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Infant deaths increased after Texas banned abortion in early pregnancy
  • Republicans are killing women and babies because they are incucks. They are being chucked by people they don't even know and it eats them up from the inside.

  • NSFW
    Ever caught your partner cheating and then invited the affair to join the relationship?
  • My wife allowed me to invite my longtime girlfriend to join us. She accepted and we had some fun over a few sessions but they were jealous of each other and my wife was far more willing to pleasure my girlfriend than my girlfriend was my wife. My wife is an experienced bisexual having had several lesbian relationships. It was entirely new to my girlfriend. In the end it didn't work out but it was fun while it lasted.

  • US Supreme Court divisions expected to be exposed as final rulings loom
  • If the Supreme Court rules that the president has absolute immunity Biden should immediately order the arrest of Trump, the christofascist SCOTUS justices, and the MAGA crowd in Congress and the Senate. He should fix the US electoral system to do away with gerrymandering and give every citizen the right to vote and equal access to the ballot box.

  • Texas secessionists working with five other states, leader says
  • It would be fucking hysterical of the US built a huge, impenetrable wall along the US Texas border leaving Texas on the Mexico side.

    Sorry, Mexico.

  • State judge upholds most fines against group seeking repeal of Alaska ranked choice voting - Chilkat Valley News
  • Supporters of the ranked choice repeal suggested they might face threats, harassment or reprisals for their donations and support...

    Because that's what they would do. Every accusation is an admission.

  • NSFW
    fans of football
  • Nice scar. Ew.

  • Robert Morris warned sex abuse accuser she could be prosecuted for seeking compensation, emails show
  • "Young woman" is what that greasy sack of shit child sex trafficker Matt Gaetz called his victim. It's an attempt to age them in the listeners mind.

  • Finland’s free contraception initiative reduces teen abortions by 66%
  • The reality is that they don't give a shit about fetuses. All they care about is the fact that someone is having sex with someone else and it isn't them. They are incucks to people they don't even know. It eats them from the inside that all the woke people and the immigrants and young people and athiests are out there having sex and enjoying themselves and they will do anything that they can to punish the woman involved.

  • Elon Musk Begs Advertisers to Return as Twitter's Revenue Plunges
  • I've lost the plot. I'm not sure whose posts were removed.

  • I’ve got a fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty baby, and I’ll write your name: Just Stop Oil paint private jets hours after Taylor Swift’s lands
  • I'm not minimizing their efforts. I'm pointing out that they are being annoying at best with no hope of affecting real change. It's protesturbation. Tantrumism. They're not terrorizing anyone with their stunts, they just being annoying.

    I was protesting and active to save the St. Lawrence River when it was so polluted you couldn't eat the fish. We did outreach and educatiom without annoying and endangering people. That was almost 50 years ago. I was very active in the straw bale building community for years helping other people to build straw bale buildings of all types. I trained the building officials to inspect straw bale buildings and intervened in disputes between people wanting to build a straw bale building and building officials with a 100% success rate.

    Don't lecture me about protest or change.

  • I’ve got a fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty baby, and I’ll write your name: Just Stop Oil paint private jets hours after Taylor Swift’s lands
  • But I never suggested anything so extreme, now did I? I argued that one harmless act they did was justified given the context of who they did it to, not that absolutely anything they do would be justified.

    Vegan extremists targeted a restaurant called Antler in Toronto for months and months. They protested in front of the restaurant. They yelled at people about being murderers and rapists for eating meat. They made children cry because they were scared.

    Antler is still there.

    Inconveniencing people, endangering people, throwing paint at art and archeological heritage sites isn't going to change anything.

    … aren’t going to change the world.

    No one has ever claimed they and the stuff they’ve done is all it takes to solve these issues. They are a group that is part of a movement, and what they are doing is part of the work that is needed to bring about change.

    The problem is that most people have far bigger issues to deal with right now. The US is 8 months away from potentially slipping into a christofascist dictatorship. Lots of people can't feed their families. The wealthy and their puppets in government don't care in the slightest about what a few dozen people do to annoy the rest of us. No one cares (at least no one who makes any difference.) Is that a problem? Yes. Is throwing a bit of "paint" on a few jets going to change the world? No. Not at all. It will make zero difference.

