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[request] Help finding a war movie

I'm having trouble finding a movie I caught the ending of on cable TV once upon a time, and never saw again. Does anyone here recognize it?

Modern (~1990s) soldiers (the heroes) are pinned down. They rig explosives for some reason and use the radio to remote detonate them. Something goes wrong, and one of the soldiers takes a walkie talkie and walks towards the explosives, without any cover, to use it to force them to go off. He has to get very close to them. He gets shot repeatedly, and just before being fatally wounded, he yells "Blow!" And the explosives go off.

Additional information:

  • On US cable in the mid to late 1990s
  • Modern war film, with then-current tech (Desert Storm-era)
  • Soldiers are outside in rocky/deserted terrain during the daytime in above the described scene
  • walkie-talkie is a military-grade CB brick
  • Soldier is a short, young guy who I've seen in a few other movies typecast as a low-ranking soldier or officer of some kind