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Soap makes water wetter. Kind of. It reduces the surface tension, allowing it to spread out and penetrate better. Making it clean better. So could we produce a surface tension-free water?
  • Water has hella intermolecular attraction, unlike noble gases. That's why even really heavy noble elements are in the gas state at room temperature and pressure

  • Mastercard To Phase Out Manual Card Entry For Online Payments In Europe By 2030
  • by 2030 the Canadian peso will be so weak you'll spend a million dollars getting groceries

  • Elden Ring's developers know most players use guides, but still try to cater to those who go in blind: 'If they can't do it, then there's some room for improvement on our behalf'
  • right but the previous games were a lot smaller. It would take hundreds of hours to do everything in Elden Ring without a quest guide

  • Anon interviews for a job
  • chat is this real

  • Finally got a skirt (alongside a Thorium pendant)
  • bismuth is not toxic in reasonable amounts. One serving of Pepto Bismol has half a gram of it

  • A Cool Guide to Protein Sources.
  • In the US nutrition labels are per serving not per 100g. A serving of tofu might weigh 123 grams while a serving of almonds is 20 grams. Because the tofu is full of water. You can't easily compare nutrition content for foods based on their weight.

  • A Cool Guide to Protein Sources.
  • tofu is mostly water. If you want to compare anything by mass you need to remove the water

  • Chair bad
  • Wise man once said "my opponent has a better gaming chair"

  • How to ldentify that Light in the Sky
  • most of these are aliens actually

  • Beautiful but worrying 🌍
  • this doesn't add up, Jesus made the world 4,000 years ago

  • Sony removes still-unmet “8K” promise from PS5 packaging
  • I have a 4k tv. Most of the time I just play games at 1080p since it keeps the pc quieter and it looks the same. But I do also set it for 120 Hz

  • New World Record: 33.24% Solar Cell Efficiency From JinkoSolar! - CleanTechnica
  • I love corpo slop journalism it makes my day when an article has zero technical information

  • Sony removes still-unmet “8K” promise from PS5 packaging
  • On the third hand a TV at couch distance is going to look only slightly better at 4k vs 1080p. 8k is just a waste of electricity

  • Presidential party preference post WWII
  • If the candidates were Trump and Mecha-Hitler the libs would feverishly support Trump for his "moderate stances"

  • Presidential party preference post WWII
  • Yeah but the people who own land matter more. The 17 that passed this are probably not the 100% red states here so this is gonna go nowhere

  • VFX artist explains why CGI in films is worse now
  • is the trailer and film reversed? the top one looks better

  • Watch out for spam emails from this goofy publisher

    > The journal reports an "ISI impact factor".[9] This impact factor is not from the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) or its successor Clarivate, but from a company named International Scientific Indexing.[10][11]

    > The journal was listed in the updated Beall's List of potential predatory open-access journals.[1] It has been criticized for sending out email spam to scientists, calling out for papers for the journal.[6]

    > In March 2020, the journal published the fake research paper "Cyllage City COVID-19 outbreak linked to Zubat consumption". The paper blamed a fictional creature for an outbreak of Covid-19 in a fictional city, cited fictional references (including one from author Bruce Wayne in a made-up journal named "Gotham Forensics Quarterly" on using bats to fight crime), and was cowritten by fictional authors such as Pokémon’s Nurse Joy and House, MD.[14] The author was a scientist from National Taiwan University, who acted under a pseudonym.[2] Four days after submission the paper was accepted for publication. Since the line in the article “a journal publishing this paper does not practice peer review and must therefore be predatory” was not objected to, the submitting author concluded that the paper had not been reviewed at all.[15] The paper was later removed as the author did not pay the publication fees.[2]


    Ergodash Build

    This was my first time soldering and it went pretty well. On booting it up the LEDs weren't working on one side and one key wasn't registering, a quick hit with the iron got it going fine.


    Self-healing observed at nanoscale in platinum foil under strain Autonomous healing of fatigue cracks via cold welding | Nature

    Fatigue in metals involves gradual failure through incremental propagation of cracks under repetitive mechanical load. In structural applications, fatigue accounts for up to 90% of in-service failure1,2. Prevention of fatigue relies on implementation of large safety factors and inefficient over...


    the postdoc exodus [acollierastro on YouTube]

    A. Collier, Astrophysics Ph.D. talks about the current culture surrounding postdoctoral positions. And how unsustainable they are. I love her channel 😁


    How Do Nanoparticles Grow? Berkeley Lab Scientists Capture Nanoparticles Combining under High-Resolution TEM

    Using a technique called high-resolution liquid cell transmission electron microscopy (LC-TEM) at the Molecular Foundry, the researchers captured real-time, atomic-scale LC-TEM videos of Cd-CdCl2 CSNPs ripening in solution.


    In Operando TEM of All-Solid-State Garnet-Based Lithium Batteries

    Fully solid-state lithium batteries offer some key advantages over the current liquid electrolyte based systems. But these solid electrolytes under development can be unreliable and their degradation mechanisms are unclear. This investigation employed transmission electron microscopy (TEM) to study the evolution of these materials while they operate. They found that differences between the expansion of the cathode material and solid electrolyte induced delamination at their interface. They also noted microscopic cracks forming in the cathode material, and reduction of LCO to metallic Co when the potential was allowed to drop below 1.5 V vs Li/Li+.


    Java errors when attempting to log in to Mander on PC

    Has anyone else encountered this? I can log in on my phone just fine (browser and Liftoff app). But when I try in Chrome or Firefox on Windows it says things like "Unexpected token O, Origin is... not valid JSON" and "SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data".