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[Spoilers] A Theory for Book 5


Across all the books something that becomes obvious if you pay attention, but is never touched on directly, Is that there is replicant drift between the GUPPI units as well as the Bobs. There's different attitudes, some are flippant, some cooperative, and some downright disrespectful.
Now lets take a look at something ANEC mentioned in heavens river:

"AI is not achievable through algorithmic refinement. It requires a process of simulated annealing to achieve."
to which Bill replied:
"So they're elvoving the AI?"

If you think about it the Bobs have been slowly annealing GUPPI with every generation and even leaving him some room to grow, slowly evolving him. My theory is that GUPPI will unintentionally become the first AI the bobs create. This would work well with the parallels the Bobiverse has with ExForce. Even borrowing the term "Skippies" from Skippy, the insolent AI that shares a lot of characteristics with several of the GUPPI's that don't yet have the ability to be outright transgressive and borderline maliciously compliant.

That's all I have for now, only Dennis and the editors know exactly what will happen but I'm curious to hear any other theories anyone else has.