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Save The Echo Bunker! Maple Engineer

I was banned from c/vegan for speaking truth into the echo bunker.

Someone asked about feeding their dog, a feculative carnivore, a vegan diet. The response was overwhelmingly, "Don't, it's animal abuse". In fact, that was my exact response. I posted links to several articles explaining that it's very difficult to feed a feculative carnivore, like a dog, a balanced diet feeding them only vegan.

They didn't like the word, "force" as in, "forcing a dog to eat vegan." When I asked how not giving the dog a choice was not forcing their false moreal supperiority on an animal without other options I didn't get an answer. I also suggested giving the dog a choice between meat and kibble or even a feculative carnivore kibble versus a vegan kibble so they weren't forcing the dog to eat vegan. That wasn't popular either.

So...I'm banned from c/vegan. My life will be richer for it.

EDIT: Some of this conversation happened with individuals after the mods hermetically sealed the echo bunker by removing all non-fawningly supportive replies and banning everyone who didn't fawn positively.