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  • Blushing - Sugarcoat [2024] Blushing - "Sugarcoat" (Official Video)

    ยฉ 2024 Blushing From the new album "Sugarcoat" out now on Kanine Records US/CA/UK Tour dates: Viny / CD / Stream: Produced, engineered and mixed by Elliott Frazier Mastered by Mark Gardener at OX4 Sound, Oxford, UK Follow Blushing: ...

    Blushing - "Sugarcoat" (Official Video)

    It's a Saturday night/early Sunday morning in 1994. You've just returned home from a gig, stopping off for some junk food, to soak up the booze, on your way. You flick on the TV, adjust the antenna because the signal isn't that great sometimes, and switch on an overnight music video show.

    As the cathode ray tube warms up, this music video comes on and you think, "They sound like a cross between Curve, Lush, Cocteau Twins and The Telescopes. I wonder if they are on 4AD or Creation?".

    The room starts spinning. You eventually regain consciousness, flat on your back, on the cold floor. You realise it's not 3am on Sunday in 1994. It's actually 2024 and Austin, Texas band, Blushing, have released an album called Sugarcoat, that this is the title track of.

    Slapping yourself, you get back to distracting yourself from real work, looking for more indie bands you haven't heard yet, on the internet.

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