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Book 5 and Spoilers

With "Not Till We Are Lost" likely to release sometime in the next ~60 days or so It's probably time to discuss spoilers leading up to and following release.
So for one, There will be a discussion mega-thread, but there won't be any rules discouraging posts for anyone who wants to discuss anything specific, which brings us to rules for posts.
I'm going to keep it relatively short and simple here as it's mostly common sense.
No Spoilers in post titles
This should be a given but I'm sure someone still needs to hear it.
Use spoiler tags in post body
Yes, you have to click on the post to see the post body in most cases, But some apps and instances show a preview of the post body text and it can be visible to people who didn't intend to view the post.

These rules will remain in effect leading up to release (samples that may be released before the book count as spoilers) and for 14 days after the release.