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Hey, they didn't show this in anime...
  • I'm not saying tourism is the best solution, but unless you are hiking to the middle of nowhere or a city, there's a decent chance tourism is a part of the reason you can enjoy that hike at all

  • Hey, they didn't show this in anime...
  • Grand canyon. Most national parks.

    If these things were not available to the public, then they would not be considered usable, and would therefore be exploited into nonexistence to make them usable.

  • Harry Potter and the Nuclear launch codes
  • But apparition becomes exponentially more difficult when you are bringing more with you. That's why tandem apparations are licensed differently from regular, and why ron, who knew how to apparate, got splinched when he accidently brought yaxley(?)

    That being said, most wizards do not understand the concept of electricity or the finer details of physics. So just post a video giving the wizards assassin's your current location and wait for them to appear. Except your current location is in a room with an electric floor. Or filled with tear gas. They wouldn't recognize a gas mask or know what rubber boots do.

  • OK at it Again
  • Desisitization, we do a lot of dumb shit here. Fun fact, you don't need a concealed carry license here. If you can legally own a firearm(meaning you are not a convicted felon) then you can legally concealed carry with no training, registration, or any additional background check or anything.

  • If you could design your own body and hit a button and have it immediately implemented, would you keep your natural self or would you make changes?
  • Definitely wings. First thing I thought of. Unfortunately that would require a massive redesign. Firstly, you'd need hollow bones, as well as a very low body fat percentage. Decent chance boobs and butt don't grow hardly at all. Secondly, you'd need extremely strong chest muscles, which also still have to be light. And in order to provide enough energy for that, you'd need a larger and stronger heart with wider blood vessels. You'd also need to most likely quintuple your daily calorie intake. Possibly more depending on how often/when/ where you are flying. You would also want lungs with more surface area to absorb oxygen better, even at low altitudes. Especially at higher altitudes. That would likely mean a stronger diaphram. Stronger leg muscles for takeoff/landing. Better eyes for scoping out landing points and avoiding hazards. Most birds don't fly at night, so you may consider something akin to a cats eyes, or go the bat route with echolocation. And you're going to need a neutral remapping unless you just plan to replace your arms with the wings. Fortunately, outside of a higher energy cost, that last one might happen automatically, our brains are very plastic.

  • So does the game not work for anyone else?

    Have they announced any plans to rollback the most recent update? Ever since the forced update the game literally will not boot.