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Punk rock band Trophy Eyes fan left paralyzed after singer jumped on her at concert
  • Loud music and a reason to squeeze yourself into your way-too-tight leather vest from highschool isn't an excuse to turn yourself into a human wreck ball. The pit is usually a few rows back for a reason.

  • Dots connected
  • Ever wonder why you never see Clark Kent and Superman in the same room?

    Also, let me guess that the OOP also believes that the second amendment should be abolished and that we can peacefully vote the police out of existence? The left's aversion to responsible firearm ownership will be (and, is) the literal death of them. I fear.

  • The Fall Guy to Megalopolis: is 2024 the year of the box-office megaflop?
  • Megalopolis seems like a bit of an outlier here because of how much of a labor of love this was for Coppola personally. Most of the film's funding came from Coppola himself and I'm sure he used a few of his connections he'd made over 50+ years in Hollywood to get it produced, but I don't think anyone involved ever expected a narrative-heavy sci-fi(?) film to break any box office records in 2024.

    As for the rest of the movies mentioned, I feel like it's a combination of A) too little incentive to see a movie in theaters and B) film budgets seem to be wayyy too high for the final product.

  • Home Depot
  • Home Depot will hire only the ugliest, most beer-bellied men and literal 10/10 college girls. There are no in-betweens. Go to your local Home Depot and look.

  • Trustafarians: When the Rich Pretend to be Poor
  • They're phenomenal live, I've seen them twice in Asheville now and considered driving down to the Chattanooga show haha. Did he do the movie trivia bit with your crowd?

  • Kamala Harris drops F-bomb as she urges young people to break barriers
  • I think you're reading into it a bit much. Cops love to rile people up to break the law. They get off on it. I was just making a joke off that

  • Punk rock band Trophy Eyes fan left paralyzed after singer jumped on her at concert
  • I know this is an unpopular opinion in the live music community but you are an inexcusable dick if you dive into a crowd, full stop. No one at the front wants to catch your 200lb ass. Seeing a band member do that immature shit (and paralyzing a fan in the process) is a good way to make sure I never listen to them either

  • Progressives Prep $10 Million Campaign to Expose 'MAGA Supreme Court'
  • Remember when the Repubs biggest fear was that Biden would expand the Supreme Court?

  • Existential trolley problem
  • Are we even sure that Sisyphus can make it to either location? Because in order to reach a destination he must first make it to the halfway point, right? But to make it there, he's gotta make it to that point's halfway point, but before he gets there he need to....

  • Kamala Harris drops F-bomb as she urges young people to break barriers
  • Sorry but I'm not going to take orders from a cop

  • NSFW
    (OC)(MF) my alt gf has pretty feet
  • British people be like: "meter pics?"

  • Kevin Costner on physical media: "DVD is not dead"
  • Honestly props to him for saying such a controversial take. I don't entirely disagree either

  • NSFW
    srsly Idk what to say its just my ass guys
  • I dated a girl with a giant psyduck tat on her right ass cheek

  • NSFW
    srsly Idk what to say its just my ass guys
  • What's your favorite pokemon?

  • Democrats Ask Biden to Investigate Grocery Store Price-Fixing
  • The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.

  • Gasoline - The Hardest
  • One of my favorite instrumental albums of all time. Here's a wallpaper I made for my phone a few years back

  • I am a cuck to chat
  • What's your favorite Pokémon

  • Steam Deal: Save 85 % on Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition (2,99€)
  • What a gem of a game. Pick it up if you haven't already

  • Chris Beeston "Lamp 4205" (2022)

    Featured in his 2022 solo exhibition, Purpose, Chris Beeston's “Lamp 4205” is an illuminated sculpture made out of plastic containers, LEDs, electronic components, steel hardware, drywall anchors, and rubber feet.

    Wingnut Dishwashers Union - Proudhon in Manhattan

    I could honestly post any WDU song on this page (or Pat the Bunny song, for that matter), but I found this community and instantly thought of this track.

    Johnny Cash - Folsom Prison Blues Johnny Cash - Folsom Prison Blues (Official Audio)

    Official audio for "Folsom Prison Blues" by Johnny CashListen to Johnny Cash: to the official Johnny Cash YouTube...

    Johnny Cash - Folsom Prison Blues (Official Audio)
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    Kanye West's newest "Fuck Adidas (for dropping my partnership after I said I love Hitler)" merch drop is a collab with Russian child predator / cancelled designer Gosha Rubchinskiy

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