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Fuck up a book for me please
  • I was all aboard the hate train, because it seems like defacing a work of art. Your points are valid and now I'm thinking it isn't bad after all. This can make those stories more accessible, and it's not like the original was destroyed. If you want to read the original just get it instead of this.

  • Candid

    Elon Musk Begs Advertisers to Return as Twitter's Revenue Plunges
  • Someone who is not misogynistic doesn't usually offer to pay for sex with someone who isn't a sex worker. That he offered to pay for said sex with a horse makes it extra damning, but that could be my personal bias.

  • A proper Volkswagen dash


    They love eachother


    What is happening to my prints?

    This is the second time this has happened. It looks like it added part of the model on to the side. Is it my slicer? I'm using a Creality Halot Mage, and Chitubox 1.9.5 because that is the only slicer I've gotten to work on Fedora that supports my printer that I've found. I'm completely new to all things 3d printing. This is my first printer and that is my sixth print in the picture.


    Steam just lost my sale, or not.

    Edit: to this rant because I think they deserve it. I'm guessing they did have a ton out bot orders that they cancelled because they are back in stock and my order went through.

    They said they were combating bots. I tried checking out as soon as the new decks went on sale. I was going to get the limited edition. Once their servers finally caught up it said it was out of stock. I tried switching to the 1TB non limited edition and they said "you've been trying to make too many purchases". I finally got through again and it said the regular one was out of stock. How was it not bots buying these of a regular user couldn't get through.