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Moms, if you were struggling with your child in public and a man offered to help, would you let him and why?
  • So, I'm not a mom, but I am a dad, and I won't say absolutely not because I think there are simple ways that someone could help without potentially endangering my family, but for the most part, probably not.

    Like, are we talking about holding a door open for someone pushing a stroller, or "Can I watch your kid while you go inside and shop for groceries in peace"?

    There's a big difference there.

  • What, no apologies? Yeah, figured so
  • Ha. It's funny that you think you understand me. You're way off the mark.

    What I want is FAR from what even Harris is going to bring to the party, but in the reality that we live in, you have to take small steps towards the goal. Not throw a tantrum when you don't get everything you want right now.

  • What, no apologies? Yeah, figured so
  • You want an apology for that?

    That's dumb as shit.

    That's like going to a restaurant that sells hot dogs and hamburgers and ordering a pizza. No, they say. We only have hamburgers and hot dogs. Which would you prefer? And you just keep saying pizza. You get frustrated and leave. You come back next week and see that they added pizza to the menu, and you want an apology because last week they refused to sell you pizza that wasn't available?

    We're all happy about Biden bowing out, but last week pizza wasn't an option, it was only hamburgers and hot dogs, and talking about pizza just reduces voter motivation, which is great for Trump. (I didn't want to spoil the good names of hamburgers and hot dogs by assigning Trump's name to either)

    So no, no apology, but you should feel fortunate that it worked out despite your dissent.

  • Witness protection fbi [very serious]
  • A very similar thing happened to my brother, and the only way he was able to feel safe was to trust his doctor.

    I'm as serious as you are, and I want you to feel safe and happy again. Please listen to your doctor.

  • What are everyone's thoughts on the Amazon series?

    My kids and I watched the first two episodes last night, and I'm impressed. It feels like Fallout. I like the characters so far, and they squeeze in enough game references to keep my brain spiking with recognition.

    We set the bar pretty low on video game adaptations, but I feel this one's doing alright so far!

    What does everyone else think? (Let's keep spoilers to a minimum. Most of us probably weren't able to watch the whole thing in one night.)


    Clint Eastwood by Gorillaz

    From Bing, because I'm an AI novice who just wants to play!


    Me, a 6'2 250lb man with the flu, when I wake up and find the kitten sleeping on me for the first time.


    Is it still Bleptember?


    My son found this little girl on the streets.

    She is currently heading home with a clean bill of health and about to meet her new siblings!


    If you flip the N in Niagra upside down.. kind of looks like a V.

    Niagara Falls; Viagra Rises.