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What keeps capitalism together?
  • And every capitalist country slowly removes these benefits until major uprisings.

    We figured out a long time ago that there's only two things people need in order to keep them happy:
    Bread and Circuses.
    As long as people have food on their table and a source of entertainment you can take everything else away and they'll be content enough to not revolt.
    But it's important to not take everything else away at once either, that's why they chisel away at them until only those two are left.

  • Ditch brightly coloured plastic, anti-waste researchers tell firms
  • They're definitely isn't enough of it being picked up, but I would be curious to see the ratio of brightly colored plastic to not brightly colored plastic in what has been picked up.
    If more brightly colored plastic is being picked up then we could increase the amount of plastic that is being picked up by switching to annoying colors.
    Every little bit helps, even if it's just 1% more.

  • Trump told donors he will crush pro-Palestinian protests, deport demonstrators
  • So where are all the "concerned Democrats" that always show up en masse to talk about how horrible Biden's Gaza policy is?
    Aren't you guy's concerned about this policy too? Or is it fine because it's not Biden's policy?

  • Europe’s new political consensus: We need to make more weapons
  • We is the United States in this context. Not you or I, but the nation I'm part of and pay taxes to. And the majority of those taxes go to the military industrial complex.
    So even though I don't make any of the decisions and I personally don't agree with many of them, I still have to help pay for it whether I like it or not.
    So, I'm reluctantly part of the "we".

  • Europe’s new political consensus: We need to make more weapons
  • It would be stupid not to.
    Not only is there absolutely no guarantee the United States will be there to help them, but if a certain candidate wins, it's a guarantee we won't be helping them.
    But beyond that it's an incredibly stupid idea to outsource your national defense, even to an ally.

  • Ohio governor calls special session to pass legislation ensuring President Biden is on 2024 ballot
  • As an Ohioan, DeWine handled Covid very well for a Republican governor too, but that's about where the praise ends.
    He's deeply involved in a bribery scandal at the moment and seems to stand pretty firmly with MAGA on abortion and trans rights issues.
    As far as governors go I'm glad he's not DeSantis, but I'm also glad he's term limited and we'll be rid of him after 26.

  • Based on a true story

    My OS is on a 512gb M.2 drive, but the main storage on my laptop was a 1TB HDD, it started making noise about 2 weeks ago so I backed everything up onto a 1TB SanDisk USB SSD. This afternoon it got very clicky when I booted it up after work and icons for a few games I had stored on it, like KSP and YUZU, disappeared from the desktop and taskbar.

    Status Of things - 2024/03/04 Status of Things

    I'll be trying to keep this page up to date with the current status of my projects (and generally failing, from the looks of it). Check here for updates. As of 2024-03-04 Status Update The Bobiverse The release date for book 5 (Not Till We Are Lost) is set to Sept 5 2024. Option on ...

    We already knew the September release date, nothing has changed on that front.

    But, There are a few other interesting things. Mainly We're likely to see at least 5 more bob books but that's subject to change. And Roadkill 2 is coming!!

    PEMDAS is technically correct, but morally wrong

    If we're supposed to be able to understand math as easily as a language, we should be able to read it from left to right like a language. Yes, I know there's lots other languages that go right to left or top to bottom, but the point is you don't have to go jumping around the page or sentence figuring out which word should be read first based on which characters it contains. We put the first word first, then the second word second, etc. Why can't we just write equations in the order they were meant to be solved?

    Book 5 is currently set for release on September 5th 2024, Dennis isn't happy about it either Soooo, any firm date yet on Bobiverse 5?... — Dennis E. Taylor Q&A

    Dennis E. Taylor answered: “Soooo, any firm date yet on Bobiverse 5? Your (deleted) tweet has us worried”

    Soooo, any firm date yet on Bobiverse 5?... — Dennis E. Taylor Q&A

    Sorry for the disappointing news everyone. Looks like audible wants to hold it back until Q4 for some reason despite it being complete.

    Book 5 and Spoilers

    With "Not Till We Are Lost" likely to release sometime in the next ~60 days or so It's probably time to discuss spoilers leading up to and following release. So for one, There will be a discussion mega-thread, but there won't be any rules discouraging posts for anyone who wants to discuss anything specific, which brings us to rules for posts. I'm going to keep it relatively short and simple here as it's mostly common sense. No Spoilers in post titles This should be a given but I'm sure someone still needs to hear it. Use spoiler tags in post body Yes, you have to click on the post to see the post body in most cases, But some apps and instances show a preview of the post body text and it can be visible to people who didn't intend to view the post.

    These rules will remain in effect leading up to release (samples that may be released before the book count as spoilers) and for 14 days after the release.

    mod tools?

    I moderate a very small community but I'd like to be able to pin posts and have access to other general moderator tools like removing posts/comments and locking threads. It doesn't seem that I can do any of that with Connect and it's cumbersome at best to try to do it on a mobile browser. Are there any plans to implement mod tools? Or is there a setting I missed somewhere that enabls them?

    Commmunity feedback thread

    So, I'm new to the whole moderating thing and I'm looking for feedback from the community. What can we do to increase community engagement? Would you guys like to see weekly discussion threads? Book 5 speculation? Writing prompts based in universe? As the mod, what can I do for you to make this community better?

    [Spoilers] A Theory for Book 5

    Across all the books something that becomes obvious if you pay attention, but is never touched on directly, Is that there is replicant drift between the GUPPI units as well as the Bobs. There's different attitudes, some are flippant, some cooperative, and some downright disrespectful. Now lets take a look at something ANEC mentioned in heavens river:

    "AI is not achievable through algorithmic refinement. It requires a process of simulated annealing to achieve." to which Bill replied: "So they're elvoving the AI?"

    If you think about it the Bobs have been slowly annealing GUPPI with every generation and even leaving him some room to grow, slowly evolving him. My theory is that GUPPI will unintentionally become the first AI the bobs create. This would work well with the parallels the Bobiverse has with ExForce. Even borrowing the term "Skippies" from Skippy, the insolent AI that shares a lot of characteristics with several of the GUPPI's that don't yet have the ability to be outright transgressive and borderline maliciously compliant.

    That's all I have for now, only Dennis and the editors know exactly what will happen but I'm curious to hear any other theories anyone else has.

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