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L’UE impose jusqu’à 38 % de droits de douane supplémentaires sur les véhicules électriques chinois
  • Je suis content d'avoir acheté ma voiture au début de l'année.

    J'aurais bien aimé acheter une voiture électrique française ou européenne mais au moment ou j'ai acheté c'était au moins 50% plus cher pour une voiture de taille équivalente ou inférieur.

    Du coup vu mon budget c'était

    • soit une voiture électrique chinoise qui roule à l'électricité française
    • soit une voiture française qui roule au pétrole Saoudien/Lybien

    J'ai choisi l'électrique chinoise vu que les voiture thermiques sont sur la sortie er que ça même si ça fait un plus gros budget d'achat ça permet de réduire le budget mensuel lié aux déplacements.

    Et évident en premier la considération écologique même si je pense que entre voiture thermique et électrique c'est un peu bonnet blanc, blanc bonnet.

  • If there's one thing you want people to learn, what would it be and why?
  • Composing is really easy once you understand one basic rule: if it smell you have to much humid nitrogen.

    Add a good amount of carbon to it and the smell will be gone the next day. Carbon can be dry leaves, cardboard, wood ... Usually "brown" material.

    The is the exact same thing in dry toilet or chicken coop, if it smell bad add some carbon to it to bring back the balance between nitrogen and cardboard.

  • Real
  • For people interested an extensive report by French appliance store after sale service. It gives the reliability of each brand. There is a note for the reliability, ease and cost of repair.

    It's only in French unfortunately :

  • Shit libertarians say.
  • I strongly disagree, for me a transient lifestyle like that can be great for kids. Discovering different cultures, new way of living, new languages is extremely enriching.

    I'm a bit biased since I lived in 9 differents places in 3 different countries before I was 12.

    However I have never been homeschooled so I can't give an opinion on homeschooling. There is schools part of the French educational network everywhere around the world so I've been able to stay in the French education system even when living in Africa.

    But I know that people sailing around the world are able to maintain their kid education. I don't know for other countries but in France there is the "CNED" that gives material to study remotely, the parents uses the material to teach the kids and there is regularly tests that the kid send back (online now but it was by mail before) to be evaluated by real teachers.

  • Hostiles à la baisse de la TVA sur l'électricité à 5,5% proposée par le RN, des sénateurs suggèrent une baisse "ciblée" de la fiscalité
  • En théorie l'idée est bonne mais en pratique j'ai peur qu'on se retrouve dans des cas ou Jean Patron consomme 2500kWh par an pour 16000km avec sa Tesla et quasiment rien dans le reste de la maison vu qu'il vit dans une maison d'architecte quasi passive, un chauffe-eau thermodynamique couplé solaire, des panneaux PV, de l'électro-menager neuf basse consommation...

    De son côté Martine-prolo utilise déjà 3000kWh rien que pour son chauffe-eau électrique, plus ses radiateurs électriques qui tournent a fond tout l'hiver pour arriver a maintenir 17° dans sa passoire thermique, son frigo Emmaüs qui consomme à fond ...

  • Following tradition, within means
  • When she was a kid, every year for her birthday my mom would get fancy silverware from her parents, that's it.

    One year it would be the tea spoon, another year the snail forks ...

    Of course she was not allowed to use it before she would get married. The idea was that she would get a full set when she is 18.

  • C'est bibi
  • Lors de la dernière législative j'ai voté par internet (français de l'étranger).

    L'élection de notre député et un nouveau vote a été effectué car une partie des électeurs n'ont pas reçu les SMS avec les codes de vérification pour voter.

    C'est ça le problème du vote par internet, ça fait reposer le bon déroulé des élections sur des acteurs privés.

    Ça ouvre la porte a tellement de manipulations potentiels. Dans le cas des français a l'étranger aller voter leur signifier devoir prendre un billet d'avion a plusieurs centaines d'euros, une nuit d'hôtel et deux jours de voyage. Dans ce cas la balance penche en faveur du vote par internet malgré les défauts, en métropole c'est moins évident.

  • I managed to finished my project thanks to a 3D printed router copying guide

    !A picture of a 3D printed router guide !A 3D Model of a router guide

    My router (makita) was supplied with a copying guide but the opening was too small.

