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Why does everyone hate Microsoft for adding LLMs into Windows and spying on users, but not Apple?
  • It’s not ChatGPT like, it is ChatGPT, specifically GPT-4o.

    See press release and versioning at bottom of the page.

    So, Apple is using the latest version of the best LLM out there and its opt-in. That’s a hugely different approach as you mentioned.

  • What Do Neural Networks Really Learn? Exploring the Brain of an AI Model
  • They absolutely do not learn and we absolutely do know how they work. It’s pretty simple.

    Generative AI needs massive training sets that represent the kinds of things it’s asked to represent. Through the process of training, the AI learns the patterns in the data and can generate new data that fits within those patterns. It’s statistics all the way down. In the case of a Large Language Model (LLM) it’s always asking itself, “what’s the next most likely word to come after this previous word, and does that next word make sense within the context of the other words in the sentence?” The LLMs don’t necessarily understand a text as a text; that is, as a sequence of ideas unfolding logically but rather as a set of tokens that carry statistical weights.

  • French election descends into madcap reality TV
  • Saw the headline and thought, “this is what the US has to look forward to this year.” We love to one-up everyone else. Oh god.

  • Do you prefer to manage your tasks digital (on phone/laptop) or physical (on paper/notebook)? Why?
  • Small note pad for work today todos. Anylist for groceries, shared lists for my family. Monday board for specific work shared by other teams.

    My favorite is pen and paper. Throwing away a full sheet is so satisfying and helps me feel accomplished. I came from big retail and I miss the satisfaction of tangible proof of what the team accomplished. This helps me stay grounded in my new industry.

    The problem I have with digital is notification overload and that’s with notification restrictions on many teams and slack groups. I also don’t like how lists don’t stick out. A piece of paper can be moved to a spot on my desk I’ve deemed as priority. I’m a very visual and physical space person so that sticks in my mind better than a task on a screen, even if I can take it with me. To me the task that is synced between my laptop and phone may as well be different. I know they aren’t but somewhere subconsciously they are and that makes them less useful.

    I will say that my role isn’t all office. It’s a mix of office and field which makes having all digital tasks less useful. I could see programmers or remote jobs as digital working since you may have a job that is stationary.

  • Do you prefer to manage your tasks digital (on phone/laptop) or physical (on paper/notebook)? Why?
  • My problem with digital is that it's too easy to forget about. When I mark things down on paper, specifically index cards, they start to stack up and I feel motivated to reduce the clutter they create. Throwing out ten index cards because I got shit done feels good.

    This is exactly how I feel.

  • The FAA is investigating a new incident involving a Boeing 737 Max 8 jet in midair
  • Everyone I know who travels for business already is. Any do much about what plane you fly in though.

  • Ikea’s CEO has solved the Swedish retailer’s global ‘unhappy worker’ crisis by raising salaries, introducing flexible working and subsidizing childcare
  • I depends on how the survey is done. If it’s an outside company you basically get zero comments. I had to run the survey results and Gameplan for 200 employees yearly. I had zero idea, let alone time, to figure out who might have given us bad scores. It was a lot of graphs on what people felt we could improve or what we excelled at, so KPIs. Big surprise that compensation and communication were the two that needed the most work. It almost always is in different industries I’ve been in. It was truly anonymous on the level I was at (knowing the employees).

  • Ikea’s CEO has solved the Swedish retailer’s global ‘unhappy worker’ crisis by raising salaries, introducing flexible working and subsidizing childcare
  • Ha. We have a call center quality issue at work. I keep telling them that what they really have is a pay issue. You get low talent for low pay. Raise the pay and the talent magically appears. Works every time. And yet …

  • New York governor to launch bill banning smartphones in schools
  • The state is responsible for the education of children. This absolutely falls within their scope.

  • New York governor to launch bill banning smartphones in schools
  • At a certain age/level I agree. However, they aren’t needed or helpful in basic low level grades where you’re teaching the framework to build upon.

  • Joey Chestnut Barred From Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest Due to Vegan Sponsor Beef
  • Hell yeah pig lips and assholes! I know exactly what I’m eating and it’s delicious. Waste not, want not!

    Although, after having an impossible burger, which was surprisingly good, I’d try an impossible dog or brat for sure. Can’t hurt the cholesterol levels I’d imagine.

  • What industry do you work in and what are the LPT the general public should know about it?
  • I agree that shutting 1 vent isn’t going to kill your system. However, that one room isn’t insulated on interior walls. Best to leave it alone for overall comfort. You aren’t saving $ closing the vent. The system is going to run until the thermostat is satisfied no matter what.

    Also, best thing for the entire building is to run the fan constantly (I forgot to mention this in the original). Balances the building much better than just the entire system kicking on and off every 15 min or so.

