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Who is your preferred Democratic presidential candidate, and why?

I'm interested to see what lemmy thinks of this, I honestly haven't kept track of the potential options.

Opinions on Snapchat
  • From the bottom of my heart - I hate it.

    For some reason it caught on as the go-to messaging app for casual conversations for folks my generation (in my country at least).

    Deleted my account roughly a year ago.

  • [Answered] What are some steps I can take to help improve a relationship with a friend that is quite insecure?
  • This depends so much on the source of the insecurity. However, we have to adress one thing first - you shouldn't have to feel bad being around a friend. If doing these things bothers you, then don't, for your sake and theirs. Feeling bad around your friend will (as you yourself said) end your friendship over time. There has to be space for two in a relation.

    For me at least, honesty is key in a real friendship. It is the most basic aspect of respect, and if something is bothering you, say so. No need to be accusatory (i.e you do this or that) and instead frame it from your own perspective, dropping it in natural conversation ("It really makes my day when....", "It really bothers me when..."). Someone who values you will pick up on these things.

  • A European Citizens Initiative wants to introduce a Wealth Tax (and they need your help)
  • It can still be achieved via international agreement, the EU can serve its intended purpose by fostering such an agreement, and then codifying it later.

    My key issue with it is the slow removal of national sovereignty and the movenent of decisionmaking further away from the voter. This is the exact kind of thing that has led to the EU repeatedly trying to force through impopular proposals that infringe on the rights and privacy of citizens such as chat control.

    The EU needs to focus on its roots as a common market and united front for foreign policy, not on becoming an abomination of bureaucracy.

  • Would you move to another country?
  • Quite a few places, particularly if it was coupled with a decent job. Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, S. Korea, Japan, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and mayyybe the US depending on how enticing the job was.

  • 'Zionist-free zone': Israelis are increasingly unwanted at global tourism sites
  • Fair, I was confused by your parallell between religious groups (christianity, islam) vs ethnicities (amish or ethnic jews). Now that you clarified, your argument makes more sense to me.

    I agree with you - nobody should be displaced from their homes, even in the face of somebody elses "home claim", since this would eternally perpetuate the same problem.

    There is some food for thought that follows from this reasoning also. The foundation/creation/growth of almost every nation/state (I'm sure there is some unique obscure one somewhere who can claim to be the first humans to settle their land) has involved displacing people, and almost every settled people has done so by displacing those who came before. Does this not mean almost every other past creation/perpetuation/growth of a state/nation/settled people was wrong? (Even the kurdish people settled their current territories by force, just a long, long time ago)

  • 'Zionist-free zone': Israelis are increasingly unwanted at global tourism sites
  • A point of critique to your critique. There are ethnic jews, cultural jews and religious jews. Most ethnic/cultural jews are not religious jews. See more in my other comment

    Just because someone is born in a country doesn't automatically make them "of that nation" identity-wise first and foremost. Take the romani peoples as another example, they often identify first and foremost as romani, rather than by the country of their birth.

  • 'Zionist-free zone': Israelis are increasingly unwanted at global tourism sites
  • You mix up the religion Judaism with the ethnicity and culture. The jewish cultural and ethnic group is amongst the least religious peoples in the world, as many as 75% according to a study a few years back being atheist or agnostic (myself included).

    The various jewish ethnic groups do have genetic ties to a geographic area and have diseases almost entirely unique to that ancestry.

    That does however beg the question of whether ancestry is any sort of motivation to lay claim to an area of land in the first place. A question that can be endlessly debated and if accepted at face value opens up endless cans of worms. (How far back? Forever? Can it be lost? What if multiple peoples have claim to an area? etc. etc.)

  • Mazda Iceblade

    This old girl got some springtime cleaning


    Finally made the move

    Just don't ask how long it took to get my dGPU working properly :D But thankfully, there were a bunch of helpful folks with tips!


    "The Price of a Mile" hits me differently nowadays

    The song (by Sabaton) came on as I was heading to work this Thursday, and I found myself tearing up. It's the first time in a few years that I heard it and it hit differently. I've got relatives and friends of friends in active duty.

