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The Absurdity of the Dump-Biden Uprising
  • I was supportive of Biden until that debate. It was devastating to watch, and made me sad for our country. I don’t know if Biden should stay or go, but he should definitely stay out of any future debates if not the spotlight until the election is over. Americans have extremely short memories.

  • Decades later, John Romero looks back at the birth of the first-person shooter
  • We all can’t be l337 like…looks at username…wait a SECOND—

  • Microsoft really wants Local accounts gone after it erases its guide on how to create them
  • “Imagine people paying for Windows.” You had me up to the point that you explained why Microsoft might want to get rid of local accounts. You’re doing the thing that gives executives the idea of forcing online connectivity.

  • Why People Don’t Catch The Politics In Their Favorite Games
  • I think this person means non partisan, because Metal Gear Solid is filled with political intrigue.

  • Mexico City could run out of water in a month unless it rains
  • So this is the Warning from Mexico I’ve been hearing about.

  • Assassin's Creed Shadows: Release date, gameplay, & everything we know
  • Holding out for reviews. The internet’s default stance is hate.

  • How Tesla made the worst truck ever
  • I saw one as well. It looks like the Matrix stopped loading polygons or shaders on that object.

  • Americans, what's the plan if Trump wins the election in November? (serious)
  • Living in a neighborhood with open Trump supporters feels like sitting on a ticking time bomb.

  • Glenn Greenwald and Alan Dershowitz Debate Bombing Iran [01:51:12 | May 24 24 | ReasonTV]
  • I can’t think of two people I’d rather hear from more than these two gentlemen. /s

  • Americans, what's the plan if Trump wins the election in November? (serious)
  • Try to avoid being murdered by my neighbors.

  • Streets of SimCity 27 Years Later: An LGR Retrospective
  • Back then I felt like I’d played everything. Fun to learn about games that passed me by.

  • So, realistically, what's the chance we ever get a conclusion to Republic Commando's cliff hanger ending?
  • Thank you (and thanks to everyone else who replied). I’m going to give this a shot.

  • [UNRWA Defunding vs Genocide] Worse Than You Can Imagine - Craig Murray
  • It’s an absurd thing to say. I understand (and agree) that the U.S. should do more to stop Israel. In fact, I am personally for ceasing all aid to them until they get their country under control. However, I’m not a politician and can make such statements from the convenience of my own home without consequence. I’m not a leader of a democratic nation that itself sits on a knife’s edge between gridlocked governance and full on autocracy. Biden no doubt is weighing the next election in his decision making because he has to. The wrong choice will land a maniac back in the White House. To say he supports genocide is just provocateur nonsense.

  • YouTube Tests Showing Ads When You Pause a Video, Calls it ''Pause Ads''
  • Just saying people don’t complain about ads in podcasts because they’re skippable.

  • Do you find the description Live Service Game off-putting?

    Over the years, there've been various red flags in gaming, for me at least. Multi-media. Full-Motion Video. Day-One DLC. Microtransactions. The latest one is Live Service Game. I find the idea repulsive because it immediately tells me this is an online-required affair, even if it doesn't warrant it. There's no reason for some games to require an internet connection when the vast majority of activities they provide can be done in a single-player fashion. So I suspect Live Service Game to be less of a commitment to truly providing updated worthwhile content and more about DRM. Instead of imposing Denuvo or some other loathed 3rd party layer on your software, why not just require internet regardless of whether it brings value to customer?

    What do you think about Live Service Games? Do you prefer them to traditional games that ship finished, with potential expansions and DLC to follow later?


    Strategy Fest Starts Monday!

    Celebrating deep strategy games of all kinds with discounts, demos, and upcoming releases August 28 - September 4.


    Using an LG Ultragear 34GK950F-B. Interested in upgrading to a 16:9. What's the best 27 inch monitor for gaming?

    I want to switch back to a traditional 16:9 and looking for opinions on the best 27 inch monitor currently available. A lot of folks on Amazon seem to dig this one from AOC, but I've never bought anything other than Dell or LG over the years. It's inexpensive, that's for sure.


    What are some things that you can’t do in a small town that you wish you could?

    The controversy around Jason Aldean’s “Try that in a Small Town” got me thinking. What are some things that you wish you could do in a small town that you just can’t?

    I was in the mountains, Hendersonville NC I think, trying to find a place to eat after 7 pm on a week day. Was impossible.

    66 How to connect an iPad to a Nintendo Switch for a bigger screen

    A feature in iPadOS 17 enables iPads to work with USB-C capture cards. Here's how to use the feature to make your large-screen iPad work as an external monitor for your Nintendo Switch.

    How to connect an iPad to a Nintendo Switch for a bigger screen

    This would be great while on vacation.


    Is it possible to control the camera via touchscreen during an Intelligent Waypoint flight?

    Hopefully the title is self explanatory, but if not, what I'm looking to do is this:

    After programming a flight plan to be executed automatically via GPS, I'd like to be able to control the gimbal camera based on holding and dragging my finger on the screen rather than using the rocker. I find it smoother, but it doesn't appear to work for me when I try it. Am I missing something?


    > Like most of the other best Samsung TVs, the new 98-inch QN900C has Samsung's Gaming Hub and Motion Xcelerator Pro. That delivers 4K at up to 120Hz, rising to 144Hz with compatible PCs. There's also support for AMD FreeSync Premium Pro as well as NVIDIA G-Sync like most of the best gaming TVs have.


    Posting replies takes forever, multiple attempts creates multiple posts.

    I had this issue prior to whatever significant changes were made about a week or so ago that improved the performance of I'd try to create a new post or reply to an existing one. On hitting submit/reply, the spinning wheel would appear on the button icon and after waiting minutes, I'd refresh. Sometimes the post or reply would be present, other times not. With replies in particular, I'd make multiple tries and over time, the aborted attempts would result in a series of replies.

