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The moral bankruptcy of Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz
  • Lol

    I'm voting for Harris to stop Trump, as I would have done for Biden again, as I did do for Clinton at an empty polling place, as I would for a baked potato to rot on the oval office desk for four years if it was the only candidate against fascism.

    But let's not get it twisted, I do this out of harm reduction precisely because greed and greed worship are our sole PRACTICED national cultural values. The small number that have too much, and the legions who fantasize about being the immoral, exploitative, sociopathic bastards instead of breaking the wheel.

    If they weren't, we would have pulled the owners out of their towers and l guard gated golf clubs decades ago for what they've done to us and our children.

    And we've used our state department and military to propagate our greed disease for decades. We are patient zero for the greed rot of the developed world.

    I wish we weren't, I wish we'd change, and I wish the vast majority of Americans didn't laugh Occupy Wall Street off their occupation, but like it or not, and I despise it, We are the United States of Greed.

    But if you'd like to argue that that isn't all we are, we can talk about the role our national pastime, shooting eachother, has in our national ethos.

  • same for menstrual cramps
  • It's not about glory.

    It's about becoming dependant on a crutch that may not always be there, or could have been the first step when the pain becomes TRULY unbearable instead of having to escalate to btc pharmaceuticals from there.

  • 'Is Stephen Miller okay?': Dems gleeful as Trump adviser has 'meltdown' over Biden dropout
  • Modern conservative malice is matched only by modern conservative ineptitude.

    There isn't a way to reject all facts and data about the world you don't like and still remain competent. You can't send someone to the moon by rage tweeting that NASA shouldn't exist and then building a giant slingshot because it feels like the right way to do it.

  • There are too many of these people on lemmy
  • It's so fortunate we have all these strawmen who don't/didn't give shit one about their people in practice/actions while calling themselves xyz-ist to point to to stop us from accidentally making societies that run their economy in service to and to improve the well-being of their people from the bottom up, otherwise we might not make our habitat a scorched hellscape for a couple million years to goose short term private profit for literally the worst humans alive today, most willing to hurt other humans to benefit themselves alone.

    Can't have that. We don't deserve this world, and it will heal after it handles us, though not on a time scale our sociopathic monkey brains can appreciate.

    Keep pumping that toxic carbon shit into the air to make fertility decimating microplastics, we have a train to catch so evolution can go back to the drawing board.

  • me_irl
  • The sun is going to burn out one day, and we will destroy ourselves far before that, likely within the next century!

    Do as much or as little as you want to do.

    It's thrown around often, but few to no one, at least here in the US, truly appreciate and internalize that nothing really matters. If happiness is actually your goal, stop letting other people shame you into hustling. I genuinely pity A types, a bunch of hamsters on a wheel.

  • Samsung strike: “I understand if the company is doing poorly they can’t give us our bonuses, but the fact that the executives took home huge bonuses last year, I can’t understand.”
  • Society can't function when people only care about themselves, countries with robust social safetynets are happier. For all the GDP and mega yachts we generate, we're 23rd.

    And have the thing we crow about as our thing, when we're pathetic for that in the developed world, upward mobility. We're 27th.

    Our culture hyper-individualism is quite honestly inhuman, it's a perverse point of pride to have about this cesspool of greed and rewarded sociopathic behavior, yet many do, smh.

    Capitalism must be heavily regulated straight jacked to work for society if it is to work at all. We subsist in service to our economy here.

  • The ultra-wealthy just gained $49 trillion in wealth thanks to stocks
  • As someone who participated in the last, maybe shut down any fellow peasants who try to insult and/or mock the next one, if the owners allow there to be a next one.

    There's nothing more demoralizing than being attacked by the people you're desperately trying to help.

  • AOC says many who want Joe Biden off ticket also want to remove Kamala
  • Bernie is too old, she'd be my top pick in Congress by far.

    But the Party probably wants to go maximum hail corporate neoliberal, especially when there isn't a pesky primary to deal with, because thats what they're paid to do.

    You know, someone who will come to continue to protect our beloved economy... from our society and the needs of our people. Better than fascism, but just extending the meaningless subsistence in service to the owner class.

  • Hard work
  • Lucky guess, I'm not sure why other commenters in this post are going "of course its vegas."

    I've been to Times Square, they have the knock offs. I've been to the real Eiffel Tower, they have the knock offs. I forget where in London, but they were there too.

    Anywhere on Earth tourist trappy enough to be in any proximity to an M&M store, and you'll likely find mutant Disney characters in costumes of wildly varying quality appealing to your kids for a $20 picture.

  • We need a better electoral system
  • I think we need a new constitution based in criminalizing socially destructive greed.

    I'd take an electoral system not created to disproportionately represent land owners.

    That said, imho both are beyond pipe dreams until collapse. This place is bought and paid for, and capitalists are only fans of representative "democracy" they can purchase through their legalized bribes and propagandized, for profit media.

    Reaganomics was a bullet to this country's brain, Citizens United was just pissing on it's cold, long dead corpse gratuitously. This place is just the bought and paid for launchpad and military for the market capitalists to spread/grow/metastasize their greed disease accross the globe since then.

  • Doing something that hurts other people less fortunate than you under the guise of it being "just business" makes you more of an antisocial sociopath, not less.

    Would I hurt other people in some strange hypothetical to literally save my family's life from certain death? Maybe, and I'd be guilt ridden about it for the rest of my life.

    Would I hurt people to make more money? Of course not, and that's not a defensible reason to hurt others... at all, and it makes you deeply broken at your core, especially as habit.

    Really the only thing I can think of as a more horrifying reason to be cruel to others than "for money herp derp" would be "because its fun!"

    Hurting others for profit in the name of business shouldn't be a defense, it should be considered an admission of guilt and come with consequences.