    You can’t just look at the acts, you need to look at their effects. In a democracy, you need to raise awareness and pressure representatives to bring about change. Which is what they’re doing by spray painting private jets and other vandalism they did.

    There has been zero effect. None. It's pissed off a bunch of people. It's never going to chance the world. The wealthy have too tight a lock on power. Politicians literally don't care about what the people want. There's a great video on Youtube about corruption in the US where they talk about how if the government cared about what people wanted the line of how likely they were to do things would be almost the same as the line for how much people want them to do those things. In reality the line is almost flat but closely correlates with how much the wealthy want them to do things.

    The graphs I'm talking about are around 5:50.

    You need BILLIONS of people on board …

    I don’t know why you think that. Do you think countries held referendums before deciding to shift to more renewables, pass green taxes, etc.? They haven’t, and obviously they won’t.

    It's interesting that you mentioned democracy and referenda. You need 170 or 180 million people on board to win an election in the US. You need 12 or 15 million in Canada. A few people gluing themselves to the road can't win an election and if you can't win an election you can't cauce change in our system.

    Where do you live? In the US and Canada the balance of power between the far right and the right of center (in Canada) and the extreme right and the far right (in the US) is such that most of the policies are VERY pro-business. In Alberta in Canada like in many parts of the US the government is actively blocking or banning renewables. China and less developed countries see the value of having LOTS of renewables. Energy makes up the largest part of the cost of anything you buy so having cheap, clean energy makes your products cheaper. Nothing is ever going to change in the near-fascist democracies of the west until the oligarchs figure out how to get more wealth from making the change.

    A few extremists gluing themselves to the road and throwing water paint at paintings is just going to annoy people who can't do anything about it.

  • I’ve got a fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty baby, and I’ll write your name: Just Stop Oil paint private jets hours after Taylor Swift’s lands
  • Yes and this is an example of a justified campaign for some systemic change, something quite different from what you’re doing. I’m sure you’ll agree that once it is them causing a huge amount of damage, inconveniencing them is ok if it gets a message to them, and gets people talking about a non-proliferation treaty and the harms of private jets?

    I love the fact that you used the word justified here.

    "Anything that I do to __________ is justified because I'm __________ superior."

    That's self-absolution which is the hallmark of extremism.

    A handfull of extremists gluing themselves to the road and throwing things at works of art aren't going to change the world. They're going to piss people off and get arrested and jailed and the world will move on. You need BILLIONS of people on board to get real change to happen and this is NOT the way to do it. Sure, it makes them feel good and they can sit around in a discussion circle and talk about how pissed off they made the people they were delaying but that's not going to make change happen.

  • Elon Musk Begs Advertisers to Return as Twitter's Revenue Plunges
  • It just sounded a little bit like you were jumping to his defense. I gave you the benefit of the doubt and explained it but I think that's what happened. There are a LOT of pedants on Lemmy who will argue about whether someone said a specific word of phrase rather than addressing the underlying and obvious truth that someone is a wretched asshole (like Elon Musk.))

  • which one do you prefer? having kids or no kids? and why??
  • My wife had my first when I was 39. I wish I had had kids sooner. I love going to minor hockey games and taking to my daughter about her crafts and school.

  • I’ve got a fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty baby, and I’ll write your name: Just Stop Oil paint private jets hours after Taylor Swift’s lands
  • No doubt. My point was that I'm actually taking concrete action to dramatically reduce my own carbon footprint rather than pissing off a bunch of people whose support I really need for my cause by trying to ram my misguided sense of moral superiority down their throats.

  • Elon Musk Begs Advertisers to Return as Twitter's Revenue Plunges
  • I think it was the phrasing. The comment you responded to didn't say that Musk had said either of the things you asked about. If you've been paying attention to the news about the complaints coming out of his companies its very clear that he is those things. It seems that your question is intended to refute the contents of the comment by being pedantic about whether Musk had actually said those things.

  • Save The Echo Bunker! Maple Engineer

    I was banned from r/soapmaking for not accepting that arts and crafts was soap making.

