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Sorry, y'all.
  • The Debian logo is very similar to the progynova logo (progynova is estrogen). The above image is probably inspired by that.

  • Severe anxiety & coming out
  • You do deserve to be able to come out and feel safe regardless of if you are on HRT or if you are "passing" or not.

    I'm 21 now, but I used be a highly anxious 17 year old with parents that had a hard time fully accepting me, so I can relate quite a bit. My anxiety and depression weighed on my very heavily, and eventually I decided that I would just bite the bullet and wear a dress in public at a busy park. At this point in time I wasn't on HRT, I didn't feel like I "passed", and I was extremely worried about people seeing me as some weirdo and making a big deal about it. To my surprise no one seemed care at all. I felt more comfortable coming out to people after this experience and many were supportive/okay with me being trans even though I felt like I looked too masculine and strange.

    Anyways, your anxiety around coming out and passing reminded me of myself and my experiences, and I am hoping that I was able to show that it doesn't really matter if you pass or not. People understand that you are at the beginning of your transition and that it takes time. If they truly do value you, they will be supportive or will come around to it eventually. The first part of transitioning is the most difficult imo, but I swear it does get better and easier.

  • How we doing?
  • Glad to hear that you are doing well!

    Next week for me will be 1 year on HRT, and I'm planning on making a post about it soon. I've also started prog recently and it is amazing. My overall mood and sleep quality has significantly improved and I have so much more energy now.

  • How supportive is your family of your transition? (Rate 1-6)
  • When I came out to my parents they were around a 3-4, but after a few years they are now a 1-2. When I came out to them they thought it was "just a phase" and that was really frustrating, but now they are very supportive. My sister has always been a 1, which I expected since she's bi, and most of the other people in my life are pretty supportive too, so I feel pretty lucky.

  • looking for a book about transgender, how the topic is handled in different countrys and the journey trans people go through
  • You could try the gender dysphoria bible. These pages will probably be of interest to you if you want to know about the effects of HRT. There's also a lot of information about gender dysphoria there as well if you want to know about that too.

    Masculinizing HRT

    Feminizing HRT

  • Minecraft players outraged as Microsoft deletes accounts that weren't transitioned
  • I forget what it's called, but there is a 3rd party application that allows you to play the mobile version on Linux. I only use it to play with my cousin since she can only play on Xbox, and it works pretty well.

  • Minecraft players outraged as Microsoft deletes accounts that weren't transitioned
  • That happened to my sister unfortunately. She tried to transition her account and kept getting strange errors and minecraft support was very unhelpful. I ended up buying her a new account for her birthday, which I'm glad we can play together again, but it sucks that some strange bug took her account in the first place.

  • What's the story of your name?
  • My first name is a rarer name. I first heard it in middle school, where one girl had it. She was kinda a deviant and was at the school for less than a year, but I thought her name was really pretty. It was also spray painted under a bridge, and I would pass by it a lot, and that probably worked it further into my subconscious.

    A few years later after cracking my egg, I was looking at lists of names and I came across that name and it really called to me, although I didn't realize why until I passed the name under the bridge again.

    I had also looked at the name Raina, which I still really like, but I felt it wasn't for me, but I did make Raine my middle name, which is partially because I think Lena Raine's name is really pretty too.

  • my thinkpad t410 :3 i kinda have to use windows tho :( (i used to daily drive arch btw)
  • You can always dual-boot if you want to use Linux but need Windows sometimes.

  • Florida won't light bridges in rainbow colors. So Jacksonville's LGBTQ community did.
  • I read that as a poem, is it supposed to be one? It's pretty good regardless of if that was intentional lol.

  • Pride?
  • I'm planning on going to pride this year since I've never been. I have a hard time with crowds so I probably won't go every year, but as someone who's kinda stuck in a rural area, it'll be nice to see other queer people.

  • I got given a new dress today, how do I look?
  • Super cute! That dress is awesome

  • I want to get into voice training and have no baseline
  • Yeah that happened to me too where I kept slipping back into my masc voice randomly. I did a lot of practice with the focus being maintaining the feminine voice for a few weeks and that helped a lot.

    One thing is that resonance helps a lot with the gender perception of voice, so brightening it will help a lot even if you can't get your pitch up very high. It's also important to note that your voice should sound like however you want it to sound; what matters most is that you are happy with it.

