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Lemmy is a worse platform for women than Reddit was
  • "Women don't know bears can kill you because they had fluffy teddy bears growing up" is what you sound like.

    What? First off, boys also have teddy bears. Most people's experiences with bears are precisely what you described as solely women's experiences.

    Like what are bears in men's daily experience? I'll isolate down to North America to keep things simple.

    Most men's experience with bears is identical to that of women's. Most men live in suburbs or cities, and haven't even seen a bear outside of a zoo. But most men and women know that bears are dangerous wild animals because...we have been taught that.

    I don't get why women are so infantalized by men. Now I'm just imagining a father walking up to his son, telling his daughter to leave the room then telling him "bears are dangerous son, you never wanna be close to one and here's what you do to stay safe, also do NOT tell your sister this, she's a girl and doesn't need to know this because one day she'll have a husband that will protect her from the bears"

  • Anon has a realization
  • Taking chances is my guess. Each weapon is a "life experience"

    The basic pistol is your normal day to day. The shotgun is your night out.

    But that gauss cannon, or rocket launcher are those big risk moments like asking that person out, or going to that once in a lifetime concert.

    "I can't go to that concert I have work tomorrow" "But it's literally their retirement tour and you love them!" "I know but...I really need this job"

    Yeah it's the responsible decision to go into work, but you're going to regret missing a day of work way less compared to missing that once in a lifetime event.

    If you're saving money it's fiscally responsible not to spend it, but your peak years of health are going to be wasted "saving for your future" when you're 60 and your body isn't as capable as it used to be. So you're ruining the overall "game"(life) by trying to conserve and inducing more struggle onto yourself just to save an extra buck here and there.

  • Making good, profitable games 'will no longer keep you safe': industry expresses fury and heartbreak over closure of Hi-Fi Rush and Prey studios
  • Unless I'm not seeing something, game production is expensive. Most studios are 1-2 bad games away from closing their doors. Games are expensive as hell to produce and as much as it sucks the "going public" option is sometimes the only way to go.

    It's easy to forget but most small (1-3 people) team indie devs probably aren't even working a salary. They split the earnings from the game and either live off of that or reinvest it into their company but the moment salaries need to get paid, or office space needs to be used (not really necessary for small teams) that's when expenses get insanely high. I'm not a business person but I can understand why you'd want to "trim the fat" (I don't support it at all but to play devil's advocate, I can see the logic despite the flaws). Growth means structure, and structure means expense.

  • Making good, profitable games 'will no longer keep you safe': industry expresses fury and heartbreak over closure of Hi-Fi Rush and Prey studios
  • It's far more different than BioShock. BioShock is imo a linear shooter I never understood the "immersive sim" tag for BioShock. But Prey is non linear within a space station. You can break away from the main task whenever you want and investigate other things which all play into the main story. You can play Prey 10-20 times and have a different journey each time if you try. The Gloo Gun, Mimicry, etc are all things that allow you to play differently each time and find unique new paths. Talos 1 is chock full of details. The only similarity with BioShock is the reveal, the wrench, and some minor combat similarities. But it's far more than that.

  • Making good, profitable games 'will no longer keep you safe': industry expresses fury and heartbreak over closure of Hi-Fi Rush and Prey studios
  • Arkane games are always those games that require the "click" to enjoy.

    I started every single Arkane title and stopped it for months before the world and what not pulled me back. That second time I finally get it and enjoy the hell out of the game more than before.

  • Launching A $60+ Game Seems Like A Bad Idea Right Now
  • People pull back discretionary spending during times of economic struggle

    I agree, I've always been a patient gamer in regards to picking up titles. With rare exceptions (I got Starfield, I don't have any regrets though the game is not worth $60 in its current state, I just have over 17k hours across 3 Bethesda titles.) but why spend $60 on the game to have it now when I can spend $15 in a few years to have it then?

    I got Outer Worlds for free thanks to the Epic Games store. And I'm honestly loving it! Free has never been so nice. I'm happy waiting for games because there are so many older games out there that are still worth playing.