    I used to post quite actively in r/soapmaking since, well, I'm a soap maker.

    My wife and I raised the pigs, rendered the lard, and mixed it with other oils and lye to make soap. You know, soap making.

    r/soapmaking was filled with people who bought soap that other people made, melted it, mix in perfume and glitter, poured it into moulds, and sold it. I pointed out that they weren't actually making soap but were doing arts and crafts with soap that other people make.

    They set upon my like a bunch of extremist vegans at a BBQ. I said that there wasn't anything wrong with doing soap arts and crafts but that it wasn't really soap making since they didn't actually make soap.

    They called me arrogant for not accepting that not making soap was soap making and banned me. I can't remember whether it was permanent or temporary but I never went back.

    Save The Echo Bunker! Maple Engineer

    I was banned from r/republican for speaking truth in the echo bunker.

    I've written about this a few times. I was banned from r/republican for pointing out that the article that someone posted claiming that the DOJ had found evidence of massive fraud in Georgia contradicted the Republican AG, the DOJ, the Republican Governor of Georgia, the Republican Secretary of State of Georgia, the Republican AG of Georgia, and Georgia election officials and written by a Trumpist political shill.

    Then the stories started coming out that confirmed what I said. I asked if they would reconsider the ban since it turned out that I what I had said was true. They told me that they would not because I was trolling. I pointed out that simply posting the truth was not trolling. They muted me for 30 days.

    Then John Eastman was charged with being that shill. I once again asked if they would reconsider the ban since it was now even more clear that what I had said was true and not trolling. They muted me for 30 days.

    When John Eastman was recently disbarred for being that shill I once again asked if they would reconsider the ban since not only was it obvious that what I posted was true but that Easteman had been disbarred because of the actions that I commented about. They muted me for 30 days and told me that if I didn't stop writing to them they would tell their mommies (or maybe it was report me to the admins, I can't remember.)

    Never speak truth into an echo bunker.

    Save The Echo Bunker! Maple Engineer

    I was banned from c/vegan for speaking truth into the echo bunker.

    Someone asked about feeding their dog, a feculative carnivore, a vegan diet. The response was overwhelmingly, "Don't, it's animal abuse". In fact, that was my exact response. I posted links to several articles explaining that it's very difficult to feed a feculative carnivore, like a dog, a balanced diet feeding them only vegan.

    They didn't like the word, "force" as in, "forcing a dog to eat vegan." When I asked how not giving the dog a choice was not forcing their false moreal supperiority on an animal without other options I didn't get an answer. I also suggested giving the dog a choice between meat and kibble or even a feculative carnivore kibble versus a vegan kibble so they weren't forcing the dog to eat vegan. That wasn't popular either.

    So...I'm banned from c/vegan. My life will be richer for it.

    EDIT: Some of this conversation happened with individuals after the mods hermetically sealed the echo bunker by removing all non-fawningly supportive replies and banning everyone who didn't fawn positively.


    I've always wondered if a circle treble would work.

    I looked online to see if anyone made a treble using circle hooks but couldn't find any. I decided to make one myself to give it a try. I used a stainless steel treble that I cut the hooks off of as the core and the eye and three 5/0 octopus circles that I cut the eyes off as the hooks.

    My thought was that I would hook less tongues and gills and have less multi-hook hookups with circles. It's dressed with a core of red bucktail with a skirt of yellow and stripes of brown.

    I will attach this to a 1 oz nickel plated marine brass inline spinner and cast and burn for northern pike and other toothy predators.

    If I end up with a multi-hook hookup I will know the experiment failed and I will cut the hooks to remove it. If I get hits and no hookups I'll know the experiment failed and I'll toss it in my box to be rehooked with a normal dressed treble and switch to something else for the day.

    Given that the hooks are lashed and not braised I don't expect this thing to last more than two or three strikes. A normal bucktail treble ends up pretty chewed up and bare after four or five hookups.

    If this thing works (I don't expect it to) I may braze two or three to continue the experiment.


    What is going on with RedGIFs?

    It's been broken for weeks I hear that it works on some clients.