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  • Does lol have downvoting? Because, for some weird federation thing, I can definitely downvote and see others having been downvoted if their instance allows downvotes. Here, have a downvote. :D

  • Sorry, y'all.
  • Debian is out of date. That's it. That's the entire joke. It's basically this without beating on the rotting horse corpse of IE. (And this, like the IE meme, is funnier the longer it's been since June).

  • Sorry, y'all.
  • I'll fix it up in a bit, but I made it on my phone because I was in the process of re-installing Debian on my potato laptop, and it felt like blasphemy to make it on my gaming laptop (which is currently Windows only until I get another SSD for it), lol.

    EDIT: fixed. Mind you, it's still not good...

  • FTC study finds 'dark patterns' used by a majority of subscription apps and websites | TechCrunch
  • It's a language game too. Target recently changed their credit card reader screen - it's been annoying about their rewards program for a while, but before it was "skip" to pass the screen, now the button is "not now". Skip is more of a "no" than "not now". Either way, though, they're shoving their easier shopper tracking down everyone's throats.

  • music to my ears
  • I've considered doing literally this. I listen to audiobooks and podcasts while running, and there's a bunch of leftist writing I want to read... but I'm pretty sure that Marx and Kropotkin are a bit too dense for this to be a good idea.

  • Why aren't there adult only flights?
  • If I have a window seat, I literally can't stay awake on a flight. I don't know why. There's been times I've sat down and fallen asleep before the plane is even in the air. But I'm also like 5'4" and actually fit comfortably in budget airline seats.

  • Your first anime show/film
  • Kiki's Delivery Service. I got it on VHS, probably for Christmas the year the Disney dub came out. I didn't have cable for a decent chunk of my childhood, so I saw that even before Pokemon.

  • I hate it when my food looks at me
  • PSA just to be safe - activated charcoal can cause problems with any oral medication, including birth control. Hospitals sometimes use it in the case of medication overdoses for a reason. It can also cause nutritional issues if used frequently. Be responsible with activated charcoal.

  • Singapore has approved 16 insects to eat as food: here’s everything you need to know
  • Yeah, in my case it might just be molluscs (or possibly just squid, but I'm probably going to avoid escargot and mussels), which is less common but possible - crustaceans only is apparently much more common, but they apparently generally associate the two because it's not unusual for both to cause problems and with serious allergies it's better to not fuck around and find out.

  • Minnesota AlligatorBlizzard

    Sheriff: Bomb threat to Grand Marais Pride event came from Russia

    1 Lynn Conway, leading computer scientist and transgender pioneer, dies at 85

    Lynn Conway, who died Sunday at 85, was a leader in the development of personal computers and microprocessor technology, and a symbol for generations of transgender individuals.

    Lynn Conway, leading computer scientist and transgender pioneer, dies at 85

    I have mixed feelings on the pronoun use, but having read some of her autobiographical writing I don't think she would have taken much issue with it. This piece is more focused on her work in computer engineering, so I felt it was appropriate to post here.

    Minnesota AlligatorBlizzard

    Website for Minnesota's $1,500 e-bike rebate crashes on first day (Launch postponed)

    The MN Department of Revenue just announced the application won't be available today, BMTN hasn't updated their article as of the time I'm posting this. I've been hitting F5 for almost three hours, I'm going to go take a nap.


    Urbanist video about Rethinking I-94

    This is largely fantastic, but I definitely laughed at Ham-line.


    What distro should I use on my potato?

    I have an HP Stream 11 that I want to use for word processing and some light web browsing - I'm a writer and it's a lightweight laptop to bring to the library or coffee shop to write on. Right now it's got Windows and it's unusable due to lack of hard drive space for updates. Someone had luck with Xubuntu, but it's been a few years and it seems like Xubuntu is no longer trying to be a lightweight distro for use cases like this.

    My experience with Linux is very limited - I played around with Peppermint Linux a bit back when it was a Lubuntu fork and I used Ubuntu on the lab computers in college. I can follow instructions to make a live boot and I can do an apt-get (so something Debian-based might be best for compatibility and familiarity) but I mostly have no idea what I'm doing, lol. I used to do DOS gaming as a kid so having to do the occasional thing via command line isn't going to scare me off but I'm not going to pretend to have knowledge I don't. I'm probably going to go with Mint on my gaming laptop next year but I suspect it's not the best choice for my blue bezeled potato (although I might try it anyway).

    58 Virtual Boy Emulation Finally Arrives on 3DS

    With the release of Red Viper, a fully stereoscopic Virtual Boy emulator for the Nintendo 3DS, the community has once again proven that Fans Do What Nintendont. The creation of GitHub user skyfloogle, Red Viper finally brings the Virtual Boy's tiny library to the system where it always belonged, per

    Virtual Boy Emulation Finally Arrives on 3DS
    Minnesota AlligatorBlizzard Organizers scramble to induce ‘uncommitted’ votes in Minnesota presidential primary

    After more than 100,000 “uncommitted” votes in this week’s Michigan primary, backers of a ceasefire in Gaza hope Minnesota Super Tuesday voters also deliver a rebuke to President Joe Biden.

    Organizers scramble to induce ‘uncommitted’ votes in Minnesota presidential primary

    online permissions 3ds LL - is there a better solution than region changing?

    I have a modded 3ds LL, and I don't speak Japanese. I relied heavily on Google translate to get it modded but at this point I don't have many problems that locale emulation won't fix. But I am playing the US version of Animal Crossing New Leaf, and in order to play online with other people it's asking me to agree to a user agreement that I just can't find in my system settings, and if one does exist it might not set the correct flags for the US version of the game. I'd like to see the online stuff before they shut down the servers, and the AC community is trying to organize something on there in a week or two. I'm guessing region changing will let me just approve the user agreement, and it looks like for me there wouldn't be any downside because I have no intention of unmodding, and I have no purchases on the eShop nor a Japanese NNID (would making one help with this issue?) but I figured I'd try asking if someone else might have a different solution? Having it in Japanese is just kinda neat, despite the occasional headache requiring Google translate.


    St Paul has Laser Loon library cards! Limited Edition Library Cards

    Limited Edition Library Cards We couldn't let the imaginative state flag submissions get lost in the stacks. Get your laser-eyed…

    Limited Edition Library Cards
    2 Minneapolis passes Gaza cease-fire resolution despite mayor's veto

    The Minneapolis City Council has overridden a mayoral veto with a 9-3 vote and approved a resolution that calls for a cease-fire in Gaza and for an end to U.S. military funding to Israel.

    Minneapolis passes Gaza cease-fire resolution despite mayor's veto

    N3DS - how much of a problem is this crack?

    I'm trying to buy a used Japanese New 3DS LL (I hate how Nintendo named that thing) with an IPS top screen, and there's one listing where the price is what I'm willing to pay, the screens are pristine with no yellowing and I'm fine with the condition of the back plates, but there's a small crack in the console just below the upper screen. I do not have the experience to replace the whole shell, is this something I could use a bit of glue or epoxy and be fine or would this become a huge problem?