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I've always wondered if a circle treble would work.

I looked online to see if anyone made a treble using circle hooks but couldn't find any. I decided to make one myself to give it a try. I used a stainless steel treble that I cut the hooks off of as the core and the eye and three 5/0 octopus circles that I cut the eyes off as the hooks.

My thought was that I would hook less tongues and gills and have less multi-hook hookups with circles. It's dressed with a core of red bucktail with a skirt of yellow and stripes of brown.

I will attach this to a 1 oz nickel plated marine brass inline spinner and cast and burn for northern pike and other toothy predators.

If I end up with a multi-hook hookup I will know the experiment failed and I will cut the hooks to remove it. If I get hits and no hookups I'll know the experiment failed and I'll toss it in my box to be rehooked with a normal dressed treble and switch to something else for the day.

Given that the hooks are lashed and not braised I don't expect this thing to last more than two or three strikes. A normal bucktail treble ends up pretty chewed up and bare after four or five hookups.

If this thing works (I don't expect it to) I may braze two or three to continue the experiment.