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Does anybody have experience with progesterone creams?

I feel like I am at a point in my transition where I might benefit from adding progesterone into the equation. However, I have heard wildly different opinions on whether it has any impact at all, and criticism of generally available creams on amazon for not being the same as human progesterone, since they are often derived from plants.

What do you girls think? Are they junk, or are there some out there worth trying?

  • I honestly wouldn't trust hormones from Amazon in any form, but I have heard that creams in general have a lower absorption rate.

    If you're not doing DIY, it'd be best to talk to your doctor about it, since they'll know the best form and dose of it for you to take and you'd also be able to get it from a pharmacy then too.

    One of my worries about hormones that aren't from a pharmacy are that since there unfortunately are people out there who don't like us, they may purposely make products to harm us (which has happened before, I don't remember the name of that product though) or they may make products that don't work to scam people who are desperate and trying to DIY.

    • This is true. I remember one product called Femboy Tummy Pills that was just poison. I just had my HRT checkup, and I forgot to ask about prog so I am impatient lol. Might be best just to wait, thanks!

      • Yeah, those femboy tummy pills were exactly what I was thinking of. If the clinic you go to has an online chart, you may be able to send them a message inquiring about prog, but you could also wait too if you feel that's best.

  • I'd definitely be skeptical of Amazon products. I take prog in pill form and have had great results. I've never heard of it in cream form, honestly.

    • Gotcha gotcha. Did you have an easy time getting a prescription for it? I have heard some health workers are hesitant to prescribe it because of the lack of clinical studies regarding it

      • Yeah, I had some pushback, but I mentioned it a few times and accepted any possible risks. I think it's going to depend a lot on your doctor but I mentioned breast growth, hip size, and sex drive as motivating factors for taking it. I've been on it for around 4 years now.

  • I wouldn't trust hormones from Amazon.

    Anecdotally, I definitely feel like projesterone has helped fill my boobs out.

  • I've never heard of progesterone cream, but I definitely wouldn't trust any from Amazon. I take oral progesterone and am very happy with the results

  • I would take bio-identical progesterone (P4) prescribed by a doctor. The common recommendation is to press the pill (normally taken orally) up into the rectum, since taking it orally causes the liver to filter most of it. Bypassing the liver by putting it up the rectum allows it to absorb readily in the lower intestines.


    A common recommendation is to start progesterone a year or two into HRT once the breasts have reached Tanner stage III, as taking it too early supposedly can negatively impact breast development (take this with a grain of salt, may or may not be true; there is also no empirical evidence progesterone helps breast development, it's all anecdotal reports).

  • No, but I've heard that the best way to get progesterone is via suppository. Oral and creams allegedly aren't as effective.