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Pills (Take Two)
  • I am not a materialist but nothing catches my eye that is good enough, so:

    1. 3 million dollars.
    2. A shoebox of like the rarest material that I could sell, but not something that can kill me or which half-life causes it to "evaporate" in a second.
  • [DQ5] But all I wanted to do was to catch some monsters. What do you mean I need to do math?

    From this GameFAQs guide:

    languagelearning Matriks404
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    Since I got confused about platform availability for each game, I made a sheet with a detailed table about that. Dragon Quest platform availability

    Game versions Name,Original release date,Platforms PC-9801,NES,MSX,MSX2,SNES,PlayStation,Satellaview,Game Boy Color,PlayStation 2,BREW,DoJa,Nintendo DS,Wii,iPhone,Android,iPad,Nintendo 3DS,Wii U Dragon Quest,1986-05-27,Yes,Yes,Yes,Yes,Yes,No,Yes,Yes,No,No,Yes,No,Yes (1),Yes,Yes,Yes,Yes,No (2) Dr...

    If anything is wrong, tell me please.

    I have made that table with help of MobyGames and Wikipedia.

    You can also put comments in the sheet if needed.

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