    Is there a performance issue server side that is the cause for this behavior? Is there anything I can do from my end to troubleshoot? One thing that is different between now and then is that upvoting or downvoting posts is fast and responsive. Before the changes using those buttons amounted to the same thing, lag/non-responsiveness.

    Regardless of the issues, I'm enjoying! Keep up the good work.


    Never mind Windows 365, I’ve yet to move on to Windows 11. Tried a few times and never liked it.

    This seems like a really bad idea. Are there any examples of this that Lemmians are familiar with? Certainly can’t play games on it. Right?


    MSNBC | Nothing about Moms for Liberty is new. That’s why they’re effective. Opinion | Nothing about Moms for Liberty is new. That’s why they’re effective.

    As a professor who has written for over 20 years about conservatives and women, it’s clear to me that Moms for Liberty isn’t just another flash-in-the-pan organization

    > The Southern Poverty Law Center lists Moms for Liberty as an extremist group in its Year in Hate and Extremism report for 2022 for what it calls the group’s opposition to an inclusive public school environment.

    5 Anime Expo 2023: The Best Cosplay From Attack On Titan To Overwatch

    From Across the Spider-Verse to Chainsaw Man, the cosplay at Anime Expo 2023 was top-notch.

    Cosplay at anime conventions has gotten so much better than 10-15 years ago. I think the last con I made it to was Otakon in Baltimore during the late aughts. There were maybe a handful of people that brought the level of quality to the costumes compared to many of the cosplayers these days.


    >THR's report also comes on the heels of rumors that Ben Affleck himself would be returning as Daredevil for the movie, as well as rumors earlier this spring that James Marsden, Famke Janssen, and Halle Barry would return as Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Storm, respectively. These rumors are strictly that--rumors--but Garner's return seems to lend some credence to them potentially being true.


    36 $1 for a month of PC Game Pass is back

    One dollar, play some good games—even on phones and tablets.


    >Microsoft has brought back everyone's favorite deal: $1 for a month of PC Game Pass or Game Pass Ultimate. If you're purely interested in PC, that's 100-some very high quality games available on a windows PC for a month, and then a bunch of EA games as well, since PC Game Pass also includes an EA Play membership.

    >You can find PC Game Pass for $1, for a limited time, on Microsoft's store. PC Game Pass is $10 a month after the $1 promotion, while Game Pass Ultimate is $17.

    I have Game Pass Ultimate and it's been a wonderful way to try all kinds of games console and PC that I wouldn't otherwise play. I discovered Hardspace: Shipbreaker this way, and have sunk dozens of hours into it.

    12 Denuvo wants to convince you its DRM isn’t “evil”

    COO says coming benchmarks will show anti-piracy tech has no performance impact.

    Kudos to Ars Technica to interviewing the Devil. The comments section of that post is *not *kind.

    28 Wagner group leader Yevgeny Prigozhin is still in Russia, Belarus leader says

    Yevgeny Prigozhin, the mercenary who led a mutiny in Russia, was thought to be in exile in Belarus. However, when NBC News went to the Presidential Palace in the capital Minsk, President Lukashenko said that Prigozhin is still in Russia. NBC News’ Keir Simmons has more details.

    This doesn’t sound great.


    River City: Rival Showdown Announcement Trailer

    Apparently this is a remake of the 3DS version. I only played the NES version back in the day, and remember it being quite a surprise. What looked like a Double Dragon clone was a full on Action RPG. I hope this is similar, and there looks to be a kind of fighting game mode ("Double Dragon Duel") in addition to the main game. 😎


    Street Fighter 6 - Rashid Gameplay Trailer

    >Rashid of the Turbulent Wind makes his Street Fighter 6 debut on July 24. With a whirlwind of moves that will send him flying through each fight, Rashid leaves all opponents in the dust – unless they decide to Like and Subscribe.

    >Rashid will be unlocked for owners of the Year 1 Character Pass on July 24 - by proxy, this also means anyone with the Deluxe or Ultimate Edition!

    >Street Fighter 6 is now available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Steam.

    Rashid was never one of my mains, but I remember getting my butt kicked by him well enough. Fun character from SFV.

    7 Dave The Diver's Trajectory Means Everyone Will Be Playing It By End Of July, Maybe

    The adventure RPG focusing on scuba and sushi has seen its Steam concurrent player numbers rise dramatically.

    I love Dave the Diver. It's one of my favorite random purchases on Steam over the past couple months, and I'm glad to see it's getting some attention.


    Don’t Federate the Trolls!

    Don’t Feed the Trolls. It’s an expression that was a common response to obvious attempts to agitate on early message boards and BBSes. As individuals, there’s not a lot we can do to make a difference in this but what we’re finding out is that with good admins, an Instance of Lemmy or Mastodon can moderate toxic communities (Exploding Heads) from impacting non toxic ones (

    Admins of Lemmy, please be the ones that can actually “don’t feed the trolls.” Don’t federate with historically toxic communities such as Facebook. There’s a reason I’m here and it’s because it’s not FB. If I start encountering traditional aspects of that platform (hate, intolerance, disinformation and mass ignorance), I’ll leave. I’m one person, but based on what I’m seeing I am not unique in this position.

    Don’t Feed the Trolls!

    Thanks !


    ☢ Have a high-end PC now, interested in Fallout 4 Mods

    I have a 3080 ti w/ 16 GB of RAM and an 4+ ghz processor. It generally chews through any game at the moment and I was wondering what if any mods exist for Fallout 4 that can improve upon the base game in a way that makes it feel more modern/exciting. I've done some Googling and found some modifications for things like weather, lighting, and blood. Anyone recommend one or more mods?