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Are there any wannabe mods or know how to be mods willing to do a community with me?
  • 100% agree. That's the reason why I wouldn't want to mod it: When I have to step away from it for my own well being, it has the potential to seriously affect someone elses. I don't want to put myself 8n that situation.

  • Mounting Folders VS Symlinks?
  • Seconding this. As it's a mount that is explicitly for your user, you might as well mount it where it's most convenient for you.

    If, on the other hand, it was a mountpoint for the entire system, I'd keep it in /mnt and go the symlink route - I'm old fashioned, and I like to use /mnt for as much as possible. I find it more tidy that way. On that note, I'm not 100% sold on /media yet

  • Offline version of Chat GPT
  • Technically possible with a small enough model to work from. It's going to be pretty shit, but "working".

    Now, if we were to go further down in scale, I'm curious how/if a 700MB CD version would work.

    Or how many 1.44MB floppies you would need for the actual program and smallest viable model.

  • How is your week going ?
  • I wouldn't say good, due to some health issues. But it's not too serious, and I'm getting there, so I'm functioning enough to start getting off the prescription drugs.

  • If you were in charge to develop a Palestinian state what would it look like and how would it be governed?
  • Two state solution. I don't know enough about the area to tell exactly where the border should go, but I would think Palestine would consist of at least West Bank and Gaza. If the Palestinian territories end up being separated, some mechanism than ensures free transit between them must be arranged.

    Some stipulations must be in place:

    • Border protected by a neutral 3rd party, or a conglomerate thereof.
    • Work permits available for those who want to work outside their own state. (After all, Palestine is dirt poor, and many Palestinians already work in Israel)
    • The ones who are opposed to a two state solution, or have actively worked against it, are barred from political leadership on both sides. That means no Hamas, and no Benny. No handling fuckwits who have actively made the situation worse over the years.
  • Don't bother promoting IPv6 as "the future". It's never going to be the default.

    Basically what the title says. Here's the thing: address exhaustion is a solved problem. NAT already took care of this via RFC 1631. While initially presented as a temporary fix, anyone who thinks it's going anywhere at this point is simply wrong. Something might replace IPv4 as the default at some point, but it's not going to be IPv6.

    And then there are the downsides of IPv6:

    • Not all legacy equipment likes IPv6. Yes, there's a lot of it out there.
    • "Nobody" remembers an IPv6 address. I know my IPv4 address, and I'm sure many others do too. Do you know your IPv6 address, though?
    • Everything already supports IPv4
    • For IPv6 to fully replace IPv4, practically everything needs to move over. De facto standards don't change very easily. There's a reason why QWERTY keyboards, ASCII character tables, and E-mail are still around, despite alternatives technically being "better".
    • Dealing with dual network stacks in the interim is annoying.

    Sure, IPv6 is nice and all. But as an addition rather than as a replacement. I've disabled it by default for the past 10 years, as it tends to clutter up my ifconfig overview, and I've had no ill effects.

    Source: Network engineer.


    Amongst all this AI hype of the past few years, nobody talks about that it's finally feasible to create an MS Clippy that works.


    Gratulerer med dagen, godtfolk!

    ....så det så



    Controversial hot take, I know... but in certain cases, normalcy and routine is the desired state. After a long weekend of family events, too many kids (of which most are my own), too many pets (of which roughly half are my own), and the house being drafty with the entire in-law clan and then some for the past few days, things are now finally back to normal.

    Kids are in school, SO at work, and I'm in my home "office" (I use my bedroom), arranging the coming week. I schedule most things to "ot today" because now it's MY time. When picking up some supplies this morning I even bought one single beer that is for my lunch, and beyond that my work day will mostly be centered around waiting for various balls that are in other people's courts.

    Anyone else who usually welcome mondays when they arrive?


    With two Boeing whistleblowers dead in one month, either Boeing is actively killing them, or there are enough whistleblowers that this rate of death is not statistically significant

    ...and I don't know which possibility is the least worrying


    What are some interesting communities on Matrix worth checking out?

    cross-posted from:

    > What are some interesting communities on Matrix worth checking out? > > Title, pretty much. I'm in a couple of niche communities, and thought I should expa d into more generalized communities. All things tech are of interest, really. > > Which communities are you in?


    What are some interesting communities on Matrix worth checking out?

    Title, pretty much. I'm in a couple of niche communities, and thought I should expa d into more generalized communities. All things tech are of interest, really.

    Which communities are you in?


    Which microsoft certification would be the most useful for me when I am primarily not a Microsoft guy?

    So, my employer suggested that it would be good for me, professionally, to get my certifications up to speed, and told me to pick a few that I found the most relevant at their expense. As I mainly deal with networks and Linux servers, and have done so for decades at this point, this was easy enough: renewing my CCNA that I took some 20 years ago, as well as getting my CCNP. The latter of which is closely related to what I already do.