  • (ruđŸ’ŠđŸ„”GOCKđŸ„șgockđŸ„șGOCKđŸ„”đŸ’Šle)
  • Gock is a portmanteau of girl and cock. :3

  • I'm the Duluth Critter
  • Thanks for helping out Keris! I'm very glad she found a safe place to stay. I live in Minnesota too but I don't have the means to help much and I was really worried about her so I'm glad to hear she's doing well!

  • Did your sexuality change after you came out? If so, how?
  • I've never had a genital preference but for a long time I thought I was only attracted to women and I considered myself to be lesbian. However, after starting hormones I realized that I actually have no gender preference as well, but I still have a preference for people who are mostly feminine. Although it is just a preference and on rare occasion I will find a predominantly masculine person attractive as well. So now I consider myself to be pansexual instead.

  • How's your transition coming along?
  • Pretty great! I'm at 9 months HRT, and in the last few weeks I've gotten my legal name changed, gotten my ears pierced, and had my e dose increased. I'm also getting better at using my femme voice but I still struggle a little bit with using it in public.

  • Should I give up HRT to save money since it doesn't work for me and is having no real impact.
  • Yeah that seems normal especially if they don't have good insurance. I used to work at a pharmacy and I have seen plenty of insanely high drug prices. One time I saw someone getting charged a little over $4,000 for one prescription. That wasn't estrogen though, I think it was something for cancer if I remember correctly.

  • Oh yes, I can finally play some gta v
  • I got half life for free when steam did the 25 year anniversary promotion for it. So you can actually get free games if you wait long enough lol.

    I also got little nightmares for free as well, but I don't remember the occasion.

  • What're some of the dumbest things you've done to yourself in Linux?
    1. Have Nvidia card
    2. Change the driver to see if I can fix a weird graphical issue I was having.
    3. Rebooted computer and got stuck in boot loop because there was an error with the driver.
  • Scrolling to the bottom of posts causes NSFW blur to squish.

    This is easiest done by sorting by Top of 1 hour, so there are only a few posts to scroll past.

    When you get all the way to the bottom where there are no more posts to load, try scrolling down.

    While you do that, any NSFW image that currently has a blur over it will have the blur squished vertically towards the center, allowing you to see the top and bottom of the image unblurred.


    Not able to launch .desktop files from desktop.

    I am using kubuntu and recently my .desktop files no longer launch from my desktop. If I go to ~/desktop in dolphin I can double click the same files and they launch just fine from there.

    When I do try to launch from desktop it just shows a blank file icon very briefly.

    Only new thing I've done since they stopped working is install virt-manager and QEMU to set up a Windows vm.

    I also tried creating a new user and the problem still persisted, which means it is not anything in my home directory.

    I've tried googling but haven't found anyone with the same problem as me.


    Getting an Internship?

    I'm currently studying CS and I'll get my bachelor's degree next year. I've been searching for remote SWE internships for months now and have not had any luck. I even made a project to put on my resume and it's still just rejection email after rejection email. Maybe I need more projects? What tips do you have for getting an Internship?

    I really don't want to go back to my previous job cause working with old people in rural America as a minority is literally hell. I think I might just go into omega debt instead lol.


    Looking for website

    I'm working on a website that compiles a bunch of trans resources into one place.

    I made an "Am I trans?" page which has a link to the article on the gender dysphoria bible of the same name.

    I also remember some other websites, but I can't find them. I think they were called something along the lines of Am I a girl? and there were other variants of it for transmascs and nonbinary people. I think I remember seeing the link on the transfem community, but I'd have to scroll through months of comments to find it. I thought I would check here first in case anyone has the link saved so I don't have to sift through all those comments.

    Edit: I just found it! It's called "Turn me into a girl" and not "Am I a girl?". Here's a link to it:



    Was looking through an old hard drive today and I found some old pictures of me from before I transitioned. I only have a few of them because I didn't like taking pictures of myself back then (hmm, I wonder why? /s). I thought about deleting them because I don't like how I looked back then, but in a weird way they also made me happy. I think it is because they serve as a reminder as to how far I have come in the four years since I realized that I am trans. Comparing them with current pictures of myself, it is very obvious that I am much happier now.