    There are a lot of really cool AAA titles set to come out soon. I'm watching Black Myth Wukong. If the reviews are good and the game is polished I'll pick it up for full price even. I think the big issues with $60+ games is they've consistently been horrible quality for the price and the AAA devs abandon their games within the next year without any further support.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • I doubt it's gonna last more than a few years at most. It's got 124k miles on it and tbh I never really cared for it like I should've. (I've had it since 2016 but my mom owned it before me) It's worth 2.4k now for better or for worse.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • Yeah... It's a good deal for the car but the time just isn't right. I'm moving to Colorado from Florida so I do need a good car to drive that far. However, after some sleep and reading the responses I'm just going to hold off on the car. I think as the time gets closer I'll get something but obliterating my savings that ultimately took years to build on a single car is overkill.

  • Should I give up HRT to save money since it doesn't work for me and is having no real impact.
  • It depends on your insurance iirc.

    My insurance has a deductible which means I need to spend $2.5k before they will fully pay for things like meds, or visits. This makes all medication notably expensive. My ADHD meds went from $8.00ish to $210 just because my plan switched. I put aside $2.5k for this purpose though. It fucking sucks and getting a better plan just simply costs 2-3x's as much.

  • Lets talk about Grian..
  • I feel like they should try a few different themes/formats per season to try and breakup the burnout that seems rather evident.

    Unique worlds via data packs (technically still vanilla) challenges that inspire creative builds. Or just other unique aesthetics.

    Maybe limiting things like the nether roof access to have more nether themed builds

    Creativity either through restrictions or getting a new lense via shaders/resource packs (bare bones).

    Idk but at this point I feel like the formula has ran its course with a lot of the hermits. Minecraft content in general has kind of bottomed out with long term series too on an algorithmic level.

    One idea I kinda had was limiting the world size to something rather small and encouraging people to live in a "communal" way and less of their solo ways. That way real estate is less and the bases are forced to be close together which would encourage some potentially cool collaborations with each other.

  • I just got a Playdate!
  • To be fair the price includes 10 or so original indie titles which if you go by the store front's average game pricetag ($5.36) that accounts for $53.6 worth. (And that's really not fair to some of the games I've played)

    Correction: The first season of games that come with the device total out at 24 so going off of that original 5.36 average you'd actually have about $129 give or take worth of game value, leaving the actual Playdate device at a $71 purchase for the device itself.

  • I just got a Playdate!
  • I have a playdate and have seen this sentiment a lot.

    Imo the charging mechanic would ruin the usability of the crank in many of the games. Some games require rapid cranking and having a charging mechanic would not only be another point of future mechanical failure, but also slow it down too much.

    It's also worth noting that the device also has a gyroscope so it can detect tilting, shaking etc as well. It's very versatile for it's size. It's NOT an emulator (though it can run an emulator), it's a fully original handheld console.

    $200 is a fair price because that includes something like 15-20 games. Every game for the playdate is original and hasn't existed before it came out.

  • Getting up to speed
  • I tried Atomoxetine and didn't like it, I don't recall any major mental benefits (maybe my motivation was non existent) but I did recall MAJOR sex related side effects that absolutely sucked.

  • So, I finally did my first Endocrinologist appointment.

    It went pretty well! There's maybe some small red flags but I'm in Florida so I didn't expect smooth sailing.

    But all-in-all I got the informed consent form, require a note from my psychiatrist, and need to do some baseline hormone tests before I begin.

    But if all goes well I will start hormone therapy in 6 weeks!!!!


    First appointment with an endocrinologist is next week

    I can't wait!!! I really hope everything goes smoothly and I can get started on HRT ASAP


    My USB-C drive is only being detected after I fully reset the device.

    I looked up other fixes and it involves going to the bios and changing a setting from DRD to XHCI but my bios was set to XHCI by default. Is there any other fixes anyone here knows about?


    Can someone explain the Fediverse to me In simple terms?

    I get the general gist, like email different instances can communicate with each other but beyond that I'm lost.

    I'm sorry if this has been asked 1,000 times lol

    Edit: Thanks for the answers this makes more sense now :)