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My first Gshock
  • The appeal for me is that mine is solar as well. So, it requires zero maintenance for years and years until that capacitor or whatever dies. It's also basically indestructible.

    I have metal brackets that screw into the resin body so it takes regular nato straps, so I don't need to worry about replacement straps. I've basically dipped this thing in paint on accident before, and it just peels off the resin. I wear it to the beach, where I have previously gotten sand under my rotating bezels.

    I wouldn't say it's a particularly good looking watch, but I love it for dirty, abrasive, impacting, tough situations. Situations where I'd scratch a metal watch or crystal.

  • agile is far left too. I will die on this hill
  • Things like FOSS stuff makes you think people can organize and work together freely to achieve a common goal, and maybe anarchy could work. But then, you see a busy intersection when the traffic lights go out and you realize the general public are idiots and everything devolves into selfish chaos as you're stuck a half mile back, as cars shoot through in no particular order and you inch closer to the madness terrified to make your left turn. I have zero trust in society without some form of rule and order.

  • What's an unusual but excellent food combo you've tried?
  • Ok, I have a few.

    Potato and onion pierogies and maple syrup. So good.

    Hot chocolate and buttered toast. Dip it.

    Pizza with Mike's Hot Honey. Maybe that's not too weird, there's a pizza place around here that offers that.

    McDonald's pancakes with an ice cream sundae dumped on them.

  • Just got fenders for my grandpa's 1997 Jazz Calypso.

    I got this when he sold his house to move to an assisted living facility. It's just been sitting in my garage for a couple years. Busy with the kid and all that. Well, we just got a little child trailer, and I didn't want to pull it with my mountain bike so figured it would be a good time to clean this guy up. New tires and tubes. Cleaned and lubed. Waxed. I thought it was trying hard to look like an old Schwinn, so I thought some nice shiny fenders would help out with that.

    I have so many memories of going on rides with him, and of him taking it camping. I always thought it was a nice looking bike. I'll have to show him a picture of it all cleaned up next time I see him, I don't think he's ridden it in at least a decade.

    Next on the agenda is new brake pads, and some retro lights. Any other suggestions? Maybe a white saddle seat, or different handlebars? I'm pretty sure its only value is sentimental, so the best suggestions are cheap suggestions. Thanks!

    Global sales of polluting SUVs hit record high in 2023, data shows
  • For sure, most of them are crossovers. And get decent gas mileage compared to real SUVs. When I was a kid, an SUV was like, an Explorer. Or a Tahoe. My unibody Equinox is basically just a tall station wagon. I'd say my Traverse might border on SUV with its AWD and towing package, but it is still a unibody and has a limited towing capacity. And it gets at least as good of mileage as my old Pontiac G6 that it replaced.

  • Mechanical Engineering BoxOfFeet

    3DConnexion is going to have to pry my SpaceExplorer from my cold, dead fingers.

    I can't stand the SpaceMouse Pro. They ruined it! Why would they swap the nice tactile buttons for stupid gummy membrane buttons? And why coat the whole thing in nasty soft touch coating that is going to turn to goo? We peaked with the previous generation of space balls.

    Since I've been working from home though, it has gotten quite annoying to unplug my SpaceExplorer and take it back and forth to the office. It would be so nice to have one of those fancy new wireless ones. But that's not happening, since they ruined it.

    So, I added USB-C to mine, instead. Now, I'll just have a cable at the office, and a cable at home and just take the unit itself back and forth. I can even leave a USB-C to USB-C cord in my case, in case I need to use it with my laptop away from my docks! If anyone is interested, I can share the STL for the little breakout board mounting piece I made.




    Thanks for the PETG help

    I tried just about every suggestion here, but still couldn't get an airtight print. This is transparent PLA. I'm going to play with my speeds and overlap to try to get it clearer, but it was dimensionally accurate and completely sealed the first try.

    Don't look too carefully at the barrel, it's just a hollow test one. I was able to eyedropper fill and test the grip section with it, but the OD is wrong, and there's no real filling mechanism in it. That's phase 2 of this project!


