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Bill to ban most public mask wearing, including for health reasons, advances in North Carolina
  • It warms my heart when people realize how shit NC is. They wrote the book on gerrymandering , sheirffs having immunity, crazy ass governers, and so so much more. It fucking sucks here. Plus their BBQ taste like shit. Vineager is not a bbq sauce!

  • One dead, nine injured in shooting at Chiefs' victory parade One killed, nine hurt in Chiefs parade shooting

    One person is dead and nine were injured after shots were fired at the end of the Chiefs' Super Bowl parade Wednesday.

    One killed, nine hurt in Chiefs parade shooting

    Not surprised unfortunately, anyone guessing not right-winger?

    24 Unpublished study finds elevated cancer rates at US military base

    A report on the findings was submitted in April, but the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry has yet to release it.

    Unpublished study finds elevated cancer rates at US military base

    As a veteran, it is frustrating to deal with the government to prove exposure to toxins.

    The PACT Act was meant to streamline all of this but the burden still falls on the veteran. How many have been exposed knowingly but due to the military not acknowledging it, can not get the required compensation for the problems?

    Well, happy Veterans Day.

    Triad family calls for changes to law enforcement chase policies after death of teens

    "19-year-old Jayce and 18-year-old Madison were riding in Jayce’s car on May 8 with plans to go fishing together when another car drove at them head-first as they got off of US-74.

    The person who hit them head-on was trying to escape a Forsyth County deputy after investigators said he stole a car on Old School House Road. The suspect also died in the crash."

    Love how the police believe killing two teens after chasing someone the wrong way is protecting the community.

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