitals and comparable institutions then what are you gonna do. If you don't kill them then they're gonna continue. If you do, you're killing civilians too. War just always has civilian losses, that's just how war works. We all should stop complaining about the war around Israel. In reality it's a war similar to any other, with dirty strategies on every side.

  • TIL enter in the creative menu opens the search bar

    If you hit enter while anywhere in the creative menu, it switches to the search tab. Very useful.

    Looking for a reverse proxy to put any service behind a login for external access.
  • WireGuard

    try wg-easy. it's on the docker hub and it makes setting up a wireguard tunnel incredibly easy (as in, press the add button). The initial docker configuration process was a bit annoying to me since I had no prior experience, but most of the issues were down to the dns settings, which I eventually figured out.

  • Looking for a reverse proxy to put any service behind a login for external access.
  • most reverse proxies have SSO tooling that you can set up pretty easily

    But honestly, have you considered just using wireguard for these cases? It's much more secure if you just want a bunch of stuff hidden from the rest of the world

  • The installation process of different Linux distributions
  • It's not like I cannot handle the updates. I really love arch for its flexibility, and with that come bleeding edge updates. Fedora is the next best thing but I'm definitely not as experienced there and it's quite often lacking packages that arch does provide, either via its mirrors or the AUR

  • The installation process of different Linux distributions
  • As an arch user myself, I have to agree. This is eerily true. I love and hate arch for what it is. Just don't leave your laptop in the closet without updating it every few months. It's pretty certain that you have to reinstall arch if you wait too long.

  • Looks like I'm gonna need a new battery.
  • why is there a german address on the back? I don't believe this was made in germany... Does nintendo just have their european offices there? Frankfurt isn't really the top location for that, I'd have expected some of the bigger cities there

  • Dubai Police nab thieves who broke into Furjan villa, recover stolen valuables
  • Hold courses to teach the teachers 🤷 For any of the other ones you could say that if the country didn't waste bureaucratic resources on bogus issues it could spend more time addressing e.g. gender equality. That's where your bureaucratic resources should go. Are you trying to not understand what I'm saying or what.

  • Cursed 32 Gig NVMe drive?

    Can anyone explain the purpose of a 32 gig NVMe SSD? I think it's quite an apple thing to install such a stupidly tiny drive into a computer, but on the other hand it doesn't seem right. This can't be a system drive can it? But what else could it be? This is like an impractical, high-speed USB drive that requires disassembly of the computer to remove...

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