    I've look online but I could not managed to find the right size so I did what any sane person would do: print one

    Edit: more pictures of the result !a dinosaur shaped observation tower !another picture of the observation tower with a kid standing on it


    A symptom of linux past traumas

    So, I had to reinstall windows as a dualboot, because I need some CAD tools for work. It was painful but it's not thebaubject

    I'm running nixos with systemd-boot and I installed windows on another drive. I started to research how to add the entry on the boot list so I don't need to go in bios to switch the boot order each time I want to change OS.

    Most of the information I find is about grub on nixos but I finally find information on how to add a manual entry. On the Arch wiki I find some information but now I have to blend all that to make it work on my laptop.

    It's late and I'm scared to mess up my boot partition so I go to sleep to work instructions on it the next day.

    The next day I'm ready to do all that only to realized that there is already the entry for windows is already in the boot menu, it has been added automatically.

    So I spent all this time to think about how I while have to adjust my system manually only to realize that nixos already did it automatically for me.


    ... pour ces raisons, le Conseil d’État annule le décret de dissolution des Soulèvements de la Terre Soulèvements de la Terre, GALE, Alvarium, CRI : le Conseil d’État précise les critères justifiant la dissolution d’une association ou d’un groupement

    Depuis 2021, la loi permet de dissoudre une association ou un groupement de fait qui provoque à des agissements violents à l’encontre des personnes ou des biens (1). Saisi par quatre organisations dissoutes, le Conseil d'État précise aujourd’hui le mode d’emploi de ces dispositions. Une dissolution ...

    Soulèvements de la Terre, GALE, Alvarium, CRI : le Conseil d’État précise les critères justifiant la dissolution d’une association ou d’un groupement

    Ca m'a donné la banane pour la semaine !

    Edit : aaaah ! J'ai été trop lent d'une minute.


    Not The Onion: a french group has been arrested 5 years ago and are currently being judged. A picture of macron with a dick drawn on it is cited as evidence of plotting a terrorism attack Criminalization of encryption : the 8 december case

    This article was written on the basis of information related to the so-called "8 December" case (see the footnotes for a global overview of the case, we focus on the "numerical part" of it in this articleFor a summary of the 8 December affair see in particular the testimonies available in thi

    Criminalization of encryption : the 8 december case

    To be fair they were also using encrypted messaging to talk to each other like WhatsApp and Signal, they even show their mom how to use it which is extremely suspicious.

    > “All members of this group were particularly suspicious, only communicating with each other using encrypted applications, in particular Signal, and encrypting their computers and devices […].

    > The Investigating Judge

    > when the DGSI [a French security agency charged with counter-espionage, counter-terrorism, countering cybercrime and surveillance of potentially threatening groups] has questioned Bastien about what he thinks of Macron. A photograph on his computer is mentioned, which according to them details the President's security arrangements for the July 14th parade. (...)

    > The device in question (an aerial photo taken from the press) is highlighted in such a way as to draw a dick. A dick.

    > The link is made with Bastien's passion for drones. The implication is that he could have used a drone to attack this dick-shaped device using explosives.


    Becoming Maman: Use positive psychology to improve your relationships with family, friends, partners and your children. Siona Blaise

    How to use positive psychology to improve your relationships with family, friends, partners and your children.

    Siona Blaise

    I'm wanted to share with you the blog that my wife is writing, she's writing about parenting and relationships and she's making some amazing articles !


    Collective energy self-consumption, aka "selling electricity to your neighbor" France reaches 187 collective self consumption operations, says grid operator

    French grid operator Enedis has identified 187 collective self consumption operations in France, as of the end of March. The operations bring together 2,200 consumers and more than 300 producers, generating 11 MW total power capacity, mainly from solar.

    France reaches 187 collective self consumption operations, says grid operator

    I believe this is a very good initiative. France is allowing collective self consumption.

    It means that in an appartement building or in a neighborhood (up to 2km radius) people can organize in a collective to redistribute electricity to each other. If someone has extra production one day then he can redistribute to other people in the collective. For free or at the price they agreed upon in the collective.

    It does not need any extra hardware, it's using the existing installation from the national utility grid.

    This is exactly how I imagine a solarpunk community would work.