    The Tiger Game.Com posted on Lemmy. Does it get more obscure than that?

    Watch somebody post their Nuon collection now.

    I have a fondness for the Game.Com. Most of the games are terrible, the screen is terrible, it's slow, and they try their hardest to just self-destruct. Mine is an amalgamation of 3 broken ones.


    Here's an imgur link to my reviews of every game (except the elusive Wheel of Fortune 2), if you're interested.


    My wife's Snoopy Timex collection

    I believe we have 3 more to find. I especially look forward to the Red Baron one. They all have new crystals and straps.


    GBA I modded to match a watch I modded.

    I had a really hard time capturing the colors right here for the buttons and the minute hand. In real life, they're much closer than they look here. The GBA has a Funnyplaying IPS, and the watch is a HEAVILY modded Seiko SKX. Honestly, the only things original are the case, crown tube, and bezel at this point.


    [Seiko] Build I did for my brother last year.

    It started as a eBay Frankenwatch. Unfortunately, and obviously, the 6309 in it was useless. Also, it was completely the wrong type of crystal, just ground to fit. So, it got one of my spare 7S26's. It took a custom spacer to fit, and I had to grind a larger bevel on the rotor to fit it in the caseback. Hands and dial are Yobokies.

    Edit: also, it came with no gaskets, even on the crown. So, it got a whole new set.


    Mystery brand bulb filler

    I found this, of course, at an antique store. The celluloid of the cap and blind cap are gray/silver and black, and the barrel is gray/silver and clear. The nib is terrible, and after this pic I swapped it for a FPR flex. There is no branding anywhere, and I'd really love to know who made it so I could find some of their other pens. In my experience, cheap pens typically use lever fillers. So, this is an unusual one for me.


    Wearever Pioneer set

    I love the materials used in old Wearever pens. They had some absolutely beautiful celluloid. And if you're into restoration, you can find them very cheap in varying stayes of disrepair at most antique stores.

    I bought this set for around $10. The hardware was completely tarnished, the celluloid scratched and hazy, nib missing, and the barrel and cap were cracked.

    I solvent welded the cracks, used all three levels of Novus polish, then buffed with jewelers rouge. I have a tiny Jinhao nib in there currently, it's nicer than most Wearever nibs I've used. And, of course a new sac.


    PETG Printing advice?

    I'm pretty new to PETG, and have been really struggling with it compared to PLA. My latest print of this part is dimensionally accurate, but I need it to be air tight. It is very much not at the moment.

    I have a Flashforge Adventurer 3, so the hot end and nozzle are one interchangeable unit. My higher temp nozzle is 0.6mm. My 0.3mm is only capable of 240. My last print was 0.2mm layers, with the 0.6mm nozzle at 245C. I used 15% overlap on my walls, and in order to keep my nice dimensions I had my cooling fan on.

    Anybody have any advice on how to improve the seal? I'm tempted to try more overlap, with random start locations per layer. Do you think if I run it hotter I can get the layers a little thinner? Any advice would be appreciated.


    One of my favorite mods.

    My Virtual Boy Pocket. Black OEM front shell, red OEM back shell. Glass lens from Bluish Squirrel. It's a red led backlight mod, biverted. I used a 4 position switch and some resistors for 3 levels of brightness and off. Next to it is a BennVenn El Cheapo that my wife was kind enough to make a label for to match the scheme.

    The action of the buttons is fantastic on this. However, the red backlight will sear your retinas out if you play too long. A couple of games of Tetris, and the whole world looks green for a while. I think it just adds to the Virtual Boy experience.


    My Vintage Sheaffer's Vintage Sheaffer's

    Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination. Lift your spirits with funny jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos, and so much more from users like MalzxTheTerrible.

    Kicking off my appreciation of this new community with my Sheaffer's collection. I absolutely love the Snorkel. It's a little bit of a pain to work on, but so cool and easy to use.

    My faves here are the blue Statesman and the red vein Balance. Not pictured are any of my modern Sheaffer's, or later cartridge based student pens.

    Maybe I'll post my Wearevers soon. Such cheap pens, but they had lovely celluloid.