    However, my employer decided that I must pursue at least one Microsoft certification, and I honestly don't know where to start, as the only microsoft software I use is Outlook.

    I've been thinking of my status as the walking embodiment of the "old man yells at cloud"-meme, and thinking it's probably time to turn into "old man embraces cloud". I know that a lot of our infrastructure runs in azure (something with which I have no experience. I did use some Oracle cloud VMs at one point, that's it.), and I know there was a huge ordeal last year that involved doing a lot of dataprocessing on temporary azure architecture, and I figure I should probably get in on that at some point.

    Is perhaps something Azure related my best bet?

    UPDATE: I was going to go for some azure stuff, but I resigned instead. Let's see if my new employer is willing to pick up the tab instead.


    Which vendor makes decent work laptops nowadays?

    12 Years ago I had a Sony Vaio. I quite liked it. Then in my next job, 2017 or so, I went for a Toshiba Portege, and absolutely loved it.

    Guess what the above two have in common? Yup, they stopped making laptops for the professional market. So now I'm a bit at a loss. Any recommendations?


    • Lightweight and easy to carry around.
    • 13-15" display, preferably
    • Decent battery life
    • It absolutely must have an RJ45
    • Works well with linux
    • Good keyboard quality
    • ISO keyboard availability
    • Touchpad. Bonus points if it has the touchpad buttons ABOVE the pad itself.

    When anything is better than nothing. I present to you, the Semple Tank

    Summarized back story of this legendary beauty: When NZ was drawn into WW2, some heroes began thinking of armored defense. Bob Semple decided to make one, making this the best (and only) Kiwi tank ever built.


    Dagens dusjtanke: "Militarisering" av svenskegrensa

    En tanke slo meg tidligere: Nå som den geopolitiske sikkerhetssituasjonen er littegranne mere skjør enn før, og mange land ruster opp, så er grensevakt på sin plass. Og med tanke på at vi har en enormt lang grense mot sverige så bør denne og bemannes, selv om de også er på vei inn i NATO. Men som de fleste her kanskje er enige i, så er faren for invasjon noen av veiene ganske lav.

    Hva ville den diplomatiske effekten vært om Norge bestemte seg for å utplassere en garnison på svinesund bestående av kun én soldat? Delvis fordi jeg synes grensekontroll er viktig, og delvis fordi litt lavterskel skjitkasting over grensa (begge veier) er på sin plass.

    Mest fordi at jeg er overtrøtt så har jeg et lite ønske om at dette skjer, og at situasjonen eskalerer til en anspent stillingskrig hvor sverige svarer med samme mynt og sender sin egen soldat. Da får korpen vår (han må seff minst være korporal, han er jo tross alt vaktsjef, garnisonsleder, sambandsmann, samt lagfører) selskap av noen han kan prate skjit med. Slikt blir det god stemning av.


    Document leak


    A story of how mental illness almost crashed a plane - The importance of reform regarding approach to pilot health evaluation.

    The second part of the title is my own interpretation. I fly myself from time to time (Only recreationally, I have no plans on going commercial. I like my current unrelated career), and have been made aware of the medical requirements for pilots. While strict rules should apply, the regulations are outdated. I find it naive to think that there aren't any pilots currently flying with, for example, ADHD, and while that would in most cases in itself be a disqualifying diagnosis for pilots, it's even more disqualifying if it's medicated.

    The video is about a compelling story and focuses mostly on mental health, but I feel that it hilights the same underlying problem; Pilots are incentivized to keep quiet about mental health issue due to an outdated approach because of a ruleset that basically states "No medication, no diagnosis".


    There were supposed to be 15 commandments, but Moses accidentally dropped and broke a tablet. What are some of the five missing commandments?

    And I know we're mostly atheists here, but please keep the theological discussion to a minimum and appreciate the lighthearted hypothetical scenario for what it is.


    Friendly reminder

    This is your annual reminder to do a snapshot (timeshift or whatever you prefer) before doing relatively minor changes to your system.

    I was supposed to be in bed now, but instead I am stuck troubleshooting xorg refusing to start after an apt-get dist-upgrade.

    And as far as friendly reminders go, I should've given myself an unfriendly reminder beforehand, as it's not the first time....

    UPDATE: Fuck nvidia 545. All my homies hate nvidia 545. 535 4 lyf!


    Could 2024 be the year of the diagonal linux desktop?

    Thanks to @[email protected] for providing a better link. This post originally linked to tomshardware.


    Could 2024 be the year of the diagonal linux desktop?

    xrandr allows you to rotate the screen resolution, thus supporting diagonal setups. Some guy claims this is ideal for his software dev setup, with the IDE taking up most of the space, while smaller windows reside in the open corner.