    I also found some old picrews that I made of myself shorty after I realized that I am trans. These made me really happy for multiple reasons. One is that they brought back a lot of memories. The other is helped me figure something out. I've been trying to figure out exactly when I had the realization and the best I had beforehand was sometime in late 2019, but those pictures are dated October 28th which makes them the earliest evidence of me being trans that I have. I made like thirty of them but here are two of them that I like.

    Past me would be so happy to know that I actually look like this now:


    This is an image that I think I used to come out to a few people. It's hard to see, but I decided to add some estradiol to my mouth: !

    Anyways, I just felt like sharing. I'm curious if anyone else also used picrew at first to explore their gender. Also if you have any transition related stories you feel like sharing, I'd love to read those too.



    I'm not an egg anymore, but I found this meme I made several years ago when looking through an old hard drive and wanted to put it on Lemmy.

    Image description: Top text says "Me: 100% totally cis male." Bottom text says "Also me: A girl with girl stuff and girl hair and girl clothes." The bottom part is actually an image of a Minecraft skin that is posted on Planet Minecraft.


    Getting super emotional and depressed on a monthly cycle?

    So for the past few months, usually near the beginning of the month, I will have a few days where I am super depressed and emotional. Today is one of those days. It started off with me waking up crying at 2 am for no reason and I was literally sobbing for 2 hours before I was able to fall back asleep. Then I waking up, I felt super depressed. I have not felt this much depression since I started taking an anti-depresant 5 years ago. I hardly ate anything today and I pretty much just layed around. I tried working out for an hour, and even that couldn't make me happy. I am assuming that this is going to happen again next month, and idk what to do cause it is super debilitating. Asides from these few days, I am very happy otherwise. I have been on hrt for 5 months now, I'm hoping maybe prog will help with it once I'm able to get it. I don't know how to manage it until then since my usual coping mechanism isn't working and I also don't know if prog will even solve it in the first place.


    My mom keeps being weirdly partially supportive?


    Ever since I came out to my mom several years ago, she's been supportive on and off, which I don't really understand why she is just sometimes supportive.

    When I first came out to her, she told me she was proud of me, and then minutes later she told me that I would be ugly and never find love. She's never purposely misgendered or deadnamed me though. Although for a while after I came out she was mourning me and acting like I had died and it was really weird and creepy to me at least, but about 2 years after that she told me that she finally sees me as her daughter.

    When I had asked her if I could get puberty blockers or estrogen she told me no, which I had asked her that many times. So I decided to save up and finally this year at 20 I got HRT, but then she suddenly decided that she wanted to pay for it and that made me a bit upset because if she was going to pay for it then I could have gotten earlier, but I still appreciate that she is paying for it.

    I had asked her if I could get voice training lessons a few years ago she was very adamant about me not doing them. Recently I have decided to do voice training on my own and the other night she complemented my voice and then tonight she told me that I actually sound like an alien and that my masc voice is perfect. We were good for a while and I thought she was done with being unsupportive occasionally but I guess not. I don't really know what I'm feeling rn, I guess disappointment and maybe sadness idk.

    This what my voice sounds like rn if you were curious:

    This link isn't working in some of my lemmy clients for some reason. If it's not working for you you might have to paste it into Firefox.


    Got gendered correctly by a stranger for the first time today!

    Went to get a prescription today (not hrt, a different drug) and this guy tried to cut the line and the pharmacist said "sir, she is in line next" and it made me sooo happy. (And then I was sad that I had to use my legal name to get my script, but overall happy for getting gendered correctly)


    Where to find friends?

    I'm looking for other transgender people to be friends with. I used to be antisocial but now that I have been on e for a few months I feel so much better and I want to find some friends to play games with like Minecraft, Terraria, and Spelunky. I don't really know where to make friends but doing it locally isn't an option because I live in the middle of nowhere unfortunately.


    Is it normal for breast pain to come and go?

    This is my 5th week on hrt (2mg estradiol, 100mg Spiro) and I first noticed breast growth and pain right at the end of the 1st week. Then for the next two weeks my breasts were pretty painful and even leaked sometimes. Now last week they suddenly stopped hurting completely for the entire week, however today they are a tiny bit sore. So my question is, is it normal for breast pain to come and go? The breast pain made me very euphoric, so I don't like that it disappeared for a week.