    Not anyone I'm in touch with, but I've met them, and I hear of them. The price of a mile is the suffering and lives of them, their friends, and so many other young men.

    One of my bubbles has been burst by what's happening in Ukraine & Israel. War is no longer history, news and reports. It has become a lot more real to me, and it's something I could end up being a part of.

    This feels like a rather serious topic for a community called casual conversation, but feel free to share your thoughts on this, or a "bubble bursting" moment of your own.


    What are some good role models for men?

    Feel free to highlight people from both reality and fiction - and why they make a good role model.


    I didn't read the TOS for Baldurs Gate 3 until now

    It actually states that you may transfer your rights to the game to another person, which is, like... wow.

    I'm not sure if I've ever seen this in another steam-connected game.

    I still dislike the wording around the fact that the TOS can be changed at any time, and refusing revokes your right to playing it (without any compensation), but that's pretty much industry standard (unfortunately). This however, stood out to me.

    P.S: If any of y'all have some extraordinary TOS's for other games that stand out in good (or bad) way feel free to share, it'd be interesting to know if there are others!


    Alternatives to Accubattery

    So I've got a pretty old smartphone and have replaced the battery once already. I've kept track of wear with the help of accubattery, since the phone didn't have that built in.

    However, enshittification is encroaching, and I'm now looking for alternatives. What are some decent options?


    How do you meet new people?

    In our current day and age, it's rather hard to meet new people and make new friends, particularly for those of us who do not participate in mainstream social media. So, how and where do you meet new people? Feel free to add some context around that.


    What makes a (good) monarch?

    As something of a history buff I've read about a fair few Kings and Queens through history. There are many of them, most mediocre, a lot of them objectively bad, however, now and again one stands out from the masses as a good one.

    So, what (according to you) makes a good monarch? Feel free to point to a particular person, or event as an example :)


    If you live in the EU - you may also be faced with this Meta prompt. Info in text.

    If you, like me, live in the EU, Facebook is now entirely clamping down and forcing free users to make their personal data available for monetization.

    Attempting to access any Facebook domain and perhaps also other meta products will redirect you to the following prompt with a choice between either accepting the monetization of your user data, or coughing up a region-dependent monthly subscription fee: base (for me ~10€) + an additional fee (~7€) for each additional facebook or instagram account you have.

    Now, the hidden third option. At an initial glance, it seems like there is no other option but to click one of the buttons - however, certain links still work, and grant access to important pieces of functionality through your web browser.

    If anyone has information to add regarding Facebook or Instagram, please do share it. I've only (begrudgingly) used the former up until now, but I know many others use Instagram and don't feel like giving a single cent (nor their personal info) to Meta.

    1. - perhaps most important of all, now is a good time to make a request to download your Facebook data. Don't forget to switch to data for "all time" and "high quality" if you intend to permanently delete your account.

    2. - here you can find and manage your information, but crucially also access Facebook messenger.

    3. The messenger app: Still hasn't prompted me with anything, though I expect that will change in the not too far future.

    Currently my plan is to use messenger to inform any important friends that I intend to leave FB, and where they'll be able to reach me in the future.


    "A Killer App"

    This time around, the base prompt is the title. Same as previous: SDXL 1.0 via NightCafé. Getting with the spirit of halloween. Inspired by the expression "That's a killer app!".

    Full details and settings are shared at my profile (/u/Iceblade02) on there


    With a Broken Heart

    Keeping the streak going with a new vibe.

    Once again, SDXL 1.0 @ NightCafé, inspired by the song "One Way Ticket" (to the blues), with Neil Sedaka

    Full prompt details & other creations on my profile there (/u/Iceblade02)


    The Price of Progress and Prosperity

    Made with SDXL 1.0 via NightCafé, inspired by a session of 1830 (the boardgame) this Sunday.


    A view in a fantasy world

    Y'all folks make me want to make stuff just to share :)

    Not shilling firefox this time I promise!


    A Fire Fox

    Yes, I miss the fox in the logo, so adorable <3