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"I'd rather get banned shit-posting than live long enough to see myself become a janny" = u/ram_ranchh now ShitOnABrick

I'm a libertarian

“If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all.” ― Noam Chomsky

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I giggle every time rule
  • Private companies should be able to do what they want. But this individual is actively going out of their way to get these people banned. If there is one thing that'll make someone more almost certainly more set in there beliefs It's this. I would like for there to be way less political extremists in the world. Doing something like this is just going to make people way more politically extreme.

  • I giggle every time rule
    • I believe that everybody is entitled to the same universal rights. That means it Doesn't matter if your white ,green,black or blue, a genderfluid apachi helicopter a staunch conservative or a liberal. These rights should all apply to you. These rights includes freedom of speech, expression, human rights. And castle doctrine. (I could go on but we'll be here all day) that includes people that I might not like. Like Bolsheviks and Nazis. I believe that if these people were to encroach on the rights of others. Such as harming people. That these rights seldom apply and your allowed to defend yourself.

    • If you don't like Nazis. Then why don't you speak to them. actively debate their ideas and opinions. It's only through speaking to them that you'll change their minds.

  • I giggle every time rule
  • I can see in your comments that you actively went out of your way to get someone's Facebook banned. Creating an fake online persona. Even though I heavily disagree with this person. I believe they shouldn't have been banned. Also on a side note. that's an adorable pug looks like an old feller with the grey hair. I've got a pug and she's a pain.

  • I giggle every time rule
  • Nothing is wrong with having an opinion. I believe you should be allowed to express your opinions under freedom of speech and expression. But I heavily disagree with far left wing ideologys. What far leftists advocate for. Censoring information and censoring their political opponents. Advocating to get them arrested,fired, and homeless and putting in "hate speech" laws. I think is morally wrong. It's tactics that countries like the USSR used.

  • I giggle every time rule
  • If they only eat and consume plant based products. then thats makes them a vegan.

  • I giggle every time rule
  • Have you ever had to deal with an fuckcars user. They are the worst M8. Some the shit they come up with in their goon caves is insane.

  • I giggle every time rule
  • It's okay snowcuck. While your eating your soylent green and Tyrone is making sweet love in the guest room. I'll be having a nice decious beef tartare, and a beef cheese bacon burger with some chicken wings. and maybe some mayonnaise. and an chocolate milkshake. and heck I might throw in a yummy chocolate chip cookie with some ice cream made out of fresh whipped cream. and some decious chocolate spread.

  • I giggle every time rule
  • In my own anecdotal experience. An overwhelming majority of Lemmy/Reddit vegans are far left extremist radicals. Also this is me going out of my way to actively speak to these people as well.

  • made (storebought) gnocchi with what I had in the fridge
  • I thought I did a pretty good job albeit. I could've taken a better photograph. definitely not shitty looking food. I've seen some of the stuff on shitty foodporn............ I still have nightmares to this very day. I will definitely be growing some of that three cornered leek in the future.

  • Waltre site from bekin wad conwafirm?!)!?!??!????!7 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯


    what is this chincainary did a chimp with a machinegun had something to do with it.

    Reddit just isn't how it used to be.
  • Wahh wahhh wahh womp womp

    I'm permanently banned from reddit two times in a row. Get on my level biznatch.

  • Tesla says Model 3 that burst into flames in fatal tree crash wasn’t defective
  • Lithon-ion batteries commonly used in electric vehicles. and are known to burst into flames when confronted with any force. Their are safety measures in EV'S. But sometimes these safety measures aren't enough. Chances are that Tesla model 3 wasn't defective.

  • Challenge accpted.
  • No Its property damage and it should be charged accordingly.

  • The first Presidential debate of 2024 will be held today...
  • Alright no problem M8. If it makes you feel any better. I'm not quite good at punctuation lol.

  • Stay Mad, Tankies
  • I'm sure the tragic mass genocide of the polish people, the Jewish people, the mentally handicapped, the mentally ill, The romani and much much more (it's genuinely depressing). Is very much comparable to the deportation of illegal immigrants. To an semi well off 2nd world country.

    And to answer your question. no I'm not a republican (conservative) nor am I a democrat (labour ).I wouldn't vote for dementia man nor would I vote for orange man in a billion years.

    Let me lay brass tax here's what I believe in. I would like for better civil liberties , Human rights that applies to everyone equally regardless of your politics gender race country or creed (natural rights) , first admendment rights, Castle doctrine. A free market, and property rights. I could go on but I'll be here all day.

  • Stay Mad, Tankies
  • no old man funny

  • Stay Mad, Tankies
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    TIL That reddits "most addicted city" is eglin air force base FL


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    any tips for playing CDDA


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    Sysadmin comes out of the goon cave. And he is not happy in the slightest.

    Found this on quora. And I thought this was quite funny.


    How are intel arc GPUs on Linux? what are the driver's and gaming performance like.


    Any other famous kid named finger lines


    So your looking to build a low end computer.

    So your looking to build a low end computer. Something under 150 €/$/£ Well then here's what I recommend.

    • CPU: I7 2600/3770 or Xeon 1230- V1/2

    i7 2600s

    These CPUs make for an exceptional performer. While power consumption is much to be desired. They tend to be quite powerful and found quite cheap.i think these are still decent budget offerings

    • MB

    • The mucai h61 is a pretty decent MB. Extremely cheap can be picked up for as little as £13 on alliexpress I can speak from experience having used my h61 for 7 months now

    Mucai board AliExpress

    • Intels own brand of MB can tend to be quite cheap and can be picked for as little as £15. Do research into the model of intel MB you'll be getting as these tend to be quite finicky from what I hear.

    intel board

    • GPUS

    • I personally recommend the gtx 700 series 760s in particular can be picked up for as little as £18 and they're decent performers

    Gtx 760 ebay

    • If you've got a bit more to spend. I advice you go for the AMD Rx 480/570 or perhaps do what I did and save. I managed to get a gtx 980ti for a whopping £20.
    • PSUS
    • You should never cheap out on your PSU. Get a cheap name brand if possible. I recommend checking for old stock. And display items it's how I landed a Corsair CX550.for a whopping £27.58.

    Rate my desktop Just plain LXDE + DEBIAN plus cool ladybird web-browser 😎

    • If you are interested in my custom neofetch script or the photograph. I'll be more than happy to share it.

    • distro : DEBIAN

    • window manager : LXDE

    • terminal : Zutty

    • file manager : GNOME file manager

    • Web browser : Firefox + Ladybird