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Save The Echo Bunker! Maple Engineer

I was banned from r/soapmaking for not accepting that arts and crafts was soap making.

I used to post quite actively in r/soapmaking since, well, I'm a soap maker.

My wife and I raised the pigs, rendered the lard, and mixed it with other oils and lye to make soap. You know, soap making.

r/soapmaking was filled with people who bought soap that other people made, melted it, mix in perfume and glitter, poured it into moulds, and sold it. I pointed out that they weren't actually making soap but were doing arts and crafts with soap that other people make.

They set upon my like a bunch of extremist vegans at a BBQ. I said that there wasn't anything wrong with doing soap arts and crafts but that it wasn't really soap making since they didn't actually make soap.

They called me arrogant for not accepting that not making soap was soap making and banned me. I can't remember whether it was permanent or temporary but I never went back.