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I wore a pride hat and my conservative co-worker lost her mind.
  • No, she doesn't mean heterosexuals. Because most heterosexuals don't have a problem with LGBT+.

    She means bigots. She means that she expects tolerance and respect for the bigotry, so that she can continue to tell people being LGBT+ is a sin and bad for children or whatever.

    It's an argument in bad faith.

  • Apple surpasses Microsoft as world's most valuable company after unveiling AI plans
  • I could see that. AI seems like an expensive solution to just getting people to stop clicking "reply all" though.

    Kinda crazy that the easier solution may not be changing people's behavior, but creating an entire system capable of reading and understanding text.

  • Apple surpasses Microsoft as world's most valuable company after unveiling AI plans
  • Nothing it does is anything we haven't seen before. And if Siri is any indication, it won't be all that useful in the real world.

    The problem I see with AI is that it seemingly takes just as long to figure out how to ask the AI what you want as it takes going into the app and just reading an email or writing a message. And then when it summarizes, how can you really trust that it hasn't misconstrued something that you could have caught by reading it?

  • TIL America’s Loneliness Epidemic: Nearly 40 MILLION American adults now live alone and they are 64% more likely to be depressed than their peers
  • It's also a symptom of the way American cities and suburbs are designed. Where are the third places where you can walk to for hanging out after work? Where are the parks with restaurants, events, space for exercise? And even if they do exist, you're packing up your car to be outside maybe once a week (because it's a big thing to get your kid in the car) instead of just stepping out of the house.

    Living life in most of the US is designed to feel lonely.

  • Elden Ring's developers know most players use guides, but still try to cater to those who go in blind: 'If they can't do it, then there's some room for improvement on our behalf'
  • I feel like aside from full-on accessibility settings for those who need them (which absolutely should be implemented and the FromSoft devs don't get a pass on this), they could do something as simple as a 2% speed, health, & damage nerf to all their enemies and it could be enough for most newcomers that have paid for the game, but didn't get anything out of it. Like me. There are probably a huge amount of people that bought the game because of glowing "this is GOTY" reviews and couldn't get past even Margit.

  • Best Buy is laying off more employees as it reckons with falling sales
  • They seem to be in the same situation as Fry's Electronics. I worked with them the year before they closed and it was exactly as you describe. The shelves were barely stocked, there weren't enough people, the quality of products went way down.

    It's sad because Best Buy is basically the only place to go to see things in person before buying them. It's important for TVs, Monitors, Laptops, Keyboards, and more.

    It wouldn't surprise me if they close down for good within a decade.

  • Trump advisers propose mandatory military service
  • It would be far from "slavery" in the typical sense.

    If this happened, those people would get food, housing, healthcare and job training while getting paid for it.

    Though I'm definitely not in favor of conscription because how can you call yourself free if you're required to do involuntary military work for the government.

  • Four more states join US monopoly lawsuit against Apple
  • It's about the restrictions they put in place on those who have bought their products. They make it extremely hard to leave their ecosystem, overcharge for services, and prevent interoperability with other products.

    They're only just now allowing RCS to try getting out ahead of these lawsuits. But they still don't allow side-loading (forcing developers to use their store so they can charge 30% on all sales), don't allow third-party app stores, and don't allow third-party browser engines (forcing everyone to reskin Safari).

    Plus, in the US, Apple has 55% market share as just one company. The next highest is Samsung at 25%.

    So yeah, they can play monopolistic games.

  • Can't connect to Jellyfin running on docker on Synology NAS through any means?

    I need some help. I've installed the Jellyfin container and it's running on my Synology NAS. It seems fine, but I can't get to the server through 192.168.x.x:8096. I get a typical "unable to connect."

    What settings do I need to configure to connect to it? I've already allowed the port on my Windows laptop.



    How do you deal with feeling a great connection with one of your children, but not with another?

    Not that I'm having this issue, but my wife and I are considering a second kid and this is a thought I've had.


    Is anyone else having an issue with the nav bar ending up on the side of the acreen in portrait mode?

    This happens all the time. Happens when I go to the app switcher and resets when I go back home. But as soon as I hear back into the app switcher, it moves to the side.

    Here it is as I write this post:



    How do passkeys work across devices?

    Let's start with a smartphone. A user creates an account with a passkey for a service, that passkey gets stored on their smartphone, and they can use biometrics to sign in from then on. The private key is stored on the smartphone. Great.

    But then how do you sign into that same service from a different device?

    If it's by using a password manager, some third party piece of software, How do you sign in on a device where you're not allowed to install third party software?

    27 Elon Musk says it's his turn to have the remote

    X just announced a smart TV app for streaming video content. X TV may or may not launch at some point in the near or far future.

    Elon Musk says it's his turn to have the remote

    [Xitter] just announced a smart TV app for streaming video. Or, more accurately, that it claims it's building one, with absolutely no launch date mentioned. The appropriately-named [Xitter] TV wants to be “your go-to companion for a high-quality, immersive entertainment experience on a larger screen.”


    "I believe in 1 God, 2 Genders, and 100 reasons to own a gun."

    Saw that on a bumper sticker today. How do people reconcile the idea that God, or Jesus, would support gun ownership and that being awful to people is okay?


    So we're just making Google Assistant even more useless now?

    Why even bother having it at all anymore. Can't use it through Bluetooth, it's slow, can't hardly handle any tasks...

    Google has completely lost the plot with their services.


    When a Ninja Turtle's Addiction Has Gone Too Far.

    Dall-E 3 went particularly demented with this for some reason.

    This is the exact prompt I used:

    >"an ninja turtle asleep after eating a messy pizza in an old German alleyway, Victorian era painting"


    Temples - Exotico (2023)

    Temples is a psychedelic rock band from Kettering, England. Their style is most closely related to early Tame Impala and Pond.


    Having an infant is boring and I can't wait to have a toddler.

    As of today, I have a 1 month old. She is amazing and I love her so much, but she's boring! Don't get me wrong, she's difficult and my wife and I haven't slept a good night in a month, but all she does is eat, sleep, and poop. There's basically no interaction.

    I'm so looking forward to being able to laugh with her, play with her, and generally start teaching her the world.

    How do you feel? What's your favorite stage of child development?


    TIL Children as young as eight can and have been put on the sex offender registry, which lasts the rest of their lives. Sex Offender Registration of Children (SORNA) | Juvenile Law Center

    Registries continue to punish youth years and even decades after they have served time. Data and research show that registries don’t improve public safety.

    Sex Offender Registration of Children (SORNA) | Juvenile Law Center

    An update on my foam blob: it's not so blobby. Thanks everyone!

    Thanks to everyone's advice last weekend, I've been able to get my milk foam much closer to what it should be for latte art. It turned out that I had way too much foam, which is delicious and I love it, but I was never going to get art with it.

    Now come the practice rounds.


    I keep ending up with foam blobs. How do I actually make art?

    I've tried and tried to get actual espresso art, but I can't seem to get it right. I'm certain my foam is perfect because it's silky and thick and flows out of the cup well. Any advice?