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A glorified terrorist group
  • Oh of course I have my opinions! I'm only human. But where does "badness" actually exist in the world? It only exists in our judgments. Everyone on earth could agree that he's bad, but that doesn't actually mean anything on its own. It comes with social consequences, but those also come from our judgments. There's nothing in the world that says that Ted Bundy is bad. There's also nothing that says he is tall or short or smelly or kind. The universe is utterly indifferent to such things.

    This is not a wishy-washy relativism argument. It's actually quite the opposite. I am stating that social constructs like these judgments are actually so powerful that major parts of human experience are products of human minds. It's just that the universe is just so fundamentally, radically indifferent to them.

    At the end of the day, Lord of the Rings is about a bunch of people fighting and dying. It's the meanings that we attach to those narratives that give it its glory. And it's fun to see this meme flip it on its head. Poor orcs!

  • A glorified terrorist group
  • so you're arguing with someone who says it's a matter of perspective by saying "nuh uh, id say my perspective is ____" hmmmm

    why are people so uncomfortable with the reality that judgments exist only in the mind and not the world? that doesn't make them less important. quit over valuing the real!

  • A glorified terrorist group
  • yes, the author wrote the books as a struggle btwn good vs evil, which makes all the stuff in the meme okay.

    But what if we strip away those concepts? that's the whole point of this meme! why would you ackshully this comment 🤣

  • Using Lemmy make me hate Windows (or any proprietary softwares) and finally make me fully switched to Linux
  • the 'switched' isn't wrong here, but it's ooky.

    switched is wrong. should be "made me switch" where 'made' gets the past tense.

    also, using obscure onomatopoetic words like "ooky" while teaching ESL is generally not that helpful lol. how is op supposed to know that it conveys a gross feeling? looks like a typo for 'okay'. that shit ain't gonna be in any dictionary they look up

  • It seems like a lot...
  • Good lookin' all around except I'd dispute this claim:

    (beyond the fact that they subjected the mice to their experiments for a full year, which is much longer than most people tend to vape when using it for smoking cessation)

  • True continent sizes
  • "no offense" lol and then you go on to ask a random ass question that's usually meant to offend. why are you bringing up GDPs in Africa anyway?

    if you're actually trying to learn something, then what's the "no offense" for? it sounds like you want us to draw a controversial conclusion - probably that Africans are lazy or something. if you actually believe this and are behaving this way online, then there's probably no point in trying to explain how the consequences of colonization continue to hold back development in many African nations.

    why don't you take your dogwhistles elsewhere, or at least learn some social cues. "no offense" is a pretty idiotic thing to say and might best be removed from your vocabulary. because, no offense, you sound like a fucking moron.

  • How to unfilter keyword?

    I accidentally added something to the filtered keyword list and i dont see a way to remove it.

    (Please don't include the word "fat-taco" in your response...)

    Help me understand Voice Recognition tech

    Help me understand Voice Recognition tech

    I am interested in getting an app that would allow me to make notes via voice-to-text. I work in a field with HIPAA protections. I'm having trouble figuring out the nuances of privacy related to these apps.

    First off, is this kind of software considered "AI"? How does it even recognize that a sound equals a word? Do they use LLM tech? Does the tech learn to recognize my voice better over time? Does it use my recordings to learn to understand other's voices? Is this all a black box? How can I take precautions such that no one except me hears the things I transcribe?

    This is just such confusing tech! It seems like it's fairly old and common but the more I think about it in relation to current age AI, the more creeped out I get! And yet my doctor uses one regularly... I'll be asking her about it too, don't worry.

    Thank you!

    is there no way to rotate landscape gifs?

    I appreciate all the hard work you do, but this is a hard No for me. I can't use an app that forces me to view landscape gifs in portrait mode. Is a rotation button a feature you'd consider?

    I dont like video games with story

    Someone told me to post this here and that's all I got to say.

    My popular opinion is that I don't like this flavor of subcommunity

    Rendering Tr as Chr ?

    Huh! In my speech, the Tr in "tree" or "trigger" is really close to Chr as in "chree". In fact to pronounce "chree" I have to aspirate so hard to distinguish it from /tr/.

    Is this common? [ˈt͡ʃɹi:] instead of [ˈtɹi:]? Why does this happen? Is there something about going from a plosive to an approximant that creates an affricate?

    Practicing advanced Sudoku techniques - anyone see anything fun here?

    I'm working on becoming familiar with wings, chains, uniques, and all the sea animals and skyscrapers. Whatcha see here?

    What should I do with old electronics?

    I got a box full of a bunch of stuff from over the years. Some big, some small, some expensive, some cheap. It seems like a shame to throw it all in a landfill, with or without personal data.

    When dies, how will Lemmy grab more users?

    I don't see Old Reddit lasting long. They've cut beloved features before, and they're still calling New Reddit a "beta feature". After they've pumped enough resources into developing it, I'm sure they'll move past the "test" phase and just cut Old Reddit out entirely. That's probably going to be Lemmy's next big user surge.

    Does Reddit suppress mentioning Lemmy? I remember for a while this past June 2023 there were a lot of auto-deletions for mentioning or linking to Lemmy. I was never clear on who was deleting things and where. I guess linking to the r/Lemmy subreddit (or a fediverse sub) could work as long as the subreddit doesn't get banned.

    I accidentally clicked the sub and now I gotta post

    Surprised this place doesn't have more shitty posts like this one if ppl actually followed the rule

    Talking Over Women

    Assuming that boys are socialized to be more confident, bold, and outspoken, the end result is that men will end up talking over women. In an open forum setting, such as a professional or educational one, when the floor is open to anyone, it seems like men are more likely to speak up first.

    Part of me thinks, "Well, anyone can speak if they wanted to! If I can count to ten and still be the first to talk, then so be it!" But part of me also wants to help uplift others and give them a chance to speak.

    How might men navigate this?

    Glad to see the PD community here!

    Really nice to see players like all of you AND devs like Evan showing up on Lemmy. It's been sad to see so many game subs stick to Reddit this year. It's honestly been kind of slap in the face to see a place like r/Terraria sticky this big protest automod message to the top of every thread but not make any kind of move to relocate here.

    Just wanted to show some appreciation to the PD crowd!

    Several months in and core functions still missing

    No gatekeeping on links. I click a link and it opens instantly without giving me a chance to view URL. Malware inc.

    Cannot properly view parent comments/context when reading inbox replies. If I get a reply to something and I cant remember what i said, I have to dig through the entire comment section of the original post. my parent comment doesn't appear half the time, it's inconsistent. and if I have several replies to one comment, there's no way to navigate to my parent comment and all its replies; I can only view one comment thread at a time if navigating from inbox, or all comment if navigating from OP.

    does anyone know if any other lemmy apps have these basic functions?

    How to bypass Twitter's forced login?

    Haven't used Twitter in years, fully deleted my account when Musk took over. Unfortunately I need to see a user profile now. I just wanted to see one old page, but apparently I can no longer do that without logging in.

    Is there any up-to-date method for bypassing this? I tried uBlock zapper to no avail.

    Someone DMs me and I can't click ANYWHERE to find out who they are??

    That's dumb. let me click their username or add a menu option for view profile.

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