  • What industry do you work in and what are the LPT the general public should know about it?
  • Proper dampers redirect airflow, not eliminate it. Again, see, your house builder sucks.

  • What industry do you work in and what are the LPT the general public should know about it?
  • HVAC: Don’t shut your air vents to give you better heating or cooling in certain rooms/floors. You’re adding pressure to your system and reducing its life. If it’s AC then you’re turning it into a freezer. That’s why doing so freezes the coil, not enough air flow to move the cold air out and keep it from freezing. For heat it literally can overheat the control board frying it since the blower also helps cool the electronics. If you have hot and/or cold rooms (this is normal per floors) ask about adding dampers. Most of the time it’s not possible without major drywall rework and it isn’t cheap. Your builder sucks (basically). A lot of companies won’t quote the work because it can’t be guaranteed. You’re essentially stuck with the crappy design the builder got approved. One potential is minisplits. Again, not cheap per room and not pretty but they will fix your issue.

  • What industry do you work in and what are the LPT the general public should know about it?
  • In my state you aren’t required to have your license with you while driving. You just have to provide it within 24 hours of getting pulled over, etc.

  • What is Cara, the Instagram alternative that gained 600k users in a week?
  • I didn’t even know what it was till yesterday. Not sure it’s the bastion of the public.

  • Apple blocks PC emulator from being available in iOS App Store and third-party app stores
  • The EU will absolutely take issue with this. What they’ve done is beyond the scope of the law … again.

  • Your phone minus the distractions
  • Turning off push notifications is a large step. I did that for personal profile stuff and I’m down to 0 usage on FB, limited on Instagram (boss sends me stuff once in a while), some on Lemmy and Mastodon. Work profile has push notifications but is limited to certain hours only. Helps a ton.

  • First game emulator to be approved in the AppStore - iGBA ‎iGBA: GBA & GBC Retro Emulator

    ‎iGBA: GBA & GBC Retro Emulator stands as a remarkable, lightweight retro emulator tailored to transport you back to the golden era of gaming with the legendary Game Boy family. This emulator is a virtual gem that allows you to relive your cherished childhood moments with classic Game Boy, Game Boy ...

    ‎iGBA: GBA & GBC Retro Emulator

    Looks to be based on GBA4iOS.


    Anyone miss Skymall, Sharper Image, etc ?

    I miss getting on a plane and reading Skymall to see what batshit crazy stuff they had to sell. Anyone else?


    [ISSUE] Layer is closer at one end than other

    My prints come out very well but I’m noticing on larger prints that one corner of my bed prints tighter than the opposite. What’s causing this?

    Printing on an Ender 3 Pro with upgraded metal extruder, beefier bed springs and metal levelers, and upgraded hot end. Not direct drive yet and no auto bed leveling.


    Unaffiliated Voter in CO - Who to vote for in Primaries?

    In Colorado this year (2024), unaffiliated voters were mailed out their ballots for both the Democratic and Republican Presidential Primaries and get the chance to vote in one or the other (NOT both).

    I’m fairly centrist. I lean left on progressive ideals and right on economic (yeah, it’s fun /s).

    The question is, who’s should I put my vote in for? Is it better to vote for Biden or another candidate in the Democratic, or another candidate that isn’t Trump in the Republican. Again, we can only vote in one of the primaries or our vote won’t count if we vote in both. It’s one or the other.

    What is best?


    Jump button blocks last comment

    Problem: when placed on the bottom, the jump button blocks the last comment in a thread.

    Solution: Need to be able to scroll past the top of the jump button on the last comment


    Bug: Editing a comment doesn’t stick

    When editing a comment and posting the edit, if you then want to re-edit the comment you get the original comment, not the edited version. This only happens when using the 3 dot menu on the right of the comment. If you tap and hold and use that edit, it shows the most recent. Supremely annoying.


    When changing swipe options in Gestures colors don’t change

    Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination. Lift your spirits with funny jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos, and so much more from users.

    When changing what gestures do in Settings > Gestures the color doesn’t change with the gesture you choose.

    Ex. Reply to Long swipe and bookmark to short swipe. The gestures change but reply now has a green background and bookmark is blue.


    [Feature Request] Adjust Text Size

    It looks like this is probably in the works since the Use System Text Size option doesn’t do anything currently but just in case it isn’t I’d like the option to increase text size from the system default.


    PC Gems From My Youth

    Was visiting my parents for their 50th anniversary and stumbled upon this gem from my youth. More below.

    ! ! !


    Post and Pre Text Not Relevant Wagner Chief Claims His Forces Downed Russian Military Helicopter -

    The chief of mercenary group Wagner Yevgeny Prigozhin said early Saturday that his forces had shot down a Russian military helicopter.

    Bot has unnecessary pretext and post text.